Debbie Rowe could gain custody of Michael Jackson’s kids

June 26th, 2009 // 45 Comments

Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe, who is the biological mother of Prince Michael and Paris, can take custody of the children if she so chooses, according to her attorney. People reports:

Prince Michael, Paris and Jackson’s third child, Blanket, 7, whose mother has not been identified, have been in the care of Jackson’s mother Katherine since the entertainer died Thursday after a cardiac arrest. “The kids are very upset, but they are fine,” Jackson’s manager, Frank DiLeo, tells PEOPLE.
During the custody fight between Rowe and Jackson in 2005, Rowe sought to give up her parental rights, and lauded Michael as a good father. Retired Judge Stephen Lachs, who presided over the hearing, at first agreed to terminate them, but then Lachs changed his mind and returned the rights to her.
“She lost them, and then she got them back,” Finsilver says. Finsilver said she spoke to Rowe on Thursday but she cannot say what Rowe plans to do. “She was inconsolable.”

If Debbie gains custody of the children, she’ll also receive a sizable chunk of Michael’s estate which, of course, sounds awesome until a collection bill arrives for $8 trillion worth of wine and clown costumes. Ha, I’m kidding. Everyone’ll just laugh and say “Oh, that Michael.” Except afterward there’ll be a tense, yet amicable, debate on who has to stop getting plastic surgeries to help out. (Hint: Jermaine.)


  1. Matthew

    first and no chance she get the kids

  2. missywissy

    Tito just may be the smart one out of the whole group.

  3. havoc

    “Wine and clown costumes….”

    hehehe *snort*


  4. bigd

    I enjoyed his music when i was a kid, but i am not sad in the least that he’s dead.
    Now the world has 1 less gay child molester.
    But he did make great music when he was still a black man.

  5. danielle

    you people are so ignorant and dumb. if it were one of your loved ones who died, you wouldn’t be cracking jokes and making rude assumptions. my goodness, jerkoffs.

    and go choke on a used ham sandwich, fish! idiot.

  6. bigd

    Too #5……its a known fact the man was a child molester. If he was rleated to me he wouldn’t be a “loved one”, and anybody who loves a child molester needs to get their head outta their ass.

  7. Richard McBeef

    @5 – go fuck yourself.

    i think there is a forum at “” that you can go to for sympathetic commentary.

  8. Dirt McGurt

    5- My grandpa choked to death on a ham sandwich and now you are cracking jokes about it. jerk-off.

  9. misty

    @6…No offense, but you are a fool. You say “it’s a known fact” like you were there. Talk about someone needing to get their head out of their ass. No one knows but Michael and whoever he must answer to now. You are in no position to judge anymore than I am or anyone else commenting on here today. You’ve obviously never been taught to think before you speak. Those really are words to live by, you know. You may come off a little bit more intellegent in the future than you did today.

  10. misty


  11. bigd

    @9….Would you have let your kids spend the night with MJ?
    What grown man lets little kids sleep in his bed? Gives them “Jesus Juice”, Tries to turn himself white(some skin diseases my ass). if he was only accused of molestation once then maybe it could be false accusations. But multiple times over 20 years…the dude was a child molester.

    Again, he was an amazing talent, but he was also a freak, child molester.

  12. danielle

    #7. After you, shyt for brains. I hope there’s applause at your funeral.

    and #8. You can go choke on one too.

  13. over it

    am i really missing heidi and spencer?? aaaaghh!!

  14. bigd

    @5, @13..Danielle…
    must be one of MJ’s fellow molesters

  15. danielle

    please stfu, you idiotic parasite. and go molest yourself.

  16. misty

    @…11 No, not if he was a stanger, if I knew him and my child knew him and there was history, yes.

    The kind of man that lets little children sleep in his bed is a man who thinks and acts like a child himself. Is is so hard for people to see over the years, and I am NOT talking about only the last 10 years, how this man loved children and cared for them and helped them? Think about this mans childhood. It’s been put out there for the entire world to see and admitted to. Nobody cares about that…the truth. However, they sure are quick to judge and throw stones when people start gossiping and starting rumors and picking on someone just because they are different. This man went through a grueling trial, for goodness sake, and was found NOT guilty. The evidence was just NOT there and it never will be. Bottom line. Yup, he was a freak, but it was made clear that he never hurt a soul. He plain and simple had the mind and heart of a child himself. Is that really so wrong? I think if more people had the mind and heart of a child sometimes, the world would be a MUCH better place.

    (God, I sound like my grandma. Blech!)

  17. bigd

    @17…my child will not sleep in the same bed with ANY man other than myself.
    especially one who has been accused of molestation multiple times, tried to turn himself white, etc….

  18. That was some career move mike,,,everything MJ is sold out…..

  19. Misty = Crackwhore

    #16 you are an idiot and probably have a sick fetish for fondling small boys as well.

    By your own words “a man who thinks and acts like a child himself” says that he is unstable and any parent in their right minds would not let their children around him.

    Fact is the parents were payed by Michael Jackson to shutup. There were many cases that were going to be brought up against Michael Jackson but the parents thought that a few million more than made up for little Billy’s asshole rape.

    Remember that OJ was found “innocent” too. Don’t hold too much trust in the American “justice” system when celebrities are on the line.

  20. Ella

    Yeah, the woman who SIGNED AWAY parental rights at birth NOW wants in their life? Why, because she stands to gain MILLIONS? Fuck that… one of the Jackson family members should gain custody, since they actually care about the children. Unfortunately this means the three children will be split. :(

  21. Rasputins Liver


    ………………………………………………….. FUCK!!! ………………………………………………

    I’m fuckin’ sick and tired of hearin’ about this Frankenstein’s Monster!!!

    Goddamit! I’ve been sick of hearing about this sick, twisted pedophile YEARS AGO!!!

    The perverted, delusional sick freak is…….. DEAD!

    Let’s all do the wise thing and FORGET this monster!!!


  22. Rasputins Liver


    ………………………………………………….. FUCK!!! ………………………………………………

    I’m fuckin’ sick and tired of hearin’ about this Frankenstein’s Monster!!!

    Goddamit! I’ve been sick of hearing about this sick, twisted pedophile YEARS AGO!!!

    The perverted, delusional sick freak is…….. DEAD!

    Let’s all do the wise thing and FORGET this monster!!!


  23. L

    She didn’t want them in the first place, the pus-faced cunt. Women like her are the diarrhea of the human species and the only evidence I need that we don’t deserve to survive ourselves. Those kids are doomed, by the way. DOOMED. If all that ends up being wrong with them is that they are drug addicts then they should consider themselves lucky.

    Michael Jackson was a junkie pederast who was the beneficiary of Quincy Jones’ studio genius. Fuck him and good riddance.

  24. surly wench

    That pic of him confims the ultimate end-goal of his plastic surgery was look like friggin’ Bambi.

    It’s amazing that such a freak of a person is so celebrated in our culture.

  25. ****

    The sperm donor for MJ’s first two children is Englishman Mark Lester,God-Father of MJ’s children and child actor who stared in MJ favorite film Oliver. The kids really look like him when he was a child.

  26. Tito

    Seriously though…fuck the kids…who is going to care for the chimpanzees, llamas and merkats? Those diapers don’t change themselves and I can;t see LaToya picking yp the slack.

  27. Icey

    Donor = Brando

  28. captain america


  29. Cali

    She’s the freakin mother. Give her the kids

  30. Cali

    She’s the freakin mother. Give her the kids

  31. Avette

    I grew up watching this man and I hate the negative things that he has done to his face, his skin, children’s lives, and his life. But regardless of who he was God will take care of him. If Michael’s did stupid shit to those boys, his ass will burn. Believe that!!!!! You also have to remember he was at one time a very rich man, and everyone wanted a piece of him and would stop at nothing to get it. Yet he didn’t make things better by sleeping and always being seen with little boys. At this time, I’m going to miss those music videos and I’m still in shock over his death. I was a really big fan of Michael Jackson. Although I think he did his best singing when he was a child and all the way to the album Thriller. All those silly ad libs he added later was terrible and silly.
    And hurtfull as this may sound, I still have Prince. He never let me down. Believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. blue

    God bless Michael Jackson in the heaven.Best withes to his family.It’s said he had a profile in the
    == Milli onaire chats C/o/m==. many people are praying for him and mourning there. let’s join them and recall all his life.

  33. Galtacticus

    I’ve always wondered why his well considered choice was Debbie Rowe.He probably must have admired her character.Aren’t the kids old enough to say what they want?

  34. Saptacus

    Certainly this isn’t the forum to determine the fate of his children. Isn’t there a reality show we can pitch where we let America decide? After all, we do elect a president every 4 years and we get that right sometimes.

  35. Aunt Jemima

    Why did Jackson need a sperm donor? Was he that much of a fag or did he hate being black a whole lot? Any other theories?

  36. justifiable

    #32 I grew up watching this man …. And hurtfull as this may sound, I still have Prince. He never let me down. Believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I beg to difer, Avette. You never grew up in the first place.

  37. tromba

    She would have to prove to a court that she could maintain the same lifestyle these kids are enjoying now. Ain’t gonna happen. Just a lawyer blowing smoke to get his piece of the MJ pie.

  38. Joseph Jackson


  39. FACE

    Nothing verifies his mental state more than choosing this ugly white trash to bear his children.



  41. DNI

    Michael Jackson was a great singer and dancer.
    His kiddi fiddling was never proven

  42. See article, “Who Will Get Custody of Michael Jackson’s Children?” by California Certified Family Law Specialist Marshall Waller at

  43. ace

    I think that debbie rowe is waiting a while before she tries to claim custody of the kids.

  44. for all uhating on michael u guys can go to hell!
    hes a great guy and i met him 3 times and by the way i love him soo much!!
    so fuck off!!!
    either way everyone knows tat the kid who said michael was a child molestor came out 3 days after his death sayin michael didnt do shit to him they were poor and needed the money!
    sooo….he wasnt a phedaphile!

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