David Spade: ‘Chris Farley’s family signed off on Direct TV ad’

David Spade is defending the newest Direct TV ad featuring the late Chris Farley in the infamous “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” scene from Tommy Boy which some found a tad macabre. Spade reportedly pulled in $200,000, but his rep says the Farley family was supportive of the spot, according to Page Six:

Spade’s publicist told Page Six she had no comment on whether Spade was paid but added, “This commercial was a joint decision between the Farley family and David to honor Chris’ memory.” A rep for Direct TV said, “We should look to Chris’ family and friends for the ultimate opinion on this subject. They were on board with the concept from the very beginning and throughout the entire process and felt the spot was a great tribute to Chris.”

I’m with the Farley family on this one, but only because if the dead can’t hawk satellite TV subscriptions what good are they? Bunch of lousy, no good welfare queens if you ask me. “I’m dead. Let me lay in the ground all day.” GET A JOB!

Photos: Getty