David Hasselhoff “Secret Agent Man” music video

July 11th, 2006 // 76 Comments

Time for your daily dose of the Hoff. The things this man does with his face are epic.


  1. CaryG

    This is the sign! Now I know the world is truely going to hell(or heck).

  2. ob1

    I like it. Something I can fuck too.

    Secret Agent Man, Secret Agent Man….

    fuck, now I can’t get it out of my head.

  3. infatuatingLena

    He’s off key just enough to make me want to kill myself.

  4. Rox

    make him stop! Pleaseeeeeeeeee

  5. My man makes me so proud, he is a God, he is The Hoff. I would do anything for him whether it be letting him mount me and making vroom vroom noises while crabwalking around the room, or grooming his dingleberries with my teeth.
    Papa, you cannot have me, no matter how much you beg you silly ho.

  6. blondewithnobrain

    ummmm what the FUCK is he doing??

  7. I think I’d rather hear K.I.T.T sing. He could probably dance better, too.

    I’ve seen aging lounge singers with more class. Oh, wait, that’s what he is….

  8. eXtasyStef,

    awesome! KITT singing! Why not?

  9. ESQ

    Was this done right after he was escorted for being drunk at Wimbledon?

    Rock out with your cock out..

    I wish I never saw that video. Those women in it will never have a career in show biz, not with that piece of crap on their resumes.

  10. Smelly Han

    Oh sweet lord.
    That was worse than jump in my car.

  11. JayBee79

    Hello everybody.

    I am from Germany and I have to tell you, that nobody over here still likes David Hasselhoff!!! He used to be very famous in my country in the late 80s / early 90s but that was a long time ago and nobody’s buying his records anymore or watching his videos. (German MTV doesn’t play them anyway)
    He’s is no longer a star and he doesn’t have any hit records anymore.
    Our taste in music is much better than you might think!

  12. happy_bunny

    Wow. His voice – for one thing – really sucks. Really.

  13. pinochio

    ………. *speechless

  14. Tits_McGhee

    The Hoff’s music makes Weird Al’s music sound grammy worthy.

  15. stokeley

    JayBee79 is right – the Hoff only had one hit in germany and that was like centurys ago, the current german chart are http://www.mtv.de/hitlistgermany/index.php and he is nowhere to be found ^^

  16. tiina

    OooooooooooK! um.
    speechless..the comment about is face is spot on. and whats with the fire in every video he makes???
    and i havent even gotten my daily dose of Jump in my car..this promises to be another hofftastic day… but no.. i need to get myself Dont hassle the Hoff t-shirt..
    like seriously..

    really, i mean it!

    i want it!


  17. I think David Hasslehoff and Scott Stapp should have fight to the death for the title of “Lamest Asshole in the World”. The smart money is on Stapp, he has God on his side…

  18. stupida

    Hey, Superficial!

    You’re starting to suck. What are you doing now, searching Hasselhoff under YouTube instead of posting? Shit man, anyone can do that.

    Where’s that rapier-like wit I grew to love and rely on so much?

  19. trailblazer153

    I can’t take this crap. This is the first music video that I felt like vomit was gorged behind my eyeballs from watching. Except for Britney Spears doing the pregnant photos, I would have to say this is one of the most obsurd things I’ve seen. Congradulations to anybody that made it through that video. I bet you have a stomach to eat haggis and other more than tasty items. But for the rest of us that don’t enjoy blood curdled hot sick, somebody please make Hasselhoff get eaten by a shark on a Baywatch reunion.

  20. I HATE THE HOFF, WHY IS HE STILL ALIVE????? what is even the purpose of this video? to make me want to plot his murder more thoroughly?

  21. Does anyone realize that the whole “Germans/ Hasselhoff” thing was a joke started by Norm MacDonald when he used to anchor Weekend Update on SNL back in the 90s? At the time, Hasselhoff had a few hits overseas, so MacDonald had this running joke on Weekend Update where he would always take any news story and claim that it proved his theory that “Germans loved Hasselhoff.” Then he would give an intense look (roflmao) like there was some sort of conspiracy.

    Even though the whole “Germans love Hasselhoff” thing is a goof, it still doesn’t make it any less funny. I mean, nothing is funnier than watching am entire nationality of people fume, “Why does everyone think we love Hasselhoff?” LOL…

  22. BSfan

    *runs around naked screaming “Hasselhoff for President of the World!”*

  23. Do Freebird

    Right at this very moment, there are hundreds of Arab prisoners at Guantanamo Bay who are being forced to watch this 24 hours a day.

    Oh the humanity.

  24. Discord

    Hoff is a genius because he doesn’t take himself seriously at all.

    I think that silliness factor elevates his work to High Art

  25. Aryiel

    My god I love this man. The passion is so intense that he feels the extreme need to high kick the camera in this song ozzing with passion and emotion. Hopefully he’ll keep making these videos so I can continue to feel superior to at least one celebrity.

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