Debbie Rowe settles custody dispute with Jacksons

Seen here at Dr. Andrew Klein’s office on Monday, Debbie Rowe has reached an agreement with the Jacksons over custody of Paris and Michael Jr.. There was no cash settlement but its assumed the Jacksons will honor Debbie’s financial arrangement with Michael. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us, Rowe has agreed that Katherine Jackson will be the guardian of Michael’s children, subject to the judge’s approval.
Rowe will get visitation of the two children she had with Michael.
But here’s what’s interesting — Rowe wants and will get a psychologist who will visit the children and help them adjust to her being in their lives on a meaningful basis.
Rowe will maintain her parental rights. We’re told the agreement does not specify the amount of visitation.

Wow. What a surprisingly amicable and pleasant end to this fiasco. At least until I looked at the last pic and felt the immediate urge to knock up Debbie Rowe in the back of a Camaro. Dammit! How can one woman wield such power?

Photos: Splash News