David Letterman really starting to hate those Hills kids

David Letterman is growing visibly tired with having the “stars” of MTV’s The Hills on his show. Last night Lauren Conrad stopped by and you can tell Dave wasn’t in the sunshine up-the-ass blowing mood. Check out his comments:

On Lauren Conrad’s constant drama:
“That raises the question, maybe you’re the problem. You think? Let me give you an example from my own life. For a long time-10, 15, 30, 40 years-I thought, ‘Jeez people are idiots.’ And then it occurred to me, ‘Is it possible everyone’s an idiot?’ Maybe I’m the idiot.”

On Spencer Pratt:
“Spencer, what a weasel. He’s just the worst, that guy.”

On Brody Jenner:
“Let me just tell you something about Brody. If there was no television, this guy would be living in a tree.”

My favorite part is when Dave tells Lauren she’s the problem, and she just sits there stunned. She literally has no clue what just hit her. It’s called “REALITY”, and surprise! It doesn’t come with a pink script and a latte. OMFG!

Photos: CBS, WENN