David & Victoria Beckham leaving America?

David Beckham is looking to ditch the LA Galaxy soccer team and stay with Italian team AC Milan who he just might take to the championships. Galaxy owners want David back before the start of their season, but he has an escape clause that could allow him to end his five-year contract early. The LA Times reports:

“Milan will do everything to have Beckham even after March. It is clear that it’s our wish to have him until the end of the season [May 31] or on a permanent deal.”
The Galaxy has insisted that Beckham must return by March 9 for the beginning of the Major League Soccer season, and Galliani admitted that the MLS club is fully within its rights in doing so.
“There’s always a hope, but contracts should be honored,” he said. “If the Galaxy wants to talk, we would be very happy to try. But . . . they are in the right. Beckham must return to America on March 9. Let’s wait.”

The British tabloids report Victoria Beckham is already scoping out homes and schools in Italy, so these people are looking to get the hell out. Which makes total sense. With Tom Cruise in Brazil, now’s the time to flee the country. That way, there’s no chance he’ll smuggle himself inside a vase and pop out at their new home. “Surprise! Who wants E-meters and tongue baths! I mean, just E-meters. – – And tongue baths.”

Photos: Getty