Why Can’t You Lazy Moochers Find Acting Work Like Dean Cain? It’s Not That Difficult

Before Neck-Snapping Superman, Deadbeat Dad Superman and even Teen Angst Superman, Dean Cain was America’s Man of Steel until the writers made him marry Lois Lane killing the show dead. Since then, he’s taken whatever acting jobs he can find which clearly puts him in a position to go on Fox & Friends and judge blue collar workers who have turned into a pack of filthy moochers. Via Uproxx:

… Dean Cain, who these days is hosting a reality show in which contestants hunt for Big Foot, has been appearing on Fox News recently to provide the Hollywood perspective on our nation of freeloading employed people.
“Have you seen some of the movies I’ve done? Do you think I wanted to do all of those movies? I gotta be honest, sometimes you have to go to work,” Cain said in the Fox and Friends clip. “It might not be the job you want, but you take the job.”

And Dean Cain has a point. He wakes up every morning in his trailer, goes and has a nice, free meal over at craft services, plays pretend for a few hours, and he gets that paper. And I’m making it sound easy, but sometimes the girl who brings the coffees forgets he specifically said two shots of espresso in his macchiato, but that’s the job, man. It’s not pretty, but if Dean Cain can do it, then surely you can get up off your butt and go to McDonald’s for $7.50/hour making you ineligible for food stamps so your kids starve. It’s exactly the same thing.

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