David Lynch still confusing people, now in classroom setting

September 23rd, 2005 // 11 Comments

David_Lynch.jpgPage Six reported yesterday that Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive director David Lynch has recently launched the “David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education & World Peace,” and will be teaching a “Transcendental Meditation” seminar in New York’s Peninsula Hotel on September 30th.

Although I’ve always wanted to know how David Lynch was able to film Naomi Watts masturbating and somehow manage to make it the most un-sexy thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t suspect that he’d be too keen to go over the topic. I do suspect, however, that he’ll do something equally as nonsensical and crazy. Like stepping up to the podium with a trombone and half a dozen Hispanic transvestites and singing “Three Times a Lady” backwards. Sure, we may not learn anything, but it will blow our minds. The minds which, incidentally, we’ll all be high out of.


  1. knowitall

    you spelled nonsensicle wrong- its nonsensical – love ya anyway…

  2. jon

    Crazy. No, really.

  3. Ms. Dilligaff

    Hmmm. I prooooobably won’t make it to that seminar, Dave, but I still love your films.

    Ms. Dilligaff

  4. Sdvora

    Nonsensicle? Like a popsicle?

  5. Juliette

    Um, who?

  6. jakemento

    blue velevet is a f***ed up movie. tight tho. eraserhead, not so much.

  7. Matt

    David Lynch…only the greatest director alive today.

  8. tg8

    Lynch Filmmaking 101:

    1. Gather up numerous unfinished screenplays.

    2. Cut and paste said screenplays at random.

    3. Read new “completed” screenplay; add nude scenes and crazy shit as needed.


  9. him_lover

    you know, i do love david lynch. his movies are so awesome (blue velvet, lost highway), but how does this man manage to make all of his actors sound like they cannot read a teleprompter? the dialog in lost highway was terrible, so scripted that it could not in any way sound like it had any feeling

  10. Steven Yellin

    David Lynch Weekend at Maharishi University of Management, March 24-www.lynchweekend.com

  11. tonks7

    David Lynch…only the greatest director alive today.

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