David Hasselhoff knows what the ladies want

Apparently this is my morning to kick around stars of the 80s. David Hasselhoff thinks he’s got the magic key to any woman’s pants: Autographed pictures of himself. Damn, Hoff, try to leave some ladies behind for the rest of us. NY Daily News reports:

“Last week, a group of three came into the bar, and they were laughing up a storm,” he says. They had just come from a taping of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ where Hasselhoff is a judge.
“The female of the group [a busty, cute brunette] was approached by the assistant of David Hasselhoff after the taping, and he gave her an autographed photo of him. On the back of the photo was the assistant’s phone number and a suggestion that she get in touch with ‘them.’ Also listed was the name of the hotel [the London] where they were staying.”
The source provided cell-phone shots of both sides of the autographed picture as proof.

Brace yourself for a shock, but the Hoff’s tactics actually failed. WTDF? Obviously, this woman is a man-hating lesbian. I mean, there’s just no other explanation. No straight chick could resist a romantic gesture of this magnitude. And, trust me, I’m an expert on broads.

Photos: Getty Images