David Hasselhoff takes teenage daughter to sex shop

The Superficial | September 24, 2009 - 12:11 pm

Apparently it’s Fucked Up Fathers Week on The Superficial because here’s David Hasselhoff taking his 17 year old daughter Hayley to an erotic sex shop for a lingerie show last night. I’m assuming this is some sort of psychological revenge for her calling 911 the other day for his “ear infection” which had to make for a great car ride home.

HOFF: Did you see the way the lingerie accentuated the tits? *sips from flask* I love tits. You gotta make sure you show a man your tits to get him to like you. Tits right in his face!
HAYLEY: *VOMIT* *VOMIT* *VOMIT* I’m a lesbian now. *VOMIT*
HOFF: And that’s why you let daddy go on a five day bender. Now, grab the wheel. I’m taking a nap. Zzz…

Photos: WireImage