DeAnna Pappas apparently wears a bikini 24/7

August 26th, 2008 // 115 Comments

Is it me or is The Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas always wearing a bikini? Some might call this trashy, but if you take note, ladies, she’s engaged. Now, I’m not suggesting the two are related – except I am and no one likes a spinster. So, house full of cats, or walking around in a bikini? While you think that one over, I’ll be on the roof with a lawn chair and binoculars to, um, watch birds. Yeah, what I just said.


  1. G-Unit


  2. karch

    FIRST!!!! And jerking it!

  3. Peter Gammons

    she’s dope…

  4. dude

    Yeah, I’m sure both of you above are jerking it…with each other.

    She’s hot.

  5. G-Unit

    Yes I am! BTW: that chick has nice birthing hips.

  6. someguy

    Fourth. And why do we care about this person. Besides the obvious boobie-ness.

  7. Stephanie

    GROSS G UNIT!! YOU don’t have to tell us that you’re jerking it with karch!

    ewww…maybe you guys can give each other a “dirty sanchez”.

  8. fat

    fatter than any other woman that has been on this site…
    not really fat. but thick even for a real life girl, and she has ugly short legs

  9. DJ

    Greek girls are hot!!!

  10. ?huh

    6- she doesn’t really have that

  11. Spanky

    Somebody get me a warm towel. I just messed my pants looking at that ass.

  12. gobats

    This girl is gorgeous. Any one that says otherwise is a fucking faggot.

  13. richboy

    she looks like my maid, only fatter

  14. rough daddy

    oh damn thats a great ass,,,that ass can bounce you up to the ceiling!!!

  15. Franklin

    I would like to fuck her form behind and view her puckered grommet!

  16. atleast

    kim k has a chest and has lost weight recently. this girl’s body is sloppy and short and large and she has thighs for years, she is a lot larger than her man. is she white?

  17. gigi

    she’s lucky she ended up with that Jesse dude — everybody else seemed like a bunch of tools. In fact he may be too cool for her….

  18. rough daddy

    those douches who are obviously not ass worshipers id like to see what their banging….

  19. not good

    no her hips are just big, not her butt. shes like the chubby mexican girl next door, i wouldn’t look twice, im done.

  20. thick

    thick thick thick thick thick

  21. gobats

    atleast are you gay?

  22. Allupindat

    bronze that ass and light some candles, I’m ready to worship.

  23. atleast

    16, i like boobs and girls i can carry a little bit more easily, especially if im looking at pics of people i don’t know, aren’t they supposed to be above average?

  24. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Just remember ladys, if you are going to wear a bikin, keep that thing trimmed. No one wants to see your muff hair sticking out. I say shave it all off, but others here think that makes you a pedophile for some reason. It makes you look like a porn star and that is what a man wants in bed.

  25. gro

    Fat girl who will only get fatter.

  26. combustion8

    baby got back.

  27. it's weird how

    other women are quickly called fat on this site and this one is not?

    are you kids blind? this is the fattest girl to appear in a bikini on this site. her thighs are cleary huge and she is shaped ugly. maybe you like her because she is attainable?

  28. gro

    A chubby chasers’ dream!

  29. gobats

    I think I’m seriously in love with this girl. I cant stop looking at her pics. Why arent more girls smoking like this one? They are either fat as hell, ugly as fuck, or skinny as coke.

  30. Ted Mosby

    I wonder if she likes to do it Greek?

  31. Onyx Blackman

    I must admit, I kind of like this girl’s fatness. Oh, and her dude looks like I am Sam.

  32. sadly

    gobats i feel sorry for you, cause this girl is only 2 french fries away from being fat too.

  33. gobats

    #28 You obviously must be extremely jealous of this girl.

    Go lose some pounds with a carrot stick tied to your fat head bitch.

  34. gobats

    You dont have to feel sorry for me go back to your coke skin and bones.

  35. sixpack

    nice and curvy…what a woman’s body is supposed to look like.

  36. pistolita

    she’s not “fat”… thick and curvy, but not “fat”… i bet she’d have a REALLY nice body if she lost about 10 lbs. she carries it pretty well, though.

  37. it's weird how

    the truth hurts and people lash out when they hear it and don’t like it.

  38. girl that goes to the gym

    short, small uptop fat thighs and hips with cellulite inklings and unshapely calves.

    I guess not all of us strive for excellence.

  39. Paulie


    I see the men with fat mammas are appreciating this, but no one else.

  40. Fat Chicks Suck

    She’s definitely a bit thick. I wouldn’t call her fat…but she’s clearly on her way. When a girl is on the fence like this you need to stay away from anything long-term because I can GUARANTEE you they will soon be fat.

    She’s not at an unhealthy weight and compared to the typical American chick she looks pretty decent (although that’s not saying much)…but not hot enough to be drooling over on the Internet. I see dozens of hotter girls around town every day.

    If she ate a little healthier and started doing some mild strength training to tone up her body she would look considerably better.

  41. gobats

    #37 I’m FULLY aware of the truth and its how fucking hot this girl is.

    Get off your delustional ideals of what women are supposed to look like and get over yourself you self rightous bitch.

  42. Ed Castillo

    Marshmellow suuu-prise!

  43. rough daddy

    look jackasses, she can use some crunches sure,,,but that ass would not be ignore by me!!!!

  44. it's weird how

    no her thighs really are bad

    gobats, look at the last picture and tell me she has nice legs

  45. Stroker

    Definitely jerk off worthy. But I want more pics of Rachel McAdams’ feet. I’ve been fist pumping it to that photo for two days!

  46. casting director

    not good enough, not calendar material BY A LONG SHOT.


  47. Karen

    Horrible, fat, out of shape body.

  48. Sammy

    I guess Fish this post up for all the fatty fetishers out there.

  49. Spanky

    She is definitely not the best looking girl in the universe but I would definitely do her doggie style or anal, her choice. She would have to get the warm towel afterwards though. That is only fair.

  50. gobats

    I admite that last picture her theighs look bad. But everyone can look bad in a picture. But that does not take away the fact that this girl is hot.

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