Dax Shepard Almost Beat The Shit Out of Justin Timberlake After His Punk’d Episode

Dax Shepard gets a lot of shit for being, well, Dax Shepard. Which is understandable considering him and his wife went on TV and literally compared getting their picture taken with child molestation, so fuck him. However, he was on the best/only good episode of Punk’d where Justin Timberlake was literally brought to tears after being made to believe the IRS was repossessing his house. But apparently after the cameras stopped rolling, he started talking shit to Dax Shepard who, at the time, was on his way to becoming a crazy junkie and had been given explicit instructions to never get physical with Ashton Kutcher’s celebrity friends. Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast via Uproxx:

And at the end of that bit, when Ashton comes out [and says], ‘You’re on Punk’d’ blah blah blah, and everyone is celebrating … the bit is over, the cameras are off, and [Timberlake] keeps saying, ‘Yeah, man. I was about to f*cking punch you. And I was like, “Hmm mmm, alright.’
‘Dude, I was for real man, I was about to f**king punch you out,’ [Timberlake continued].
And I’m like, OK, that’s number two. I’m thinking how many times can I hear this dude in his golf outfit — he was wearing a golf outfit — tell me he can punch me out before I’m just not going to be able to handle it?
And God Bless Ashton. He goes, ‘When were you going to punch him? Before or after you were crying?’

Now you’re probably wondering why I just posted a story about two douches squaring off that ends with Ashton Kutcher, of all people, somehow being the hero. And the answer to that question is I honestly thought someone’s butthole was going to get eaten again. All the pieces were there. Seriously, what went wrong?

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Photo: MTV