David Hasselhoff takes teenage daughter to sex shop

Apparently it’s Fucked Up Fathers Week on The Superficial because here’s David Hasselhoff taking his 17 year old daughter Hayley to an erotic sex shop for a lingerie show last night. I’m assuming this is some sort of psychological revenge for her calling 911 the other day for his “ear infection” which had to make for a great car ride home.

HOFF: Did you see the way the lingerie accentuated the tits? *sips from flask* I love tits. You gotta make sure you show a man your tits to get him to like you. Tits right in his face!
HAYLEY: *VOMIT* *VOMIT* *VOMIT* I’m a lesbian now. *VOMIT*
HOFF: And that’s why you let daddy go on a five day bender. Now, grab the wheel. I’m taking a nap. Zzz…

Photos: WireImage