Debra Messing forgets her bra

August 9th, 2007 // 148 Comments

Debra Messing (Grace from Will & Grace) was spotted shopping in SoHo without a bra on. I think it’s safe to say a new contender has finally emerged to take on Kirsten Dunst as the most unattractive woman in Hollywood. Look at these legs. Are they even considered legs anymore? And what kind of outfit is this? Why wouldn’t she wear a bra? Why? Why? She might even look okay if she was dressed appropriately. You know, like a giant paper bag. Or maybe a cut-out picture of an actual woman taped to her face.

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  1. those legs give me like 5 boners!

  2. Broken

    2nd comment!

  3. regular or unleaded

    Damn, I love the fish.

    “Are these even legs anymore?”

    I submit that they are not.

  4. regular or unleaded

    to #1:

    Dude, if you have five boners, Paris hilton will be knocking on your door any second.

  5. regular or unleaded

    Hey funderpants….you need to post info on how to get invite to your queer site.

  6. Bugman4045

    I like the small tits!

  7. Uh, she forgot her bra because she doesn’t remotely need one. My 14-year old brother’s got bigger boobs than this annoying actress.

  8. ew

    she looks so fing gross, she doesnt even look like a women…yuck yuck

  9. #5 anybody who thinks my site is queer is not invited

  10. Brenda

    yes the skinny bitches will tell us that she is overweight, i see nothing wrong with her its better to have curves than to be a fucking stick

  11. mb

    I’d suck the titties!

  12. We-Le-Surrender....

    I’d tap that repeatedly… Debra Messing is a little firecracker…

  13. Lux

    I think she looks fine, not to be hyper-critical, HOWEVER, I was suprised to see how much cellulite she has on the back of her thighs for a thin woman. Now I’m starting to realize that those thin girls who aren’t toned don’t look to good up close. My friend saw Mischa Barton at a party and mistook her for a cottage cheese platter.

  14. james

    No wonder all the guys were gay… would you stick it in that?

  15. Lux

    In all fairness, cellulite is more obvious the paler you are. Good thing Tara Reid has tanned herself into a leather muppet.

  16. james

    thanks #13, I used to like the cottage cheese platter.

  17. egotastic

    lux u are the reason girls are starving themselves, whats wrong with us? this isnt a fat girl, she is slim and healthy. but the skinny girls only like it when ur papaer thin

  18. LJ

    You guys are so silly! Debra Messing didn’t for get to wear a bra, BOYS don’t wear bra’s!

  19. dis gurl

    she is a fat pig, lazy overweight women start exercising ok

  20. LJ

    Actually just because she’s a bit boney and thin doesn’t mean that she’s healthy at all. She could be some drug addict with high blood pressure and cholesterol and still be thin.

    And I believe Lux DID point out that Messing is thin, never called her fat. In fact, Lux mentioned how odd it was that she had cellulite for such a thin person.

    But continue twisting words if you must.

  21. Ashley

    She is clearly fat, she need to tone up and start exercising, scary spice just had a baby and she looks much better than her, shame on you overweight posters who encourage her

  22. ToTellTheTruth

    She forgot her bra AND fucking tan. Nasty looking dried up bitch.

  23. cocainomanus

    #12 I concur.
    “What A Fine Looking Jew!”

  24. Foxie

    Thin from the waist up maybe. Thoes are the legs of a porker.

  25. ????????krazihottkelli????????§???

    Ok guyz ill be honezt. i’m actually 12 an my dad likez to molezt me. I’m really fat and im tryin to looze the weight this zummer by ztaying on here and by not eating myzelf to china. NOBODY likez me and yeah i got zome zitz on my face but my mom zayz it will all go away before zchool ztarts. i love older guyz and i love comin on here pizzing everyone off and being the fat bitch that i am. i like to zuck cock and lick ballz and i dont alwayz bathe everyday but my mom zayz ill outgrow all of that.

  26. hawksmoor

    Don’t all of you snide idiots realize she is carrying a copy of Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot”? (Though not my favorite translation.) Give her some credit for brains, at least.


    My dog took a dump that looked like this once. I had to put egg yolk and olive oil in his food for a week before he stopped rubbing his ass on the ground.

  28. ^J

    # 26.

    Yeah, it’s a graded course though – she steps on the book, then steps off it. It’s to tighten those legs. She’ll eventually work her way to Tolstoy.

    I also think Miss. Messing is normally quite nice. Not here though. I’d say I have off days too, but I’m not going to lie to make her feel better.


  29. ????????krazihottkelli????????§???

    #24 thoze legz look like yourz…

  30. Ted from LA

    #1 Do your pants fit like a glove?

  31. Ted, Will I Give You A Boner?

    #30 Great comment – do you look great too?

  32. combustion8

    Uh.. Debra, the gyms that away. ——>

  33. Hollywood Agent

    A woman/mother her age should know to wear a bra in public. She should be ashamed of herself!

  34. No F Way

    WTF? She looks much better than Britney. So, definitely not the most unattractive woman in Hollywood. Unlike Britney, she can still make me feel a little bad about my body.

  35. frenchie

    Holy Crapoly!!! Those kankles are screaming out for circulation. Talk about a Christmas ham!!! Sponge cake anyone?

  36. ********()()()()() U Guyz r all likez haterz lolz lOOLZLZLZZZZZ -=-=-=-=+++—-

    Debra Mezzing iz like zooozzzoooo kool lolz get it i zpelled cool with a K lolz lolz lolz lolzzz!! ZZZZ! z zZ ZZ ZzzzZZZZZ


    lolz lolz lolz LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ getz itz i spelled all thoze wordz eith a ZZZ lolz lolZZZZZ

    Now watch me uze my DEZIGNZ LOLZ**&(*&^(*#^*%#*^%*^@%*^%@*&^%@^*%@^&%R@^%$#^%$%$&%&%R*^%*^%*&^%#*&^%*#&^%&*%^#*&^%*#^%


  37. ShutDaFUp

    #36 fuck off you are so annoying!

  38. woodhorse

    I believe Debra Messing looks appropriate to have sex with a warm bag of garbage (Jack Nicholsen).

  39. Bianca

    I think she still looks really naturally pretty!! I’ll admit her legs aren’t the greatest from behind but give her a break she isnt 20 anymore!

  40. ed

    where are her boobs tho?

  41. Frybread

    Thin women who are flabby — and as a result have cellulite — are gross.

  42. damn…zomeone really haz fun being me…U like to do that zhit, don’t cha?

  43. LL

    Debra Messing can look freakin’ gorgeous, but it’s like she’s trying to look bad here, like she’s following the “Go From Hot to Ew in 5 Easy Steps” brochure:

    * Pull your hair back as if you’re about to paint your house
    * Giant old lady sunglasses
    * No bra
    * Horizontal stripes on an ill-fitting romper
    * Ugly-ass sandals

    Ta-da! You’ll be gag-worthy in no time.

  44. ok i’m a woman, similar coloring and just a little younger than debra.

    she chose a bad outfit but folks, have you picked up an enquirer or looked at tmz lately? all women have cellulite in BAD LIGHTING! and she is thin and toned. but with that bad over head sun (overhead lighting is the worst mind you) she’s not going to look smooth like the airbrushed crap you are used to or the usually nice pics mr superficial posts here… come on! i can easily find nice pics of her in a bikini at the beach without this horrendous lighting and bad outfit combo!

  45. Starscanfrighten

    Laughing out loud at combustion 8.

  46. josh

    nice. if you don’t look at her back or legs or face.

  47. Starscanfrighten

    You people who are sticking up for her are fucking’ nuts. And let’s face it, you’re only doing it because she’s looking so nasty that she makes you feel better about yourself. She’s got natural beauty, but the daylight does her NO favors. Those legs are nasty, and the shoes are unforgiveable.

  48. Starscanfrighten

    I think I even see dirt under her nails.

  49. Starscanfrighten

    And sorry, #44 – this woman is NOT toned.

  50. Starscanfrighten

    Seriously, did she lose a bet?

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