Debbie Rowe’s lawyer: ‘She’s the biological mother’

June 30th, 2009 // 39 Comments

This keeps getting better. Debbie Rowe’s lawyer just fired off a statement to RadarOnline stating that she is, in fact, the biological mother of Michael Jackson’s oldest children:

“We refuse to be drawn into addressing the various rumors and speculation swirling in the media. The vast majority of what is out there is untrue.
“Particularly hurtful and insidious is the most recent rumor — which is entirely false — concerning the maternity of the children. Ms. Rowe is the biological mother of the two oldest children.”

Sadly, no one has stepped forward to claim Blanket, but then again, the odds of a kid named Blanket lighting your mattress on fire while you’re sleeping is pretty high. Don’t believe me? Watch this insane video of Michael Jackson letting Macaulay Culkin play with matches after the jump. Then get back to me.

Photo: Getty

  1. Randal

    It’s very beautiful that those who know the truth are stepping forward and offering their best for the children. Debbie is a caring individual who wants nothing more than to take care of two children she helped bring into this wonderful world.

    Michael would be proud.


  2. Beastman AIDS

    I’m surprised he didn’t use his wealth to buy non-fugly eggs

  3. Ramon M.

    the media circus will never stop will it.

  4. le fag

    oh Randal, if Debbie were so “caring” she wouldn’t have been absent.

    Michael couldn’t give a shit, unless it were his to benefit his image

  5. joho777

    Who cares who the biological mother is?

    The important question is: Are any of the childred related to Michael Jackson??

    If not, what claim does Michael’s grandmother have?? She isn’t even related to any of the kids. They were just toys that Michael purchased.

    Open this box and the snakes will come out!

  6. blackout

    We need Maury Povich on the case.

  7. Tuppy Glossop

    All the adults involved are unhinged, and the kids are cursed with having to deal with this dog’s breakfast for the rest of their lives.

    Michael Jackson took the twisted generational damage he inherited and fed it bleach, steroids and heroin as well as a couple of hundred million dollars. Those kids have no chance…

  8. Hey Backwood Bitch? you need a womb to rent?

  9. Gando

    This clip remind me a bit on “home alone”.

  10. Galtacticus

    It’s obvious that he’s the king of the kids.He loved being a kid again.

  11. man your talking of the home alone kid! he had matches and fireworks all the time! this is the first footage that I see michael being happy and relaxed!
    I think you should leave michael alone! (get that blond dude say it)

    And I think debby should leave those kids alone, she hasn’t seen them all those years and got money for it. it is 3 kid or nothing! you can’t split them now! and they are used to being rich and famous! I see no better place that the parents of mj or maybe Janet Jackson.

  12. Hamburglar007

    Consider that jawline I very much doubt “she” is anyone’s mom.

  13. pasteve

    Damn! Amy Pohler looks terrible!

  14. my comment

    ‘Best interests of the kids’.

    That always cracks me up. Jackson was a freak who shouldn’t be anywhere near kids. He buys some by having a fat ugly white dental worker artificially inseminated by a dermatologist and BINGO!.. KIDS. Innocents who are forced into the world of a lusting pedophile. They are sentenced to a life of wearing masks, veils, burqas. Dragged all over the world and subjected to GOD KNOWS WHAT living with that weirdo. THEN the silly turd dies and it’s a swirling mass of confusion with opportunists like Jesse Jackson inserting themselves.

    “FOR THE KIDS????” When was IT EVER for the KIDS?


  15. Ana

    I don’t understand why do U don’t like MJ? he is a funny, sweat boy, who is a little bit crazy bc of evrything he lived. And this children, I think it doesn’t matter who is the father or the mother, he raised them, he adopted them, their is his children.

  16. Beastman AIDS

    did MJ died??!!?!!

  17. Jesse Jackson

    Of course that’s the mother…MJ would only do a chick if she looked like a dude. She looks like the love child of Amy Pohler and Lurch.

  18. peroz holtin

    god bless that man and god bless america but not the united states, the rest of the beloved continent

  19. captain america

    what’s the point.
    SHE WAS PAID FOR THAT, folks!!

  20. Calista Flockhart

    Debbie Rowe = the new Michael Jackson.

  21. mikeock

    Jesus Christ that is one ugly bitch.

  22. FACE

    Hey, Jesus Christ didnt have anything to do with a bitch that ugly.

  23. Ha!

    #17, you made me spit out my gum. hilarious.

  24. what the fuck was MJ’s problem messing with that?

  25. Dylan

    “NO NOT FIRE! IM SCARED!” -Michael Jackson

  26. Tom

    Superstud Mike Jackson could have had any woman he wanted. It’s obvious he just chose her for her beauty and the sexual chemistry they enjoyed together.

  27. godzilla

    WTF…damn that tank debbie rowe is ugly as sin.

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  31. Jesus Christ that is one ugly bitch.

  32. Superstud Mike Jackson could have had any woman he wanted. It’s obvious he just chose her for her beauty and the sexual chemistry they enjoyed together.

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