Why Can’t You Lazy Moochers Find Acting Work Like Dean Cain? It’s Not That Difficult

January 10th, 2014 // 132 Comments
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Before Neck-Snapping Superman, Deadbeat Dad Superman and even Teen Angst Superman, Dean Cain was America’s Man of Steel until the writers made him marry Lois Lane killing the show dead. Since then, he’s taken whatever acting jobs he can find which clearly puts him in a position to go on Fox & Friends and judge blue collar workers who have turned into a pack of filthy moochers. Via Uproxx:

… Dean Cain, who these days is hosting a reality show in which contestants hunt for Big Foot, has been appearing on Fox News recently to provide the Hollywood perspective on our nation of freeloading employed people.
“Have you seen some of the movies I’ve done? Do you think I wanted to do all of those movies? I gotta be honest, sometimes you have to go to work,” Cain said in the Fox and Friends clip. “It might not be the job you want, but you take the job.”

And Dean Cain has a point. He wakes up every morning in his trailer, goes and has a nice, free meal over at craft services, plays pretend for a few hours, and he gets that paper. And I’m making it sound easy, but sometimes the girl who brings the coffees forgets he specifically said two shots of espresso in his macchiato, but that’s the job, man. It’s not pretty, but if Dean Cain can do it, then surely you can get up off your butt and go to McDonald’s for $7.50/hour making you ineligible for food stamps so your kids starve. It’s exactly the same thing.

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  1. Deacon Jones

    I would pay $500 for a bukkake movie with Megan Kelly in it.

    At least 15 dudes. I would love it. That’s all I think about when she’s on TV, moving her mouth, trying to convince me of something.

  2. Get Over It Fish

    Cain is right, Fish. We the working taxpayers should not be expected to support everyone who can’t or won’t work. Do I feel sorry for those who can’t find jobs? Yes. Been there, done that.

    But people like me pay for illegals and ghetto trash on welfare, on Medicaid, on food stamps, and every other hand-out program they can think of to fund their pointless lives.

    You’re in no position to criticize what Cain does for a living; you’re liberal gutter slime who writes bad copy for a gossip blog. You know no hardships, yet you run your mouth all the time about your shallow opinions.

    When you contribute more to society than your mouth, maybe then you can pick on people like Cain. Practice the generosity you preach, Fish, or shut the fuck up (FINALLY).

    • “You know no hardships, yet you run your mouth all the time about your shallow opinions.”

      I was a fucking Applebee’s manager before this (60 hours a week for $30K and no health insurance), paid for my own college by working full-time waiting tables or at Blockbuster because my dad’s a pastor, and not the Rolls Royce kind, the also worked part time in a supermarket to pay the bills kind, so I’ll easily criticize the shit out of an actor saying, “Well, I find work, how hard can it be?”

      • Butt Plugger

        Pretty much his point Fish. You chose to work and busted your ass to get where you are and to put yourself through school. He’s talking more about the garbage in this country that only wants handouts and pretty much feels entitled to handouts without giving any effort to living without assistance from the government.

      • Except I don’t think of those people as “garbage,” and think of my work experience, even pre-Superficial, as lucky as shit. One layoff, store closing, I’d be on my ass. Fuck, that could still happen now. I happened to be a polite(-looking) white kid who got hired at places almost solely because of that which I recognize and is why I don’t go around judging people who can’t make a break in a job market where minimum wage stopped adjusting for the cost of living a long time ago. It’s asinine.

      • It’s difficult to argue with people who both lack empathy as well as enough imagination to see themselves one day out of work (or hit with a disease or accident that wipes out their savings).

        As far as they know, everyone in the country is 100% the same with 100% of the same opportunities coming from 100% of the same background and that anything bad that happens to anyone is 100% due to poor decision making.

        They can’t accept that just being lucky enough to have been born both white and male ALREADY gives them a huge head start over a large portion of the rest of the country.

        But accepting this would require a bit too much uncomfortable soul searching, so they will remain sanctimoniously bashing anyone else who is experiencing hardships.

        That’s the Conservative Way®.

      • Trust me, Joe, there is plenty of empathy. In the current state of our economy, however, changes have to be made for the health and longevity of our society. Some of us, including myself, are losing over half of our income to poorly run government programs and are beginning to feel burdened with being forced to support policies that we don’t agree with. My wife and I are extremely charitable, with what we can, but are quickly losing steam as taxes, inflation, and bureaucratic obstructions continue to erode the fruits of our labor. Tell me how somebody is not supposed to feel ire about the state of our welfare system as it sits. No, we don’t believe it should go away entirely, but there has to be a more selective process on whether or not the individual actually needs it.

      • I work in an industry that was hit hard by the Republican recession.

        For a long time, not a week would go by that I didn’t see a formerly middle class family losing everything.

        The only thing wrong with our welfare system is the sense of shame those forced to rely on it have to endure from snobs.

      • ultra

        “losing over half of our income”. i’m going to call bullshit here. if you’re wealthy enough to have a high tax rate, you’re wealthy enough to hire good accountants to get you out of that nasty tax rate that only the poors are stupid enough to pay. i know of zero wealthy people who actually pay their full tax rate. you’re either lying or stupid. or both. i’ll go with wannabe conservative troll just making up shit.

      • Not just income tax. I’m talking Federal, State, Sales, and other fees. Do the math and check it out. You’d be surprised how it all adds up. Definitely not bullshit, and I’m not that wealthy.

      • ….property taxes, vehicle registration taxes, mill levies, etc, etc. The list goes on.

      • “my work experience, even pre-Superficial, as lucky as shit.”

        “I happened to be a polite(-looking) white kid who got hired at places almost solely because of that ”

        Are you actually denying your achievements as nothing more than sheer luck AND racism? Wow. Suddenly your stance on things seems amazingly transparent. News flash, Fish, everyone has to endure the same worries of their employer laying them off or shutting their doors. The problem is that this country is losing their sense of survival. You say you don’t “judge”, but your statement assumes that they are victims, unable, through reasons beyond their control, to remove themselves from dependency or low paying jobs. I call bullshit. I have a nineteen-year old son who spent three years fucking around in high-school before dropping out with a .18 GPA at 17. I hounded him and payed for him to get his GED while putting constant pressure on him to get a job. He has been working for the past two years regularly and making well over minimum wage. Not that he doesn’t still fuck up from time to time, but he is taking responsibility for his idiocy and improving his life bit by bit. My son has always been difficult and if he can adjust, find work, and increase his livelihood (without me vouching or hooking him up with a single job), then other’s can as well.

      • Not everyone has a parent who’ll pay their bills trying to assuage the guilt they feel for failing their kid in the first place.

      • Go fuck yourself, Phil. I’ve been an incredible parent. I don’t pay his bills either. I expect him to make it on his own. I let him live with his decisions and am making him stronger by not assuming that he is a victim of circumstance. How in the world is that failing him. BTW, my daughter is a straight “A” student at the top of her class, so you can kiss my ass on the “failing parent” comment.

      • He’s been out on his own for over a year, BTW, you piece of shit.

      • He dropped out of high school at 17? Yeah you’re the best dad ever.

      • Phil! Listen. HIS choice. I couldn’t force him to do better. Why do you struggle with the concept of him having his own individuality?

      • Obviously, you don’t have experience parenting and you believe that a parent can simply mold their child into the perfect person. To be able to deal with your children’s issues and help them to correct and overcome them, is what good parenting is about. Having disapproved of his decisions with his education, I am encouraging him to pursue other avenues that can, very well, lead to an increase in income and a strong likelihood of success.

      • My kid is doing well in school and I want it to stay that way, so let me write all this down so I don’t make the same mistakes you did.

      • But just to be clear, if it’s your kid in a bad decision, he’s expressing his individuality and just needs a little guidance. But if it’s other folks in the same circumstances, they’re deadbeats that are a drain on society because everyone has some reliable adult they can turn to. Interesting how things change when a human face is added to a situation.

      • For the record, my kid is doing very well. He’s working and providing for himself. For you to condemn him for merely not having a high school diploma or college education flies in the face of all of your so-called “empathy.” Also, I never said that I consider other people “deadbeats.” I’m merely stating that some people, given the choice between taking care of themselves or being taken care of, will choose the latter if the option is consistently available to them.

      • ” For you to condemn him for merely not having a high school diploma or college education flies in the face of all of your so-called “empathy.””

        You’re right. I guess brushing a person aside for making bad choices without having walked a mile in their shoes is pretty shitty indeed. Who would do something like that? I guess sweeping value judgements based on social standing and education are pretty cruel.

      • Are you implying that I am doing that? Reading back through, I don’t feel as if I came across as such. During the course of this exchange, you have called me a bad parent and made your own personal “value judgement” on my method of child-rearing with your “write everything down” statement. Having become active in the comments section recently, the generalization of the conservative-minded and the religious population appears to be accepted and revered here. Your follow up comment is a weak attempt to remove yourself from the conversation we are having without conceded, in my opinion.

      • “Are you implying that I am doing that?” I thought I was flat out saying it. But let’s use your words to say it for you.

        “BTW, just because you give something a term (chronically unemployed) doesn’t justify it’s existence. Able bodied people should work or spend the time that they are unemployed training for a potential future job. To idly spend your days being unproductive while utilizing other peoples money to compensate for your expenditures in unacceptable in my eyes.” Maybe some of those folks started having trouble in their freshman year in high school too. But you don’t know them, so screw them.

        “Historically, empathy and altruism has never made a great society. Everyone loses in the end.” So of course, why try.

        “The increased minimum wage is pure politics.” Except for those trying to live on it then it’s a very cold reality of life.

        Look, you’re going to think whatever you want and that’s fine. I think that if someone works a 40 hour week and still isn’t making enough money to survive, then we as a nation help them. How a society treats it’s lowest rung tells a lot about that society. To punish someone for essentially being born in the wrong place or situation, feels pretty messed up. Of course there are those that will take advantage, there always will be assholes, but you don’t scrap the entire system. That whole baby/bathwater thing. I’d be a lot happier with my taxes going to social programs to help people get caught up, than whatever the latest Wall Street boondoggle is.

      • Nearly all of my decisions are based on many hours of reading and research, as well as a solid base of information that I have acquire during the years that I have focused a lot of my recreational time educating myself of economics, investing, political sciences, and history. To say, ” I think that if someone works a 40 hour week and still isn’t making enough money to survive, then we as a nation help them,” is a noble gesture, but if you aren’t aware of the repercussions and downfalls of that on a society, then you’re stance is not fully thought out, I sincerely appreciate and embrace the empathy that a lot of people on the left share, but I cannot condone it because the facts of the unsustainable nature of our economy are overwhelming. A wealthy nation can help more people than a poor one. All signs are pointing to another drastic decline in our economy, and most don’t want to think about it. It has nothing to do with “punishing someone for being born in the wrong place or situation” and everything to do with maintaining an environment that allows growth, innovations, and pursuit of individual successes. The collective leanings of today are hobbling those greatly.

      • Also, your definition of “survive” is much different than mine. For instance, Red Bull is now placing placards in certain locations informing customers that they can purchase their product with EBT cards. Lack of a high dollar energy drink has never resulted in a single death, as far as I’m concerned. The money that was spent on this promotional program shows that there is, indeed, a market for it. Show me one case of somebody not “surviving” on a minimum wage job, and I’ll eat my words.

      • “Show me one case of somebody not “surviving” on a minimum wage job, and I’ll eat my words.”

        No, you wouldn’t. You’d just parse words until you’d convinced yourself of your rightness. Red Bull paid the right people to be included in the food stamp program. Companies buy access to groups of consumers all the time. The difference is you see it as an indictment of the people receiving the aid, whereas I see that as an indictment of the people RUNNING the programs. Those are the people who decide what is fair game to be purchased. You know, for a guy who talks about how worldly and well read he is, you sure are naive about things actually get done in the private sector.

      • What? You are evading. For whatever reason Red Bull pursues the food stamp market, my point is that people are, indeed, using food stamps to buy energy drinks. My argument is that recipients often don’t make the best choices on their limited incomes. Where you and I differ, Phil, is that your empathy for people on welfare is based on your belief that they are unable to get themselves away from dependency. For the sake of going off on another tangent, let’s agree that we are talking about “able-bodied” citizens who are fully functional. The only real reasons that I can see that you, and others, believe that they are destined to remain at the bottom class, is that somehow you think that they are inferior, in a sense. They apparently lack the sense and knowledge to function in a society built on free enterprise because they were not taught values or lacked access to high dollar schools, or whatever else bullshit. I see them as my equal. I don’t feel that myself, or you, or Dean fucking Cain is any better than any of the “chronically unemployed.” There are literally tens of thousands of stories of people coming out from underneath and achieving far greater things than I ever could. Nevertheless, I still stand by my statements. There is a reason we don’t see mass media coverage of “impoverished” people on TV with journalists informing the general public of the horrible conditions that people live in. They absolutely will NOT take a camera through a minimum-wage earners apartment and report just how bad life is for them, because the moment that viewers witness the Xbox on the shelf next to the flat-screen and see the person hanging out with their dog that they somehow find the resources to feed and maintain, the entire argument is blown. Instead, we are led with shoddy and over-simplified math and biased stats that promote an agenda. As for me be naive, what the fuck are you talking about. My side has consistently showed merit, while you continue to spin the point.

      • P.T.S. Potential Trouble Source

        @ Uncle Phil, best post ever, you explained it in a way that even a idiot could not use their own argument against themselves

      • Jesus, Phil. Stop being such a bitch.

      • You let your kid drop out before finishing HS? Fuck you, you’re a terrible parent, you should hang your head in shame and failure.

      • Let? Umm, a 17 year old who ditches school consistently while holding a .18 GPA and 10 credits after three years of high school isn’t concerned about what his parents “let” him do. The conceit of lefties that they can “control” all around them consistently flabbergasts me.

      • Greg

        WoW Phil, where’s your empathy for someone trying to do the right thing……. :(

      • not quite

        “Pretty much his point Fish. You chose to work and busted your ass to get where you are and to put yourself through school.”

        that wasn’t his point, though. he said that Fish hasn’t known any hardships, and implied that he’s out of touch in a cushy existence.

      • Although some might not believe, myself included, that having a managerial position at a restaurant and the availability of other part time jobs, as well as having a college degree, all of which allowed him a very good job as a writer for a popular blog, is considered “hardship” in any way, shape, or form.

      • MD

        Name (visible) – well said, sir! Your presence is a welcome one on the boards!

      • not quite

        Name (Visible): so the availability of part-time jobs rules out one having any hardship? that’s a rather narrow definition. besides, there’s a term for people who can’t find such jobs: chronically unemployed. but conservatives would have us believe that those people are just sloths milking the system, and that their alleged hardships are largely fabricated.

        what DO you consider a valid hardship, anyway? besides having one’s parenting skills critiqued on an Internet forum, of course.

      • For the record, not quite, the “availability of part-time jobs” part of my comment was in addition to Fish’s other job. Per his statement, he had multiple jobs, and, therefore, had multiple income coming in. While he apparently wasn’t satisfied with what he was making, I find it hard to classify his job dissatisfaction and his desire to achieve more, as well as his apparent inability to perceive his aptitudes and work ethics as a personal self-motivated aspiration to accomplish more, but rather a “rolling of dice”, as hardships. Had he been homeless and starving on the street, or was forced to live impoverished in a third-world-like shanty, then I may be more apt to feel commiseration. My wife and I are high-school sweethearts who moved in together while I was still in high school and built our lives together on our own without outside help. We raised two kids without assistance, and we both still continue to bust our asses on a daily basis to retain our statuses at our companies. We both started out at minimum wage, and made a concerted effort to improve our lives through our own hard work. We’ve had our struggles, but accepted that and learned along the way. While we aren’t exceptionally wealthy, at this point, we feel we represent what individuals can do if they “keep their eye on the prize.” We’ve had family members murdered, siblings die of drug overdoses, and office politics that resulted in lost promotions. I’ve had a potentially career ending injury that I had to overcome. We move forward and focus on bettering ourselves. Ultimately, we strive for our kids to achieve more because success is also generational. I will guarantee that I’ve seen more struggles than you and definitely more than Fish, but I see it all as a form of learning and accumulating wisdom.

      • BTW, just because you give something a term (chronically unemployed) doesn’t justify it’s existence. Able bodied people should work or spend the time that they are unemployed training for a potential future job. To idly spend your days being unproductive while utilizing other peoples money to compensate for your expenditures in unacceptable in my eyes.

      • Because unemployed people can afford skills training and/or to move to an area where more jobs are available. Sounds legit.

      • There are government programs for that Jezzer. Programs, I might add, that very few people would complain about spending their tax dollars on. Plus, we have the fucking internet and it’s not just for celebrity tits. I self taught myself many things on the web.

      • Yes, internet access is free and computers come in boxes of cereal now. And of course every place in the country has great public transportation so people can go use the computers at the library, which is obviously open 24 hours a day. And honestly, if you’re piecing together a couple part time jobs to make ends meet, that just leaves you with loads of free time to expand your mind. Why don’t the working poor just try harder?

        Are you really this tone deaf, man? Again, there but for the grace of God, go I. (How is it that the atheist hippie in this conversation is the one pushing the lessons of Christ?)

      • ” Why don’t the working poor just try harder?”

        Yes, why don’t they? Having entered the workforce with a part time job at 14 and moving up from there, I could not have gotten to where I am today without *gasp* trying harder. I lack a college degree yet have proven myself at my company enough to earn the wages that I’m currently at. My wife and I are in the midst of risking our entire savings to enter into the small business arena, that, if we don’t “try” hard enough, we will potentially lose everything. This is not an option, so we will put everything we can into making it a success. Why is it considered flawed to believe that the working poor should “try harder?” When did high expectations of people become so discountenanced?

    • Hugh G. Rection

      You are right to be outraged about your (and my) tax dollars going towards handouts. But you might want to be a little more concerned about paying billions for airplanes that the Pentagon doesn’t even want, or cushy tax breaks that Exxon gets that we don’t or Mitt Romney paying 13% (when he pays at all) rather than the much higher percentage that you or I pay.

      • Shh. Corporate welfare doesn’t count…for some reason.

      • Greg

        Corporate Tax Welfare doesn’t count if you’re Facebook and a big donor to the O.

      • That’s right. I forgot it was a one sided issue and not a bi-partisan screw job on all of us.

      • Hugh G. Rection

        It’s a total bi-partisan screw job. But if you list the various ways we are screwed in descending order by amount, you would find the results interesting.

      • Just want to point out that the correlation between investment tax rates and income tax rates is inappropriate. I don’t “risk” wealth by working for a salary. In investments, there is an up and down risk factor. To discourage the payoff from this risk would make it less likely that investors would choose to spend their money in the market and supporting businesses through the stock market. An investors portfolio can decrease drastically and a higher taxation could offset the advantages of contributing to stocks and bonds. If the demand decreases then companies who require the public option to expand their companies will suffer and will adversely affect the sale of bonds that fund our government. The consequences would not be good.

    • There but for the grace of God, go I.

    • malaka

      i’m usually with fish, and i’m sure that he can more than hold his own on any of these debates.
      but that was a considerably astute argument and he pretty much nailed you there bra.

      for the record, i’m way more on the side of the impoverished than i am the disgruntled tax payer.

    • Greg

      Curious on the John Stewart point, I bet the studio grip on the Daily Show isn’t making the annual $25million a year like Johnny boy is making, and I bet if the grip complains about how much he makes he’ll get shit canned immediately……The problem with minimum wage is, you raise it to $15 and hour, people will lose their Food Stamps, Welfarre etc…..then Food Stamps, Welfare will be adjusted to catch back up and we’ll be right where we are today…..

      • You’re arguing that if people made a living wage where they would no longer need food stamps and welfare, the criteria would be changed to keep them on the programs?

        Forgive my asking, but have you suffered a traumatic brain injury recently?

      • It makes perfect sense. If the cost of labor increases, the cost of producing increases, therefore the cost of living increases. All of it is tied together; simple mathematics. Of course, the argument is always that the people at the top should make less, but then the company fails as less competent individuals seek those positions in favor of more profitable employment. Ultimately, commerce prices increase similarly and the only thing that has happened is that the market has been crippled because the increase has made it near impossible for smaller companies to compete and help drive down costs.

      • D-chi

        Name, gotta correct you on one thing: anything regarding the economy isn’t “simple” math. there’s a reason it’s called the dismal science.

    • If you hate him so much and hate what he writes, why are you here everyday putting money in his pocket, that makes no fucking sense? Go the fuck away, go find the conservative equivalent site and make that guy money. I don’t shop at stores where I don’t like the owners, don’t build a home with a builder I don’t like, put gas in at a gas station where they are rude to me, so why the fuck are you and the other like you here?

      • Greg

        I’m here to see Fish make it to the big leagues some day TMZ! Can you see Fish and Harvey Levin together at last!!!!

      • Is there a conservative equivalent to The Superficial? I remember IDLYITW being kinda racist and super transphobic when I used to go there, and Todd would compare the Obamas in Washington to The Jeffersons, “movin’ on up to a de-luxe apartment in the sky”—which was basically a rip-off of Rush Limbaugh when he would play that song to mock Illinois Sen. Carol Moseley Braun back in the 90s—but somehow I suspect he would object to being called “conservative.”

      • The problem is, conservatives just aren’t funny, at least not intentionally, so all the freepers and Randroids have to turn to progressives for a humor fix, and end up getting their plain cotton panties in a twist over the politics.

    • Sam

      What are you more outraged by? A CEO of a company knowingly committing fraud, getting caught committing that fraud and then wasn’t punished but rather rewarded with billions of dollars of taxpayer money from you and I? OR, someone who couldn’t afford to go to college was laid off from their manufacturing job because the economy was nearly bankrupt by above CEO and is now collecting $256 a week on unemployment? Just answer the question. What makes you more mad? And after you do, go fuck yourself because your ‘I got mine and that’s all that matters – and I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and did it myself so others can too’ attitude is what’s really fucking this country up. Never mind the insane Bush era tax cuts that are so sacrosanct to the rich that we dare not even bring it up when talking about being in debt, never mind the crazy amount of money that is ‘handed out’ as subsidies to huge corporations, never mind that half of our ‘elected representative officials’ are now millionaires and are completely out of touch with the majority of America just based on their income bracket alone… No, you’re right, it’s that kid born in to poverty that has been systematically disenfranchised by a government and capitalist structure built only to protect the rich and keep money where money has always been (trickle down economics is a pipe dream) collecting what little he can from what little compassion is left in our hearts to actually pony up some dough so maybe his life sucks just a little less. Yeah, my taxes went up too, but I don’t blame people on welfare or unemployment, I blame corporate billionaires who have found a way to ensure generation after generation of their families will never have to work by siphoning billions in tax dollars to their subsidies and bailouts.
      When you see Wall Street making record gains year after year and yet the common worker hasn’t seen their income rise, there’s something wrong – and it’s not welfare or unemployment.

      • At least those Wall Street guys are going to face judicial action for almost breaking the worlds’ economy.

      • Sam

        You mean at least those Wall Street guys will make a mockery of our judicial system because: ‘too big to fail.’

      • YWFN

        That crash was caused by government, just so you know. As will the BIG ONE that is coming. It’s going to make ’08 look like a picnic.

      • The comparisons that you state are incomparable to one another. Just because somebody believes in welfare reform doesn’t imply that they approved of big business bailouts or that they want any and all social assistant programs to go away. The crony capitalism embraced by both the Democrats AND the Republicans are filtering the bulk of our nation’s wealth to the “corporate billionaires”. Governmental policies are creating the atmosphere that is choking small business while decreasing competition, lower prices, and competitive wages.

      • *while decreasing the competition that lowers prices and allows for more competitive wages.

        Yeah, I think I like that better. :)

      • Sam

        I was asking the original commentor what makes him more outraged. Because when you blame illegals and ‘ghetto trash’ for raising your taxes and ruining this country and you completely ignore the capitalist cronyism on both sides that has cost us far more in terms of economic fallout and could be argued has been the cause of this welfare problem – well then you’re just being an asshat. And on the whole, I agree with you, but our priorities are pretty fucked up if we are putting welfare reform over corporate tax reform, campaign finance reform, better oversight and accountability of megabanks and billionaire CEOs ripping off the nation etc.. The sad fact is, way more has been done to find ways to get the rich richer than to make sure people don’t live in poverty. All in the name of ‘trickle down economics’ well guess what? that doesn’t work when you introduce greed into the equation.

      • Gotcha, Sam. I agree. I, myself, want to see total reform and not one over the other, although I do believe that corporate and fiat reform needs to be addressed initially to create an atmosphere that will make welfare reform less of a shock to those who have become accustomed to it.

      • Johnny Barbells

        …sam and uncle phil FTW.

      • Don’t encourage this behavior.

    • diversity hire

      “Practice the generosity you preach, Fish, or shut the fuck up ”

      Thats like expecting Al Gore to fly commercial.

    • Mama Pinkus

      why don’t you just admit you’re a racist asshole instead of pretending it’s about economics

    • susan

      I got laid off during the republican recession and couldn’t find work for 3 years. And it certainly wasn’t cuz I was sitting on my fat ass talking the govt’s money and eating bons bons. There were NO JOBS and now I’m in a job that sucks, pays 1/2 of what I made before and I still can’t find a job in my field that pays what I used to make or close to it. So why don’t all you idiots who think you know what really is happening, you don’t and you shut the fuck up!

  3. Frank Burns

    “Have you seen some of the movies I’ve done?” – I’m waiting for a Dean Cain movie retrospective on AMC. Until then, shaddup.

  4. I’m not getting the level of angst you are displaying from what he said. Yes, his job is probably easier than many, but the sentiment was pretty much just Futurama-level ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’ basics. My job sucks ass, but I have bills to pay. Some of his movies (okay, a lot of his movies) suck ass, but he also has bills to pay. Did he turn you down for a date or something?

    • The problem is that it’s (yet again) another false equivalency, but even further than that, a complete lack of empathy. Dean Cain, as Fish pointed out, basically hit the lottery as soon as he became Superman. Now, and forevermore basically, he will be able to cash in that chip, albeit for some bullshit Hallmark movie, or some role he’d actually find fulfilling. It’s hardly the same thing if you’ve been in some form of middle management, or administration job for 20 years and suddenly get laid off because the stock price slid for two consecutive quarters and some executive’s bonus and/or job is at risk. Dean Cain can walk into a casting session and be instantly recognizable above any lesser known actor auditioning, whereas John. Q. HR Guy from Blahcorp has no advantage at Amerifuck Inc.

      But that’s not even the real issue. The real problem is the assumption of “massive” or “rampant” fraud, of which there is little evidence on a large scale coupled with the basic ignorance necessary to even consider someone else’s situation. This basic tenet, this attitude of ‘Well, I did x, so why can’t so and so do x?’ is safer way to say ‘I’m not willing to help, because nobody helped me.’ This attitude can be applied to basically any social issue that becomes politicized, and almost always gets adopted by those on the right under the guise of protecting freedoms. This may be hard to swallow, but there is just no way society as a whole can function if nobody is willing to help anybody outside of their core comfort zone, i.e. Church, ethnic group, ect. and that’s what isn’t being talked about. It’s far too easy to barf up the “Eh, why can’t you just get a job?” comment than to examine why they can’t, or if they actually can, why that job can’t and will never lift them out of poverty, and why as a whole, do we accept this as a functioning form of society?

      • So you’re angry because he doesn’t feel bad.

      • I get the sentiment behind what you are saying, but I think you are reading too much into what he said. I don’t take it as him saying everyone should just go get a job, it seems to be more him saying to not act like a job is beneath you, that you’re not ‘above’ taking a certain job (or movie role) when the alternative is not working at all.

        It comes across as basically telling the haughty to get off their high horse and take offered work, because it’s work.

      • But that interpretation doesn’t provide a platform for faux-outrage. Remember, this is all about having the right feelings.

      • Historically, empathy and altruism has never made a great society. Everyone loses in the end.

      • The people with the “I’m not willing to help, because nobody helped me” often don’t recognize what help is. Like when Craig T. Nelson said nobody helped him when he was on welfare and food stamps. Or the mindset of Glenn Beck, Mr. Anti-Government, boasting about how he educated himself at the public library, where “books are free!”—and not supported by taxpayer dollars (or established by the Progessives that he rails against every day).

        A Moody’s study just a few years back found that every dollar the government spent on extending unemployment insurance increased GDP by $1.64, a bang-for-your-buck second only to (temporarily) increasing food stamps. Because the money the “lazy moochers” get goes right back into the economy, as we’re all one big fundamentally interconnected society. Permanent tax cuts, on the other hand, had negative returns.


      • Studies don’t necessarily mirror facts. History proves otherwise.

      • Why bother with information provided by world renowned economists when what you hear at your neighborhood bar supports your point of view.

  5. no i'm not boba fett but i get that all the time

    Truck drives up to 7-11. “Hey, I’m looking for some cheap labor to star in a Dean Cain movie!” Everyone looks towards the ground and shuffles away.

  6. cc

    Must have sucked going to work every day and looking at Teri Hatcher in her prime. She was fucking unreal back then.

  7. notimpressed

    $7.25 an hour doesn’t disqualify you for food stamps when you have kids, Superficial Writer. You might want to pay attention to how your tax money is spent.

  8. Hey Dean when you get paid minimum wage for the fucking garbage you shit out then maybe you can open your mouth.

  9. If your job skills are such that your only shot at employment is McDonalds, maybe you shouldn’t be pumping out kids you’ll have to feed?

  10. Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me.

  11. Maybe if Dean Cain had realized that he is not Brad Pitt and tried to live an extravagant lifestyle buying $8 million homes, he would not have to do movies he did not want to do, as “stressful” work as that must be. If he had managed his money better, made better investments, he would have had guaranteed income coming in monthly. Shaq who most people think is dumb as a box of rocks owns hundreds of Five Guys, 24 Hour Fitness gyms and other businesses. If Cain had bought a couple of good franchise restaurants, and he made more than enough to do so, he could have had at least a half a million dollars a year coming in.

    My experience is that people bitching and whining about entitlements usually are broke, have no money and more often than not are on some sort of assistance themselves. Actual Republicans that have money don’t cry about that shit, in fact they make a ton of money off of it. Take the Waltons for example, arguably the richest Republican family in the country. They make fucking tons of money from EBT and WIC in their stores. So do other people that own restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores. I would even get into the medical aspect or landlords with Section 8 assistance or the lucrative for-profit prison system. When you see wealthy Republicans bitching about these things it is usually just lip service to make the impoverished base feel better and manipulate them into thinking they care about them.

    The fact is, if these people all magically got jobs tomorrow and these programs disappeared, the taxes would change very little, the government would just find a different avenue or contractor friend to shovel the money into.

    • Democrats don’t care about these issues either. Democrats control plenty of poverty filled cities where there is no 15 dollar an hour living wage. The Dems in my city have cart blanch to do whatever they want, yet they only bicker, pander, and enrich themselves.

      So I guess the choices are between the people that pretend to care or the people that say they don’t care.

      • The increased minimum wage is pure politics. For what reason would anyone believe that politicians understand the economy and the effects of legal obstructions of businesses enough to continuously pull the strings of our market? Politicians are looking to get re-elected and will support action that helps them do so. Our economy is a complex structure, and to assume that simply raising the minimum wage corrects all hardships is ignorant. Self-checkout stations are incredibly cheaper than a raised minimum wage, for example.

  12. “Have you seen some of the movies I’ve done?”- No. Sorry. Is that why you’re on Fox & Friends talking about shit you know nothing about? Cause if you’ll shut the fuck up, I’ll sffer through one.

  13. YWFN

    ” if Dean Cain can do it, then surely you can get up off your butt and go to McDonald’s for $7.50/hour making you ineligible for food stamps so your kids starve.”–This statement is the absolute HEIGHT of idiocy. Not only is this not happening, but there are people living in $500k houses who have lost their jobs who are on food stamps and their kids get free lunch at school. It’s too easy, and the lack of shame in accepting food stamps and welfare is galling.

    • Dr. JFever

      Really? WTF? “It’s too easy, and the lack of shame in accepting food stamps and welfare is galling.” What do you know about accepting food stamps or being on welfare? Are you or have you been on either program? Do you work with people helping them get on these programs? Nice job reading the mind of every person who gets this help. Hope you never need help from the rest of society. You Sir/Madam are an asshole!

      • Do YOU, JFever? Totally not being cynical either. YWFN’s narrative is heard constantly, and most of us have been witness to such. A coworker of mine is on numerous governments assistance programs yet he drives a 2010 SRT8 Grand Cherokee. A close friend of mine has utilized welfare programs her entire life while spending “her own money” (her words) on things she likes. I sincerely would love to hear anecdotal arguments of the adverse. Most conservatives take the stance that the “poverty” of this nation are not near as impoverished as some might want to believe.

      • A close friend of mine has utilized welfare programs her entire life while spending “her own money” (her words) on things she likes.

        Octomom. Your close friend is Octomom.


      • Haha! My friend DID have a lot of kids.

      • YWFN

        Well, your mother was/is an asshole for spreading her legs the night you were made, you fucking waste of life.
        Yes, I DO work with these people. I sell food products and know many school food service directors who tell me they are the ones who approve applications for free lunch, and the addresses of the apps have been coming in from $500k homes. Absolutely verifiable, waste of life shithead.
        But you are right about one thing. I hope I never need “society’s help” either, because if it comes down to being a drain on my fellow citizens, even YOU you fucking retarded mongrel, I’d rather die.

      • So, because they were able to buy a $500k home before the housing bubble collapsed, they’re supposed to be ineligible for government assistance for the rest of their lives? Even now that they’re — as you mentioned in your initial post — unemployed?

      • YWFN

        What I’m saying is that if they want assistance, sell assets first. If they have a $500k home, they sure as fuck probably have expensive cars. Why should I support a lavish lifestyle. Fuck them. Pay for your own god damn kids.

  14. Chris

    I guess my only question is why is Dean Cain being asked his opinion on unemployment benefits? Exactly what insight was he expected to provide?

    I might add that his point about the sacrifices he’s made in order to work is misguided, because when all is said and done, he has still managed to consistently work in his chosen field of acting, one that because of his name recognition, still pays him a pretty penny to do what he does – even if some of his jobs aren’t exactly blockbusters. The analogy he was making would actually be more apt if and when he reaches the point that he is no longer able to get acting jobs and is in fact forced to consider a different line of work. How “low” would he be willing to stoop at that point? That’s the question.

  15. Slash

    Hey, Superficial guy, why don’t you stop picking on the celebrity who went on Fox News (accessible from any television with access to cable TV) and basically said that all the unemployed people don’t want to work.

    Where’s your fucking compassion?

  16. Oh man Fish, you’re spot on with that “nice, free meal” but. I just completed two days shooting for a forthcoming AAA video game, and was given some of the most delicious food I’ve had in my life!

  17. Bey Ship

    Got nab it! I’d be happy as horseshit if I could land a dozen lifetime movies and a few commercials. Wouldn’t make Clooney money, but I bet I wouldn’t be stuck driving a shitty car, living in a shitty neighborhood and working a shitty job (of which I am truly grateful to have).

  18. Deacon Jones

    Ive spent months working in Newark and Trenton in the hood.

    Im out sweating on the jobsite across from these shithole row homes from 7:30 until about 11. That’s when *they* would wake up, come outside to sit on the porch, and start smoking blunts, playing music, drinking and laughing. Every fucking day.

    So I think you know where I stand on this.

    • >That’s when *they* would wake up, come outside to sit on the porch, and start smoking blunts, playing music, drinking and laughing. Every fucking day.<

      You mad bro?

    • keith

      Dude, you post here all day long. Does you employer approve of that, or is he not aware that you have found a slacking off alternative to blunt smoking?

    • diversity hire

      Same… in Camden. Now that Ive been here in Manila for two years I can safely say there is no such thing as poverty in the US. Not real poverty anyway.

      The kids here hustle and do anything they can to make a coin and eat for the day. We’re talking ten year old kids making brooms and things to sell out of stuff they find digging in garbage. The fact that so many Americans refuse to work at McD’s for 7 bucks an hour is just fucking depressing.

      Meanwhile, back in Camden many of the “poor” were obese (inb4 they cant afford to eat healthy), own cell phones, etc. Its just not the same. Bottom line: you are very, very lucky to be poor in America.

  19. The last stop of an actor’s washed up career – becomes a Fox News shill.

  20. CubanPete

    Wait a minute. Dean Cain gets work?

  21. I am not going to read through all these comments. Blah blah blah.

    All I will say is this: Let’s follow the logical conclusion of this “Let them starve if they won’t work” argument.

    Are you *really* going to let people starve to death on the streets if they won’t work?


    What about their children? Little babies? You’ll let them starve?

    Or you’ll take the children away from the parents?

    And round up the lazy good-for-nothings and force them to work at the point of a gun?

    What if they still refuse? What then?

    Have you thought this through?

    Because I don’t think you have.

    What place am I describing where the socially unacceptable have their children taken away from them and are forced to be slaves to big corporations or to the government?

    It’s not a place I want to live.

    And oh, just one more thing: Why all this rage at the poor, who have so little already, and none at the rich, most of whom inherited their wealth or at least started near the top of the ladder? Because they “worked” for their money?

    No, they didn’t. Their employees worked for their money.

    • diversity hire

      No fear of poor Americans starving to death. More like fatter than hell and in desperate need of a treadmill.

      • Answer my questions with a slur rather than face the logical conclusion of your line of “reasoning”.

        The poor are being demonized, not only in the USA but in Europe as well.

        Who is behind this propaganda campaign? Whose interests does it serve?

        Divide and conquer.

        Not one of the blowhards who insists “they work or they’ll starve!” really has the nerve to back up those words by letting people starve, or by forcing them into work, at the point of a gun, if need be.

        If that sounds like hyperbole, it’s not. It’s the logical conclusion of this, and it’s where we are headed.

        You are being manipulated into hating the poor (not that it took much). They are being scapegoated for the ills of a society that are, in fact, caused by the ultra-rich, the One Percent and the One-Tenth of One Percent who own just about everything.

        Is it too much to ask people to think for themselves? Looks like it.

      • diversity hire

        Youre not living in the real world. Americans are fat and poor Americans are the fattest of the fat. Your line about anyone starving to death is so far removed from American reality that it makes you sound dumb,

  22. so how much did he get paid for the “interview”?

  23. Ooh ooh can I take this one about how he’s talking out his ass.

    Now since Dean Cain is an actor in the Us he is part of SAG. The Screen Actors Guild. Now it’s pretty big. You now last time they got pissed off it killed an entire season of TV. Basically by being part of it it’s set up things like scale which is the minimumn wage he can get paid. Hell it ever sets up safety rules that productions have to follow or else you know what you don’t get SAG preformers again.

    But the huge part, especially for Mr. Cain is the idea of residuals. If he were to sit on his ass and never ever work again as an actor he’d take in check for every time TBS or TNT or one of those expanded basic cable tv shows runs a episode of lois and clark. He gets a check for sitting on his own dumb ass. Now that isn’t alot. It’s not friends or seinfield. But it’s money he’s getting for work he did. Not does.

    Now I worked a shit job in college, I worked a shit job when I had to drop out to help family keep the house. I don’t get paid for work I did in the past. So he can cram him having to be the special murderer on an episode of Police Procedural B and not liking it up his ass. Cause every time that episode shows he gets PAID FOR IT. If I got paid for every time someone used the Shakelator i fixed in high school we could talk.

  24. Wait—”Neck-Snapping Superman” isn’t Christopher Reeve?

  25. bobhardcore

    Fucking lazy asses whining about how society should pay for them to do nothing.

    Fuck you. Go work your ass off and stop buying shit you don’t need. All these motherfuckers fat as hell eating their krispy cremes and smoking their cigs on welfare whining? GTFO.

  26. Oprah Sucks

    I think-judging from all of the republican rhetoric demonizing the poor and unemployed-that conservatives don’t have the best understanding of history. Other governments have done the same thing. Guess what happened to the French and Russian aristocracies? It wasn’t good. If the bashing keeps up, the same thing will happen in this country. There have already been warning shots.

  27. D-chi

    As a conservative, I can tell you right now that the government is spending money on way dumber stuff than welfare. See, people actually NEED things like food stamps to, you know, live. But Congress wastes so much money on their pet projects and on military equipment we don’t need that any blame being cast on entitlement programs is almost laughable. Sure, there are people taking advantage of the system. That happens everywhere. But I think there just aren’t enough jobs paying a living wage out there. So before we try to demonize the less fortunate, we have to remember that some of them have less ability than others to even OBTAIN a job in the first place. Do some people forgo certain jobs because they think they’re beneath them? Sure. But those jobs for the most part aren’t ones that will give them benefits.

    So pardon me as I clutch my college degree and hope a full-time job that will give me health care and a living wage happens soon.

    • D-chi

      I also feel the need to point out that some people can’t afford the car that gets them to a job, or have medical conditions that keep them from being able to work. And there are plenty of women who have been abused and abandoned by their men who now have to try to make it out there as a single mom, and trying to support a family on one income, especially a meager one, is no joke.

  28. Superman doesn’t count dammit! He’s always employed!

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