David Spade might have knocked up Playboy Bunny

January 16th, 2008 // 55 Comments

Jillian Grace, Miss March 2005, claims David Spade is the father of her unborn child. She claims the two had a relationship that led to her pregnancy. David Spade didn’t deny anything when approached by TMZ:

“I had a brief relationship with Jillian Grace. If it is true that I am the father of her child, then I will accept responsibility.”

Of course David Spade didn’t deny anything. Maybe now people will believe him when he says he sleeps with Playboy Bunnies all the time. I have to admit though; if I ever found out I got a girl pregnant, I hope it’s a Playboy model. Mostly so I’ll have a good story to tell my new friends when I mail myself to Canada.

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  1. JagedNS

    ewww….someone had relations with David Spade? He’s icky hehehehe

  2. She was THAT close to Nick Swardson? I’m livid with envy..

  3. gertie

    isnt he gay ????

  4. It's me Fuckers


  5. RosiesVaginaSap

    In other news today MENSA named Brtiney Spears as it’s new CEO.

  6. @3 – I thought the same thing.

  7. Kelso

    Thats freekin awsome i love david spade
    and he fucked a playboy modle sweeeeeeeet!

  8. jrz

    That’s like a chihuahua mating with a Great Dane.

  9. wow.. isnt she the Howard Stern girl?

  10. p0nk

    she kept telling people, “how can i be pregnant, i just got spade[sic]?!”

  11. I love Nick Swardson, WHORE!!! He’s my “friend”..

  12. The Office Whore

    FRIST!!! ha! He’s my ‘friend’ too! ha! Glad to see you share a dollup of tard with me!!..

  13. I always thought he and Chris Farley had a thing and he was still in mourning.


  14. Gerald_Tarrant

    I didn’t think he was homosexual, more asexual. Maybe because he is about the same size as a Ken Doll so I assume he has the same genetalia as Ken.

  15. I did a Yahoo search on her. She’s legit. Someone get me her phone number. If she’ll sleep with David Snarky Spade, she’ll do anyone. See the link, NSFW, obviously.

  16. cbobgo

    you have a story about David Spade and a playboy bunny, and you post a pic of Spade? What’s up with that? Where’s the pregnant bunny pics?

  17. T.O.W.

    @13- I think you’re gonna have a couple new fans!..

  18. ApacheRose


    HA! Nice.

  19. Tom Strong

    Yeah she was found by Howard Stern when she turned 18. She also slept with Pauly Shore as soon as she moved to Los Angeles. Horrible taste in men!!!

  20. Puritan Assmilk

    I didn’t think he had it in him. And by “it”, I mean the ejaculation volume.

    He must have gone into immediate hypotensive shock after spurting out half his body volume into her. Shouldn’t he be mating with that weird Leprechaun asian chick?

  21. D. Richards (Sociopath.)

    Fuck, I’m at a loss for words. David Spade is some kind of sex symbol now; and when did he become cool? I mean, I like Spade just as much as the next person but, what the fuck, man?

    And now I’d like to speak directly to Mr. Spade — Sir, please, for the love of country, don’t make anymore movies. Do you want the terrorists to win? No, you don’t. But, see, that’s what you’re doing when captured on film, allowing the terrorists to win. You’re a terrorist, visually, and audibly. You murder with your comedies; they’re absolutely horrible.

    How’s it feel to have the blood of thousands of United States military personel on your pre-worn designer jeans?

  22. I didn’t know he had a dick to get a women pregnant..

  23. LayDeeBug

    I like David Spade…he funny boy….

    I would not be surprised if he has a huge one. Confidence like that doesn’t come off the shelf or in a drink.

    Besides, I’ve known a few l’il guys with large whangs, and I mean really small framed, short dudes. Mmmm , I wonder what they’re doing now (reaches for phone).

  24. Spade’s buff, just click for yourself…

  25. Celebrities Never Grow Up

    And, another celebrity with a Peter Pan syndrome. This guy is so immature and uneducated, so it’s no wonder that his slut, pregnant girlfriend won’t marry him.

  26. #12 Yep, a dollup of tard, a pinch of spaz, and a dash of “where’s my pants”….great combo..

  27. Stephen

    See, this is where fuckin “multiculturalism” gets us. Two successful whiteboys (McConaughey and Spade…nice fuckin name, btw) acting like n i g g e r s. BET and MTV, with all their glorification of lifestyles of the dirt people. I hope somewhere somebody’s got a LOT of nooses…

  28. La Frascatana

    Is this guy really stupid enough to shoot his load right in there? I’m so paranoid, and women are so desperate to give birth these days, that I pull out even when I’m wearing a condom. With my girlfriend of four years. Unless women can get pregnant through their bellybuttons, I’ll be safe.

    This dude pumps a golddigging Playboy bunny full of semen during a one-night stand. Horny little troll.

  29. TS

    FRIST, you never fail to crack me up, nor do you ever fail to remind me how much I love alcohol. To answer your previous question, I am on the east coast now. It sucks to live out of a suitcase. The benefit? Expensing my favorite liquor. Gotta love an “entertainment” budget.

  30. Sam

    It’s true that Spade gets hot chicks, but only the freaky ones. The full story is that he does 3-ways, and the girls are curious about what it’s like to feel a guy in them (Spade) who himself is getting pounded up the ass by another guy. It takes a special guy (Spade) to stay hard under those conditions, and the whole thing doesn’t work otherwise. So that’s why he’s in high demand (the fact that all the girls he’s been with are cokeheads is a factor, too). But as Jimbo says, don’t knock it until you try it.

  31. p0nk

    #18, apacheMILF, good to see you again.

  32. finch

    @25 – “uneducated”. Really? He graduated with a degree in business from Arizona State University in 1986.

    perhaps you’re just bad mouthing him because you’re jealous that he nails playboy bunnies, while you just sit at home and masturbate?

  33. I swear, he must wrap his dick in $100 bills… there’s no other way… none at all…

  34. La Frascatana

    I don’t get why people are so surprised.

    The girls he bangs all circulate within that strip-club/Howard Stern/Playboy mansion orbit. Even Chris Farley got laid within that universe. He’s famous, he has money and drugs. Bingo.

    The real challenge is to pick out your pearls from the real world, to develop an eye for women, hairdressers, shopgirls, secretaries, etc. Only a geek with money needs to go after Playboy bunnies, because he can’t decide for himself what’s attractive and just wants the ego validation of being seen with a “bunny.”

    When was the last time you even saw a good-looking Playboy bunny? The one he knocked up has a nasty horseface.

  35. TS, can I “expense” some of you liquor too? Can you expense “oregano” too? Of course you’d have to “expense” me a ticket out there..

  36. Ript1&0

    David Spade….. no. Don’t see the appeal here. Ok, he’s funny. Still, it’d be like fucking a ten year old. No way.

  37. babelfish

    La Frascatana = Italian for “the jealous fat girl.”

  38. Sauron

    Ofcourse he knocked-up a Playboy Bunny.For what else are they for?

  39. Ted from LA

    David Spade? Paulie Shore? Pee Wee Herman has got to be licking his chops right now.

  40. TS

    It would be my pleasure. Or I can hit you up next time I am in Spokanne. If only I could take out cash advances on my corporate card. BUT, the medicinal maryjane clinics do take credit cards and YOU KNOW I have my prescription! But I think it would be a litle tough explaining to my boss the $60 charge at The Vapor Room!

  41. Spanky

    #40 man that must suck living in a country that still goes all nazi over weed.

  42. PunkA

    $$$ is all you need to get a whore. And let’s face it, Playboy girls are. So this makes perfect sense to me.

  43. BunnyButt

    I’m so nauseated by the idea of someone voluntarily having sex with this guy that the only thing I can come up with is vomit.

  44. Andrew

    I went to high school with Jillian, and I’m disappointed in her. She can do much better.

  45. PunkA

    Jillian just bought herself security for life. She could do no better than that. She is a stupid nude poser with little prospects. In other words, the female K-Fed. Now, she is set for life lving all her devil spawn.

  46. Realist

    @ 34, a lot of what you say is true. But no good-looking playmates? Gimme a break. Jillian’s not that great. But Sara Underwood’s unbelievable.

  47. costamar

    Maybe it’s true what babes say: that they like guys who make them laugh. Only problem? David Spade’s not funny.

  48. Pilatunes

    “Maybe it’s true what babes say: that they like guys who make them laugh. Only problem? David Spade’s not funny.”

    No it proves that most women are, when it comes down to it, whores. If you are rich enough or famous enough they will fuck you. No matter what you look like.

  49. Who really cares?But I really think he should remove his sey ads from seekamillionaire.com where is no longer a right place for him.

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