David Letterman really starting to hate those Hills kids

October 28th, 2008 // 73 Comments

David Letterman is growing visibly tired with having the “stars” of MTV’s The Hills on his show. Last night Lauren Conrad stopped by and you can tell Dave wasn’t in the sunshine up-the-ass blowing mood. Check out his comments:

On Lauren Conrad’s constant drama:
“That raises the question, maybe you’re the problem. You think? Let me give you an example from my own life. For a long time-10, 15, 30, 40 years-I thought, ‘Jeez people are idiots.’ And then it occurred to me, ‘Is it possible everyone’s an idiot?’ Maybe I’m the idiot.”

On Spencer Pratt:
“Spencer, what a weasel. He’s just the worst, that guy.”

On Brody Jenner:
“Let me just tell you something about Brody. If there was no television, this guy would be living in a tree.”

My favorite part is when Dave tells Lauren she’s the problem, and she just sits there stunned. She literally has no clue what just hit her. It’s called “REALITY”, and surprise! It doesn’t come with a pink script and a latte. OMFG!

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  1. veggi

    ZOMG! I can’t believe that old guy was mean to Lauren! ZOMG!

  2. the veggi troll is a moron

    Hey number 1- eat shit you fucking troll..

  3. combustion8

    Dave wants to bone Audrina.

  4. Jessica

    She isn’t so bad.. Heidi is a joke.

  5. mamadough

    i need someone to yell real loud at my ass.

  6. Sophie_Fatal

    Great “15 minutes” comment Lauren! Who wrote that for ya honey? God knows an intelligent thing never came out of your mouth…except Brody’s dick **shudder** worse of two evils?! I think so!

  7. Doctor Girlfriend

    Line of the night! http://tinyurl.com/6nmlvm

  8. Will

    A gala! Lolzers! It’s like a party but fancier!


  9. You sure dont need a brain when you look extra D-licious like that….

  10. The F'n Jem'Hadar

    Way to go Dave! I love how she didn’t get it at first when he alluded to the fact that she was an idiot.

  11. davetheman

    You are my hero David Letterman. I will masturbate in your honor tonight.

  12. Ted from LA

    I’m thinking about coming out with a clothing line.

  13. Jackin it to Leno but dreaming of Letterman

    Ha ha ha ha.

  14. who cares about these fake celebs

    I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t just read it myself. In not one but several major tracking polls, focusing on likely voters instead of all registered voters, Obama’s lead has started to disappear. If the rate of shrinkage (ha-ha) holds up, it’ll be a tossup a week from now. Looks like in the end, people really are afraid to vote for him.

  15. shirleytemple

    LOL… pink script and a latte. nice one.

    oh and i love david letterman. just for this.

  16. P911GT10C

    and that’s why he’s the King of Latenight.

  17. rufonz

    That’s the thing Dave… he never treats the slimier guests with kid gloves. In this case she followed Bill O’Reilly. Who wouldn’t be disgusted with the world if those two were your guests?

  18. Mr. Krinkle

    I think when she made the 15 minutes comment, Dave was thinking to himself, “look who’s talking.” Both their 15 minutes are just about up, I hope.

  19. npv

    She was said to be fond of Internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a fitness & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^mysportsdate. C O M^^ ^^^^. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog and something about her albums…In her friend circle, some other stars c San be found there.

  20. Carson's Ghost

    Dave, you are the fucking MAN!

  21. frick


    oh and Lauren is hot and I’d hit that in a second…. so long as she didn’t talk.
    and I can’t believe the hills is still on the air…. sad really.

  22. Barney Stintson

    I am sure her beef curtains would’ve had something to say if she didn’t muzzle them.

  23. Ananana

    i just got a little bit dumber by listening to her.

  24. diddleysquat

    Letterman can hit you with sarcasm, sincerity, and tongue-in-cheek all within a couple of sentences. The man is a f*cking genius

  25. Danklin24

    I’m not sure whyo’s the bigger idiot off the hills. Its such a tossup

  26. Racer X


    /fuck MTV

  27. Wild One

    Dave hates reality bullshit. Even when Survivor was new and the biggest show airing, he wouldn’t let them sit down on the stage. In fact it was Elizabeth H-bitch that was the first ever to be asked on stage at all.

    Dave is my fucking hero!

  28. Air Mail

    Letterman is so gay and lame. Johnny Carson could do a much better job.

  29. Hunter

    Dave is just getting older and older… I sort of agree with him on this one, sort of not. He just sounds like an old guy ranting on about how “back in my day…”

  30. Cobobrob

    The funny thing is Spencer’s suranme (pratt) means is a synonym of “dickhead” or “douchebag” where I’m from

  31. pelps

    Letterman, are you becoming retardant or something? you usded to be good, and once were the hottest man on ” Agelessmate.com ” sincere and sensual cougars there loved you; you just ruined it? what happed?

  32. Andy

    Hah I should start watching Letterman, this reminds me of my dad.

  33. Something wickid this way cums

    She’s pretty, dave. Leaver alone.

  34. true dat peeps

    Dave-ur a h8ter, just a bitter old man like mccain u2 should have a love ‘n ‘cept it would be a hate ‘n get it? hate ‘n ahhh hahaha unfunny old guy
    Lauren is a cute e pie leave her alone u jackass

  35. S

    Yup, hit the nail on the head. She is the problem and she is hard to get along with….Kristin, Heidi, Stephanie, and now Audrina! Not that those girls are worthy of friendship…but you have to ask “Am I the problem, idiot?”

  36. S

    Yup, hit the nail on the head. She is the problem and she is hard to get along with….Kristin, Heidi, Stephanie, and now Audrina! Not that those girls are worthy of friendship…but you have to ask “Am I the problem, idiot?”

  37. S

    Yup, hit the nail on the head. She is the problem and she is hard to get along with….Kristin, Heidi, Stephanie, and now Audrina! Not that those girls are worthy of friendship…but you have to ask “Am I the problem, idiot?”

  38. kizzle

    I wish he kept pressing her and calling that stupid fucking show out.

  39. jenni

    thank god someone finally said it. if all your friends end up hating you, maybe you should start thinking…man, its probably me that issues. lol.

  40. monkeymar

    #16, Please shut the F#$@$ UP!!!!!

    You better start getting use to the fact that he WILL be the next president of the UNITED STATES!!!!!
    and if you don’t care about celebs, what the hell are you doing on this site?!!!
    get a life!!

    Oh and another thing….Lauren is the problem, I’m glad Dave said it like it is!

  41. Sarah

    I love you Dave – I hate that bitch.

  42. V

    David Letterman — You rock! You tell it to them!

  43. heather

    Lauren Conrad sign a book deal!?!?

    wait…is the apocalypse coming?

  44. be honest: DID THIS SURPRISE YOU?

  45. Mama G

    Its still so funny to me that people can get on TV/become rich and famous/get book deals and clothing lines AND HAVE NO MORE TALENT THAN THE AVERAGE PERSON!!!! This phenomenon of idealizing people who go to cool places, wear trendy clothes and look hot is so sick and destructive. Please tell me that there will be a backlash to this repulsive trend!

  46. Womb_Raider

    Listen to the audience…or lack thereof…after Dave announces her. Sheesh, I wouldn’t have been surprised if I saw a tumbleweed roll past her as she walked out.

  47. hahahahahahahahaha

    Oh superfish you’re like my brother from another mother, awesome commentary. Letterman did good. Bitch IS the problem.

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