David Hyde Pierce comes out

May 30th, 2007 // 115 Comments

David Hyde Pierce (the guy who played Niles on Frasier) has officially come out of the closet after an AP story appeared on CNN saying: “Pierce got to Los Angeles in the early 1990s when his partner, actor-writer-producer Brian Hargrove, wanted to write for television.” Pierce’s sexuality has always been an open secret in Hollywood although he’s never formally come out. AfterElton.com contacted a rep for Pierce about the AP story, and they confirmed that Hargrove is indeed Pierce’s life partner.

Well this is just shocking shocking news. If you told me he wrestled bears all day and won a tree chopping competition then, yeah, that makes sense. But gay? No, no, that just doesn’t sound right at all.


  1. sunkissed

    I thought we all knew about him being gay!! why is it news now??

  2. The Donald

    Is this really news to anyone. Did anyone really think he was straight?

  3. Hollywood Agent

    The stupid Suits in Hollywood won’t be happy until everyone is Gay!

  4. lambman

    Um, I definetly remember being in elementary school, at my grandmas flipping through her tabloids and seeing pics of him holding another guy’s hand and walking to small dogs.

    did you know that Ellen’s girlfriend Portia de Rosi is gay too? She’s never “official come out” maybe somebody can break that exciting newsworthy story

  5. Arden

    He is a beautiful person, I wish him all the best. Seems like so many people here are on the same page. :-)

  6. my question is:
    which role does he
    play, the boy or the
    girl…he lookz gay..

  7. 1MILFhunter

    It’s that old story of boy meets boys. Who’d ever have guessed he was a rump ranger?

  8. JohnOB1

    What kind of bear is he wrestling now?

  9. Arden

    Oh wait . . . I forgot to say #33, you are an asswad. What kind of dingleberry makes that dumbass comment about how he could get all the chicks he wanted . . . but he’s gay. Get a fucking dictionary. He’s GAY. Go fuck P. Bush.

  10. Sorry for getting serious before. Tried to quit smoking today and it didn’t work. I’m much better now.

  11. Judy

    Dear VICTOR,

    GOD Loves gays but WE ALL HATE YOU!

    It’s not too late for your mother to have a retro-active abortion, is it?

  12. Victor's Gay Hooker

    @61 – Unfortunately Victor claimed he already had a child. So it looks like retroactive abortion might have to be done twice. Hopefully his wife actually got knocked up by a really hot gay guy.

    BTW, Victor, do you also drink your daughter’s douche water if you’re still thirsty after drinking your wife’s?

  13. So every stereotypical gay seeming man really is gay???

  14. 36-23-34

    @63 – No. Victor probably doesn’t look gay but right now is fantasizing having his ass, mouth, ears, nostrils and eyeballs filled up by David Hyde Pierce and his partner’s dongs and toes.

    Victor is right: one can choose to be gay – if all men thought like he does, I’d choose to be gay.

  15. ThatIsGay

    fags are hot. Its a shame they get so catty

  16. 36-23-34

    That is so true. Can you explain to us why you gays can be so catty, Victor?

    In your case, is it because you had to marry a woman to make people think you are not gay? Or is it because your gay lover would rather impregnate your wife than fuck you because you are too repulsive looking?

  17. curiousity

    The thing I don’t get about gay guys is that most of the ones I’ve seen in person act like they can’t get enough of sex and that sex is the only thing they think about. Most hetero guys probably think the same way, but at least they can conceal it. Well there are exceptions (guys like Victor always talking about banging chicks). It just seems that they are hyper sexual. And whats with the lisping?
    Just to make it clear, I don’t care if someone is gay, don’t hate gays at all, just curious as to some of the gay behavior, ya know, like a scientist, I’m always investigating.

  18. Sarah

    Wow! That’s about as shocking as when Ellen came out, or when Lance Bass said he was gay!

  19. Josh Lavarn

    Webster will now have to erase his photo when people look up “straight masculine man” in the dictionary.

  20. Josh_Lavarn

    Too bad they didn’t create an episode where Frasier Crane (aka Mr. Kelsey Grammer) porked him endlessly.

  21. hollywood gal

    Gee how very brave of him to come out 10 years after we all knew he was gay and to come out in a totally indirect way. wow, kudos. Real trailblazer that one!

  22. carsten5577

    I am flabbergasted…

  23. anita

    #25 really resent your comment about must live someplace awful like canada or missouri, i live in missouri, and we are not all backward hillbillies like you seem to think, as for DHP being gay, who cares, he is a good actor, gay or straight and damn nice to look at too

  24. LaDrones

    What, now Charles Nelson Reilly, too??

  25. my teeth are so green that maybe this gay guy would like a shot at me, hey, I look like a guy, I just have green teeth, that’s all. I can bring my own dildo, please.

  26. Victor

    Ok guys, I think that you are all gay, im straight im married and have a daughter, my mom told me gay people were bad, so i have my believes. I dont like penises, doesnt matter how big and juicy they are. But yeah it doesnt matter because im
    MARRIED! and have kids

  27. noangel

    @76 You’re kidding with the ‘momma thing’, right?

    If you think that being married and having a child is proof that you’re not gay, you’re way off the course.

    DHP is a fine actor and easy on the eyes. Who cares what his sexual orientation is, he’s entertaining. I loved Frasier because of DHP (and the dog).

    Victor, chill. You’ll stress yourself out and never enjoy the 3 years of hell known as the ‘toddler years’.

  28. niels' left nug

    Yea usually when you go to dog shows with a fru-fru dog, you’re fru-fru.

  29. Drunkman

    #50 you hit the nail on the head. Victor is just fucking with you guys and you’re playing right into it.

    I hate queers!

  30. Victor is a homosexual

    Holy shit that guy Victor is so obviously a homosexual himself, anyone who gets so defensive and angry about someone whos doing him no harm – has got to be drawing attention away from the fact he has those feelings himself. Lighten up Victor homosexuality is NOT the end of the world. Get a grip.

  31. Cracka

    I dont care cause thats one funny homo!!!!!

  32. I wouldn’t want him or any other lib babysitting my children.

  33. J

    First Doogie Howser, then Lance Bass, then that fruity looking dude on Grey’s. What’s the next surprise, Screech?

  34. Throbert McGee

    I assume everyone knows that actors John Mahoney (Frasier’s dad Martin Crane) and Dan Butler (who played “Bulldog” at the radio station) are also sausage fans? The show was aswarm with homos.

  35. rockdust

    HA! I laugh at all these men calling gays “fudge packers”. I’m sure they wouldn’t think twice about “fudge packing” a woman which I think it just as sickening…an asshole is an asshole!

  36. KatieKates

    So you mean his love for Daphne was all a ruse? Damn. Frasier was all one big lie.

  37. Victor

    85 And a mouth is a mouth…

  38. No real surprise there…

  39. minnimeme

    Victor and Drunkman sittin’ in a tree… f-u-c-k-i-n-g

  40. JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin

    I don’t care that he’s gay. I’m still pissed at him for doing that shitty movie Wet Hot American Summer….

  41. Dave

    Victor is either:

    a) A teenager, in which case he’s getting off on all the attention.

    b) A closeted gay man, in which case he’s getting off on all his shit-packing language.

    What he fails to realize is that he’s reading a gossip rag (which is inherently gay) founded by a gay man, with content mostly sourced from gay men.

    Me? I’m just here for the hatin’ on the hawt chicks.
    Like not-gay Victor.


  42. Kamiki

    you are quite right lots of men want anal sex with a woman – LOTS and they think its hot, naughty, tight and sexy so whats up thinking its so wrong with a man? There’s nothing wrong with it unless you are ashamed cos you are gay yourself!

  43. Jane Doe

    The difference is a little thing called a penis and lack of breast tissue not to mention curves (if the woman happens to have any). It’s not just booty sex its sex with a MAN. If that your flavor then so be it but don’t pretend there’s not much of a difference with the whole “it’s just anal sex” crap. What I don’t get is why sexual orientation is some kind of banner these days. It’s funny how you’ll hear people boasting almost about their homosexuality yet in the next breath it’s treat us fairly, its not your business who I sleep with. AND I AGREE!! So stop making announcements about the shit.

  44. Drunkman

    85 & 92 you must be girls or gay to even attempt a comparison like that. The only similarity is that said orifice is an asshole.

    Why is it any guy who openly admits being repulsed by two men having sex is automatically a closet homophobe and/or homosexual himself? That’s like accusing someone of being a goat-fucker who thinks bestiality is disgusting. Why don’t you get down from your soap boxes and offer some of your own thoughts instead of regurgitating everything pc society has fed you.

  45. Bo Babbyo



  46. Kamiki

    @94Oh fuck you you found me out Homoturdstabber

  47. D

    Big deal, I’ve known this for years. He wasn’t the only gay man on Frasier, either.

  48. 36-24-34

    @94 – Because when something doesn’t affect you or doesn’t ring close to home, then you don’t get so obsessed against it. Many people think bestiality is disgusting, but do they get so pent-up angry about it when saying it? No, because they have no interest in it and therefore will not be obsessed against it. But when one is so passionate against something that shouldn’t affect him/her, that’s when s/he should self-introspect. Especially in Victor’s case since it was because his mommy told him it was wrong, not because penises just don’t do it for him. I don’t get turned on by pussies, but will I call lesbians dirty dikes? No, because I’m not obsessed against them. And why am I not obsessed against them? Because I’m just not into pussies, whether it is ethical or not.

    And as what society has fed you, Victor’s brain was so packed with his mommy’s shit that he can’t even think on his own even after he had his supposedly own offspring. Imagine how he raises his kid: “Don’t do that, sweetheart, because my mommy said…” Victor is a perfect target of castration to minimize inferior genes in society.

  49. Victor

    I think all of you are crazy, my mom told me homos were bad so what, its true. The bible says it, i think its the apocalipsis one. But anyway its no like i care, i have more caring for my wife and my DAUGHTER.

  50. annie

    it’s really no surprise but..it’s still sad. this guy’s one of my favorite characters on TV and he’s gay. not that there’s anything wrong with that but he would be a lot more appealing if he was straight.

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