Debbie Rowe: NOT the biological mother of Michael Jackson’s children

June 30th, 2009 // 51 Comments

Because, of course, this situation has to be a clusterfuck of epic proportions, TMZ has learned that not only is Debbie Rowe not the biological parent of Michael Jr. and Paris. Neither is Michael Jackson:

Multiple sources deeply connected to the births tell us Michael was not the sperm donor for any of his kids. Debbie’s eggs were not used. She was merely the surrogate, and paid well for her services in the births of Michael Jr. and Paris.
In the case of Prince Michael II (the youngest), we’re told the surrogate was never told of the identity of the “receiving parent” — Michael Jackson. Three days after Prince was born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego County, Jackson’s lawyer came to the hospital to pick the baby up and deliver him to Michael.
We do not know if Jackson chose the sperm or egg donors or if he even knew who they were.

Anyone else curious how Michael Jackson knew his sperm should be kept out of the equation? I’m pretty sure this means there’s a secret offspring floating around out there nobody knows about – because it’s invisible and sucks the breath out of babies. I’m kidding. It probably just has a tail.


  1. Hash


  2. Taz

    oh no! who cares

  3. first_mfr's

    Your mom is fat! – First!

  4. LawnGnome

    Now there’s a shocker…

  5. p0nk

    If jocko had any say in the matter, the only place his sperm went was in the behinds of little boys.

    What’s black on the inside, white on the outside, and comes in little cans?

  6. Finger Pointer

    @5 – you.

  7. AmericanWhiteTrash

    OMG like those kids looked JUST LIKE him. I really can’t believe this… If anyone thought he had anything to do with knocking up any woman even without having to touch them, then you are officially a retard. That’s the kind of freak show he was.

  8. wilma dicfit

    Well hes not going to diddle his OWN kids…. Oh those cute little sperm dumpsters!

  9. McFeely Smackup

    Jackson not being related to this kids is a surprise of inconsequential proportions. that is, it shouldnt’ surprise anyone…and yet I’ve heard people falling all over logic the last few days trying to justify that mixed race kids frequently turn out blond hair and blue eyed. Score one for logic.

    However, there is a very dicey legal issue. Jackson has been pretending those are his biological kids all along. If he’d legally adopted them, there would be public court records of that fact. Pretending doesnt’ make legal status. So unless Jackson has an airtight will written, and I fail to see why we’d expect that ONE element of his estate to not be fucked up, there’s a good chance the kids will see nothing of his wealth.

    This is going to get worse before it gets better.

  10. no shit patrol

    The kids were blond and fair skinned. No shit MJ wasn’t the dad. His skin may have been bleached, but genetically he was black

  11. woody II

    All those years I couldn’t find a child to molest, I never even thought of hiring a surrogate and having my own!

  12. Megan Fox

    Its strange that Madonna and Angelina cant wait to get little black babies. Then we have a black man who only wants white babies….

    We have lots of black babies in our own country that need to be adopted.

  13. woody III

    @12. You may be on to something… or just on something.

  14. misty

    BULLSHIT! Those two boys look JUST like Michael. The oldest has the exact same body frame as Michael does and that little one looks just like him in the face. DUH! And that little girl looks just like Debbie Rowe. Those boys are definately Michael’s seed. Anyone with even an ounce of sense can see that. It’s just a whole lot easier and lots more fun to run with the bullshit.

    Didn’t your mommies ever teach you that you cannot believe everything you read or see on T.V.? C’ mon now!

  15. chupacabra

    It’s not surprising he didn’t donate the sperm, not just because they don’t’ look like him, but Joe has Michael’s balls dipped in bronze on his desk. He was made to be a “castrato” before puberty.

    now, the surrogate mother, who officially married Jackson in some type of sham, didn’t AT ALL want the children back. Now we know why – it wasn’t her eggs, either, just just carried the little punks for money. Now, this is how science gets things of nature fucked up – the woman doesn’t want to have anything to do with them, because the last one that popped out, ripped her a new one, and she wasn’t able to ever have kids of her own after that. How much cash did she get? Probably millions…

  16. Jesse Jackson

    I don’t get why he needed a sperm donor. His tiny penis worked just fine on those young boys he had at neverland.

  17. obvious

    Now it all makes sense, how Jacko downgraded from a babe like Lisa Marie Presley to Debbie Rowe

  18. twzzlrgirl

    Gives a whole new meaning to “but the kid is not my son!”

    ha-ha :)

  19. Jesse Jackson II

    @17. Actually, his pecker did NOT work with those young boys. You see fine sire, MJ was not having little boys play with his own manhood, rather he played with theirs. So, MJ not having a working pud is quite possible!

  20. justin

    Of course we’re not surprised that the children aren’t his. This is simply one more piece of evidence that Michael Jackson was a self-loathing racist who hated black people. While it’s maintained that he had a disease which was causing his his skin to become blotchy and uneven, this is just an excuse. Bleaching all of your skin to make it even could be ignored if Michael hadn’t also went out of his way to change his Affrican facial features into that oF A CAUCASIAN MAN. This combined with the parentage of his children, the active decision on his part to omit his own dna from the equasion was clearly a calculated move to ensure that his kids were not dirty black people.

  21. Angel

    I can’t even begin to fathom the identity crisis these kids will suffer. Good thing they have MJ’s inheritance, they are going to need it… for therapy!

  22. Richport's Ghost

    @13 – indeed. Otherwise they’ll become dangerous homicidal criminals driving HOOPTIES around da hood.

    Peace out, yo nigga.

  23. Kelley

    What’s with all the shit about “they looked just like him” ??? They did NOT look like him in the least … Jesus, people, Michael Jackson used to be black, remember ???

  24. If this is true then it makes no sense. Why would Mike choose white kids to be his sons and daughters and not black kids? This really shows he had a problem with being black. What was wrong with him?

  25. anon

    Poor kids.

  26. laney

    no shit. those kids were white. michael jackson is black. there is no way in hell that a black man is gonna have white kids. no way in hell.

  27. I mean… let’s call a spade a spade here, has anyone seen the pictures of these children in the media? In what world does a man with African American DNA and a fat white chick make those cute kids? Even though he turned himself into a mild to moderate asian looking woman doesn’t mean he somehow was able to change the genetic makeup of his freaking sperm. Sweet jesus, what is next? We find out the only thing he impregnated was one of his monkey’s at Neverland?

  28. Think before judging, please.

  29. AmericanWhiteTrash

    #15 wow just wow , retardation taken to the next level..

    #27 yup, that’s why he cut up his face with surgery so many times. Take a look at his old man , he looks like the devil, the same guy who molested his own kids..

  30. Anonymous

    Poor misty at #15…….delusion has set in, and I’m afraid nothing can be done for her.

  31. justifiable

    #15 misty, you’re an incredible moron. “Exact same body frame”? Are you fucking kidding me? What a reach you got, you should play pro basketball! Jackson also claimed he ONLY had surgery on his nose and the other drastic changes to his face were because he “grew” and “changed” naturally. Yeah, he grew a new jaw , cheeks and three different cleft chins with dimples after age 20. And I bet you believed it, too.

    #21 Justin, you meant to say he changed his features to look JUST LIKE A CAUCASIAN WOMAN. A 40+ year old woman who dressed like an executive secretary, to be precise.

  32. Matthew

    debbie rowe has a big man chin and the ugliest women ever seen!

  33. Heather

    Yeah I don’t think that the children look like him at all.

  34. Buzz Liteyear

    This test tube-petri-dish family crap is only gonna get worse with more of the butt pirates wanting to do the same. Brave new world people! :-0

  35. What a mystery…

  36. CitizenStrange

    When they asked Michael if he wanted to impregnate Debbie Rowe the best he could do was throw up in his mouth a little.

  37. captain america

    ………………………………………..EAT SHIT!!

  38. Galtacticus

    She wouldn’t be a bad solution for the kids if she’s the biological mother.Genetic identification wouldn’t harm the kids as well.It’s a shortcut to self knowlegde and good for the development of their self-esteem.

  39. Rhialto

    Whoever get the custody of the kiddos.The three have to stay together in all times.

  40. H_Chick

    @ Number 38…..
    Captain America! PLEASE!
    You dont say EAT SHIT – You say EAT SHIT AND FUCKING WELL DIE!! :)
    Now to address the Rowe/Jackson debacle…
    I think the whole thing is totally fucked.
    How the hell that Rowe woman could spit those kids out to hand over to him is beyond belief, whether or not they were her eggs. Sadly, no one surrounding those children is fit to raise them, and much and all as Katherine was under that arseholes fist too, she LET all that shit happen to them.
    Joe needs to be shot in the mouth with a ball of his own shit – repeatedly. Until he dies.
    He should just get the fuck right out of the picture, the self serving cunt, trying to get a plug in for his record company when his own son was barely cold. Man no wonder MJ was such a fuck-up, poor deluded guy.
    Its all sad. Totally sad.
    Fish – Ive changed my mind – I think I need more about the Pratt twins (Spanky and Ho Down) because its a different sort of angry.
    Take my mind off this matter Fish……

  41. zechs mom

    this shit is so crazy if debbie isnt the mother of michael n paris then who should get the kids MJ’s mother? debbie shouldnt have any rights she hasnt been there since MJ went to jail n she didnt even want them to have her dna so y now does she want them its all for the love of money. no one loved these kids enough to give them a true bloodline these kids real parents r just numbers they didnt kno them or who they were now his kids are left to complete n total strangers when it comes to dna. its kinda like being kidnapped when u think about. i think the kids should pick who they live their lives with but all three should live together as they have. debbie shouldnt be able to split them up poor lil blanket would be left all by himself living with strange ppl n his bro n sis r gone with debbie hell naw that wont work out in the courts. Blanket wont be seperated from Paris n Prince Michael so Debbie u might as well give up like u did 13 years ago. Too bad u wont get paid again u shouldve thought of that long before Michael died now its to late.

  42. Lisa Wagner

    Prince is the biological father –his wife Manuella is the biological mother.

  43. Lisa Wagner

    Prince is the biological father –his wife Manuella is the biological mother.

  44. Penelope

    I think MJ wanted his sperm to fertilize LMP’s eggs ONLY! When that wasn’t going to be a reality, then he chose surrogacy. LMP was his only real sweetheart and with whom he found true happiness with, although it was short they had it. They even saw each other off and on after their divorce, and I heard that he even wanted to remarry her after her divorce from Nick Cage, and Nick Cage eventually realized that there was still a part of her that still cared for MJ. As LMP recently stated, they had a real connection because of their unusual upbringings.

  45. the truth

    heres some questions? that might brighten the dark room of mj’s dna diboggle
    what ever happened to the test tube babies from the 80′s hmm. people just stopped talking about them and the disapeared from the average poulations radar .why does d. rowe strongly resemble a transexual, why would michael have to cover up dressing like a woman & picking up a construction worker in vegas. what was the song keep it in the closet really about & also the song Ben, black kids typically shy away from the pet rat thing ya know so whats u with that? just an observation also why is d. roe so pissed that the media is looking at her life. something deep to hide, scared some sealed files might slip out maybe time will reveal who to say just food for thought. god bless


  46. Gina

    Let the mn REST IN PEACE!!! He was indeed a bit odd but I doubt that he was a pedophile. You FUCKERS calling him that should stick your tongues up your ASS!!!!





  47. jose

    dudes..u fukn ppl learn to respect d dead…comment on his childrn and all dat rubbish….wat was his prob if he couldnt make childrn….he had body dismorphy disorder n dats y he underwent those plastic surgeries….u ppl just need to shut ur asses…..hw gud r u’ll u mentally retards….cud u ever sing dance lyk him? 4gt dat,, cud u be as kind and loving as him…..u ugly ppl just shut up!!!

  48. rachelmary

    i am biracial and people think i am white when i am not my mother is white and my father is white and native american and i look just like what paris looks like go to go to luvers123456789 channel she will prove them wrong

  49. I love Jaco i don’t care what people think about him or passing comments on him. He was the king of pop and people will never forget him as star pop dancer. May god gives peace to his soul . Miss you jaco.

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