David Hasselhoff is hooked on a feeling

January 26th, 2006 // 138 Comments

I posted a link to this a couple of weeks ago, but it was sort of hidden so I’m sure a lot of you missed it. And this is something that just can’t be missed. Be warned though, that pressing ‘Play’ may or may not cause you to die from an overdose of awesome. Just make sure you’re sitting down and are ready to have your socks totally rocked off.


  1. celebrity_watcher

    this is so damn funny! I loved it! I have had such a crappy day, and I came home, watched this, and now my day is better! haha, it’s soo damn hilarious!

  2. moomoovacaroo

    is it just me or is this video completely racist. David Hasselhorse is a racist. Breaking news. But I guess in this day and age being gay cancels that out.

  3. Hartigan'sGirl

    I don’t care who you are or how you feel about him. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. You cannot tell me that just because the man’s had too much plastic surgery you did not laugh your ass off. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go ice my sides because they hurt from laughing so hard.

  4. WaitWhat?

    I heard that after shooting this video, he and Clay Aiken had wild, gay, sweaty sex with each other.

  5. liljbabe85

    I like the creepy goblin thing. It adds hilarious randomness and it’s better looking than David Hasselhoff. Two motorcycles with one stone!

    P.S. Is randomness a word?

  6. Haha, David Hasslehoff. His song “Hot shot city’ is particularly good.

  7. Josse

    I think the germans consider him the greatest amusement ever to come out of the USA. Of course they love him, just like most on this comment page loves him.

    I wonder if he knows why they love him though…

  8. popcornsuite

    You…..cannot be serious….

  9. I run a blog on indie music and I’ve had to listen to a lot of crap to get to the good stuff, but this is just disgusting and disgraceful. He should be ashamed of himself.

  10. LadyAmbar

    OMG. I am totally freaked out. And to
    think that I had a crush on hasselhoff
    when I was a teen (I still have a little
    bit). WTF he was thinking when he do

    That’s my first time seeing a D H video.
    I am not the same, he’s like botox. I
    can’t feel a thing.

  11. OberstMüller

    you silly guys from zee foreign countries don’t know what good music ees. zees is exactly ze soundtrack to invade poland hihihi!

  12. gossipmonger

    DAMN YOU, Superficial… I had this monstrosity playing over and over in my head after playing only 20 seconds of this video.. HELP, MY BRAIN IS ROTTING…

  13. I wouldn’t mind betting that the guys who did the special effects for Neverending Story did these too. (With the very same equipment from 1985 … talk about back to the future).

  14. flamarkel

    I think Mitch got into Hobie’s mushrooms.

  15. don't hassel the hoff

    david david david you’ve done it again. oh how i love you. i have been doing that sweet little dance and singing that song for weeks now.

  16. SaborDeVida

    i laughed, i cried, i too want to know WTF is the big-eyed creepy thing at the end? also i am wondering what’s up with the feather so jauntily affixed to his shoulder during the tribal dance scene. i don’t know which is my favorite persona: him wildin’ out with his tux and Mystic Tan, fist pumping, or him as Nanuk chomping on a trout.

    this has brought me much joy…i’m so glad that there are still things so bad they’re good and that i’m not too cynical to appreciate them. ;)

    also, can i just say what’s up with the German-bashing? it seems out of place when we’re just commenting on a video. (btw i’m american living temporarily in Europe and have never heard anyone talking about the Hoff recently…) people around the world could also rip on us for a few of our obsessions, and as a few Germans here have pointed out, they were into him many years ago just like we were *all* into cheesy shit in the 80s… (remember parachute pants and waterfall bangs?) it just seems forced, like people can’t think of anything funnier to say. it’s like a comedian complaining about airline food: too obvious, tired, and in this case mostly outdated.

  17. Phil Aysheo

    Move over Bob Dylan, the torch has been passed.

    I just typed “Hasselhoff” into an online German-English translator, and you know what came up? “Hasselhoff”. Not because there isn’t a translation of some sort (I’m sure that there is), but, I believe, because the computer saw no need. Such is the extent of David’s renown. “Hasselhoff” means “Hasselhoff”; wherever you go, don’t bother with a dictionary or phrasebook – just uttering that magic word will win you new friends.

    Even more interestingly, I split the word in two and tried again. “Hassel” drew a blank, I’m afraid. But “Hoff”? That’s right, “Hope”. So when we talk about “The Hoff”, we are really talking about “The Hope” – the hope that David brings, by virtue of his music, to those unfortunates who have yet to experience those heavenly melodies, profound lyrics, and pulsating beats.

    I agree with another reviewer who said (and I quote) “Some songs make you laugh, some make you cry, but it is a rare tune indeed that has you dancing and vomiting at the same time”.

  18. Phil Aysheo

    After reading some reviews in this forum I really understood the magnitude of the light and influence of the mighty Hasselhoff. He has changed the life of a variety of people around the world: old and young, men and women, cancer survivors and junkies, italian monks and iraqui insurgents, even the unforgeteable gay peruvian.
    It’s good to know that I’m not alone when I think It’s amazing how a man can reach so many hearts and transform so many souls with his astonishing, yet sublime, voice, and the sincere charm of his fashion.
    I can tell you this: It surely enhanced my life and yes, I have my own story to share, even though it may not be nearly as incredible as the ones I read.
    My name is Ed Asno, and I’m an active member of The Richard Dean Anderson Fan Club; for those of you who dare not to know he is the man behind the superb MacGyver… my own personal TV GOD. (I used to be in the Geraldo Rivera Fan Club but I quit when I find out he had an affair with Bette Midler… but that is another story.)
    Well, as you can imagine, with the kind of TV icons I just mentioned it’s difficult for The Hoff to be the only master of the industry. For me he is on the Top 5 most influential men to ever touch the face of earth, but little did I know that it would become an unbeatable number 1. As you all come to realize, a true genius has the power to transcend other horizons like a shooting star in the sky. And oh boy, this is how I find it out how the “Knight Rider” did it:
    Herbie, the president of the Fan Club, threw a party at his house to show us his new memorabilia collection: “TV’s Little Men, Big Souls”, dedicated to Paul Fusco, the man and mind behind ALF, and Gary Coleman, the charming and somehow cute Arnold in Different Strokes.
    At 5pm all of us were wasted on a high of pop tarts and kool aid when Herbie decided to change our lives forever: He put his radio shack speakers to the ultimate test: The one and only Very Best of David Hasselhoff.
    Well, my friends, I just can say that It blew me away!!! The songs, the rithyms, the melodies, the holy voice, the chest hair. All the party, and with “ALL” I mean

  19. Tarren'sMill

    Not to the majority at least.

  20. fenneck


    and the last time i`ve heart from david hasselhoff was 1996..in televison at BAYWATCH!!

    NOBODY in germany is listening to his songs…maybe 15 years ago for 2 months..

    but just david thinks that we like him..

    he said,that he played this freedom song on the berliner mauer…
    when he did that,he had been killed by sowjet soldiers…

    so dont think german people like him…

    (my english is bad..daf

  21. nitedrive

    This is most wierd,I don

  22. felle

    it’s sad but true that there’s a lot of crappy german music. our neweset bullshit-superband is called tokio hotel (www.tokiohotel.de take a look at these faggots) and it sucks hard.
    however you mustn’t think that all of us are listening to this bullshit. in fact the most don’t and are just as surprised as you are about these bands having any succes.
    and besides a few shitheads who actually like listening to D.H. (and i’m pretty sure these exist in other countrys as well) the most people here can just laugh or possibly vomit by seing this video…

  23. I'll chop off your head and shit down your neck!

    Hahahahaha…that was soooo funny..lol I love it! I especially liked when he took the fish in his mouth muahahahaha genius!

  24. Chester

    Did you notice how,when he is standing on the boat in the Arctic,he nervously looks over his shoulder a couple of times? He acts as if he is worried that an Orca whale is going to jump out of the water and snatch him!

  25. lildick

    I love the Hoff. I want to suck his man boobies.

  26. MulletLover

    Wow… that song is touching. We should send him terrorist countries and have him hold concerts, that would bring them to their knees. Two words… Bril liant :) Hasselhoff… you da man! By the way… I love your mullet in the 80′s.

  27. Saturn76

    David Hasselhoff is not popular in Germany.

  28. deanna

    i love this video with my whole heart and soul. like any great piece of art, you learn new things after each viewing

  29. QOTD


  30. Dee

    what the hell is this? OMG….scary

  31. Kathy

    Well what more needs to be said. That video could very well be the funniest damn thing I have ever seen. GO DAVID. I can hardly wait to see what

  32. Violet

    Who directed this video- William Hung?

  33. peter

    Overuse and repetition of disparate symbols coupled with a general lack of theme, poor production technique and an utter lack of intelligence in conception contributed to what can only be described as a work of genius.

    We all laughed at Jackson Pollock too.

    My sides hurt.

  34. Donquixote99

    The video fails because it tries both to be a hip ironic self-parody, and to be something cool and fun the MTV brats will like. You can’t be hip and ironic, and pander at the same time.

    And most of all, it fails because David H. has a lovely voice but no style, so all he can do is make a very good copy of the BJ Thomas rendition of the song.

  35. Hey_There!

    I was stationed in Germany for 3 years (technically I was there for 2 since I had to spend a crappy year in Iraq), and never once heard a David Hasselhoff song on the radio. Thank God. It’s a beautiful country, though!

  36. LJ

    Okay, so flying in the air on a motorcycle while only holding onto the handlebars, dancing in the north in a bear skinned coat, dresses as a little German boy in the alps, flapping his arms with a flock or birds, and emphasizing “hooked on a feeling” with that fist…wow…he’s cool. Who was that guy with the goggles?

  37. i can’t believe he’s known for his ‘singing’ in germany…http://hollywoodsnark.com

  38. help me god…
    what da fcuk is that?!

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