David Spade: ‘Chris Farley’s family signed off on Direct TV ad’

October 30th, 2009 // 51 Comments

David Spade is defending the newest Direct TV ad featuring the late Chris Farley in the infamous “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” scene from Tommy Boy which some found a tad macabre. Spade reportedly pulled in $200,000, but his rep says the Farley family was supportive of the spot, according to Page Six:

Spade’s publicist told Page Six she had no comment on whether Spade was paid but added, “This commercial was a joint decision between the Farley family and David to honor Chris’ memory.” A rep for Direct TV said, “We should look to Chris’ family and friends for the ultimate opinion on this subject. They were on board with the concept from the very beginning and throughout the entire process and felt the spot was a great tribute to Chris.”

I’m with the Farley family on this one, but only because if the dead can’t hawk satellite TV subscriptions what good are they? Bunch of lousy, no good welfare queens if you ask me. “I’m dead. Let me lay in the ground all day.” GET A JOB!

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  1. OTP

    “Fay Guy in a Little Coat”????

  2. clax

    wait, chris farley is dead? wtf

  3. hilaryIwantyou

    I gotta tell ya, seeing chris farley in all his fatness and that elf david spade telling me to buy something….I’m ordering two!

  4. Anon

    Ha ha.
    That was good.
    As long as the family is happy why should it offend anyone?
    It is hallowe’en

  5. They still show Billy Mays spots, so it’s nothing that freaky. Probably thinking legacy instead of exploiting a dead person to pay bills after their latest movie flop.

  6. Rough intentions

    Speaking of macabre, those Billy Mays commercials are making me feel uneasy @ night. Can someone look into that….

  7. amanda

    how is it disrespectful?
    chris farley made people laugh, being dead dosnt seem to have stopped him that scene is classic!

  8. Yup

    What #7 said…

  9. #6, those used to do that to me BEFORE he died…

  10. Stretch

    It’s not nearly as disrespectful as the fact that David Spade, the midget, gets to sleep with Playboy Playmates. The natural order of things that say tall men like me get to sleep with the Playmates, not little shrimps. Sonofabitch!

  11. Jessica

    Spade is RIGHT! It NEVER gets old!!!

  12. netstarman

    Is it me or is it getting old for these stars to keep putting up the peace sign. Me it looks like there saying” I picked my nose with theeeese two fingers! “

  13. Parker

    They were best friends. Even in the movies you could see that. I dont think it’s disrespectful. I’m sure he’d have liked doing the commercial even more with his pal there for real but he can’t be so he did the next best thing. If he wanted to do the commercial by himself he could have come up with an alternate idea.

  14. #10 – Like Jessica Rabbit said, you have to make them laugh as well as be alpha male.

  15. Toolboy

    Farley was funny as hell and Spade is the biggest playmate banging Underdog of all time. People need to take the sticks out of their asses and lighten the fuck up. Sticko outta the assahollo.

  16. Noko

    Yoko Ono would sell frozen farts if she could convince someone that they originated from her long-dead husband.

  17. Amy

    Wow, please don’t break the streak. This is the first thread in the history of this site where I agree with all the comments so far. People who have a problem with this commercial obviously don’t have anything bigger to worry about. Farley was a genious, Spade was his great friend and his family knows best if HE would have been offended by doing this. ‘Nuf Said.

  18. Decency

    Spade is spitting on Farley’s grave for money.


  19. Amy again

    Oh, and I agree with the Yoko Ono thing too, even though it’s completely unrelated since she’s talentless.

  20. Amy

    Thanks for f*cking it up “Decency”.

  21. Indency

    No problem Amy.

    Maybe when you’re dead, I’ll pry your coffin open and let derelicts f**k you for a dollar while I videotape it and donate the proceeds to charity.

  22. Porkpie

    Thanks for that laugh Indency.

    You are truly indecent.

  23. Amy

    Um, yeah, cause that’s exactly what happened here. Exactly. I’m surprised they can put it on television before 10 p.m., weirdo.

  24. Amy

    Um, yeah, cause that’s exactly what happened here. Exactly. I’m surprised they can put it on television before 10 p.m., weirdo.

  25. Amy

    Maybe you should learn a little bit about Chris Farley’s family and his friendships before you assume the people involved are purposely f*cking him over. Just a suggestion.

  26. Centipede

    Ooooh, Amy’s a dirty, decomposing whore.

    Can I be first?

    -Don R

  27. Carey Grant

    You guys are a whole nother kind of sick.

    If I wanted to screw a dead whore, I’d just thaw out that one I’ve got in my freezer.

    Oh what the hell. Put me in for a three buck on Amy’s remains.

    But Don goes AFTER me.

  28. the alternate opinion

    Amy, I’m with you….Decency screwed it up, I was in perfect agreement too. Sick bunch of necrophiliacs (not sure about the spelling, don`t use the word often, only in reference to my ex husband in bed), but they are kind of funny!

  29. 2 really funny men

    RIP Mr. Farley

  30. Woodrow Call

    Farley family- please don’t offend. Palin family- DESTROY! Edwards family-please don’t offend. Rush family- DESTROY! Letterman family- please don’t offend. Prejean family- DESTROY! Spitzer family-please don’t offend. Imus family- DESTROY! Jackson family- please don’t offend anymore (but buy their crap)! WTF!

  31. Hello There

    @30 looks like you’re only reading a bunch of liberal media outlets. CHANGE IT UP MAN. Try some Fauz News and suddenly all of that is reversed.

  32. Hello There

    How does putting a dead man into a funny commercial = spitting on his grave. Farley contnues to be funny long after his death. He should be remembered by putting him in front of everyone this way. Decency = irrational and overly-sensitive FAG! LOL

  33. Insatiable Peter

    “What the American public doesn’t know is what makes them the American public.”

  34. David,I still enjoy the movie and do miss this very unique actor as I’m sure you do.
    I see it as a tribute to Chris. Keep up the good work

  35. diesel

    #33 hit the M A R K DEAD ON…(Glass Houses)!

  36. Amy's Rotting Corpse

    “Decency = irrational and overly-sensitive FAG! LOL”

    How does wanting to have sex with me make Decency a homosexual?

    Considering all your posts on Gary Rights, isn’t that a little hypocritical of you to use the word Fag in derogatory form?

  37. Mugatu

    Perhaps we can have Amy’s festering corpse on the shoot of my new fashion campaign Derelicte!

    Various toothless homeless can file by defiling Amy’s corpse as we snap the glossiest of high end fashion fauxtography with supermodel Derek Zoolander.

    It would be exsquisite. Can Amy’s festering corpse be rented for the day?

    Sincerely, Mugatu

  38. Hello There

    Hey bitch! I have no posts about no gay shit at all. Suck my cack! LOL!

  39. Bern

    “Oh, and I agree with the Yoko Ono thing too, even though it’s completely unrelated since she’s talentless.”

    Yoko Ono jokes are so lame. She already was a well-known artist when she met John Lennon (they met at one of her exhibitions at the prestigious Indica Gallery in London) and she inherited a fortune from her mother (her grandfather founded one of the largest banks in Japan).

    As for Chris Farley…

    His family did the right thing. It brings attention to Chris’s work, which is a wise and timely move (kids basically follow the same trends their parents followed 20 years earlier).

  40. Chris Smarmey

    Amy’s corpse sounds hot. Put me down for a dollar.

    But I like them ice cold.

  41. Jessie

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  42. Rhialto

    I’d see the humor of this ad.It’s sort of typical Chris Farley humor.People just have to chill out more.

  43. Blackbird

    ‘”I’m dead. Let me lay in the ground all day.” GET A JOB!’

    It’s LIE, not LAY. Edit much?

  44. datroof

    With these ads, David Spade has become the Sultan of Assheads.

  45. pissed

    People keep drawing inferences to Billy Mays, those commercials still air because that’s what they were intended to be, a commercial selling a product. This commercial featuring Chris Farley is a disgrace, who knows if he would have been a sellout like David Spade, or if he would have wanted his work to remain as it was…

  46. Amy's Sphincter

    I wonder how long Amy’s sphincter will stay intact after she’s dead?

    I’d happily pay a dollar to spend some time lounging in her buttocks, but I don’t want to get maggots if you know what i mean.

  47. Is it me or is it getting old for these stars to keep putting up the peace sign. Me it looks like there saying” I picked my nose with theeeese two fingers! ”

  48. People Billy Mays, the advertisements still air because they could be drawing inferences, a commercial was intending to sell a product. The commercial featuring an insult Chris Farley, David Spade who knows if he, or the way it was a sellout to live as he would have wanted his work would have been …

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