David Hasselhoff is hooked on a feeling

January 26th, 2006 // 138 Comments

I posted a link to this a couple of weeks ago, but it was sort of hidden so I’m sure a lot of you missed it. And this is something that just can’t be missed. Be warned though, that pressing ‘Play’ may or may not cause you to die from an overdose of awesome. Just make sure you’re sitting down and are ready to have your socks totally rocked off.


  1. Kg

    I can imagine D.H. waking up the next day, brushing his teeth, making breakfast, feeding the prisoner in his basement, then surfing the internet finding this video of himself and go… “what the fuck?”

    because clearly, he must’ve been on some pretty damn wonderful drugs when he made this

  2. lotus07

    It sort of makes me want to dust off my old BayWatch VHS tapes and masturbate to Pam Anderson again. Seriously….what the Fu@k is this? Is this some sort of spoof, is german television really this desperate, I have to assume that after seeing this, there is no way this guy is straight.

  3. HollyJ

    LOL @50! Me too!


  4. TMC

    I have watched this 4 times now. Every time someone comes into my office I make them watch it. I am spreading the love… This is not so far from Baywatch; he did cheesy videos on that show too.

  5. Gawain

    That was gay….like Liberace gay.

  6. Kate

    Wow. Amazing.

    Only words that are coming to mind.

    Can anyone tell me what that stupid thing that’s just bopping up and down is supposed to be? It appears when he’s riding and/or flying his “motorcyle” and also appears near the end of the song.

  7. ishtar

    this must have been released only in germany- every possible animal that could have been seen drinking water in the jungle is replaced with a dachshund. hahahaha

  8. Ben_Danglin

    How much money do i owe you guys for letting me see that? I’m just at a loss for words over that one. Thanks

  9. HughJorganthethird

    This is why Al Gore invented the internet.

    Hasselhoff rules Germany.

  10. BlackMamba

    Just gets better everytime you watch it.
    This is what happens when you have too much mushrooms

  11. MattM


  12. Mezzro

    We are truly alone in the universe.

  13. WOW, this video made me cry. With Joy! I love this SOOO much.

  14. Tracy

    No, Mezzro, we’re not alone in the universe. Didn’t this video teach you anything at all?! Well, it taught me that David Hasslehoff is EVERYWHERE! Sometimes there’s two or three of him at once.

  15. ESQ

    I think one of the Village People is missing a member…WOW! Who thought David was so *zany*! David is sure game for anything..We go from Babewatch to the Sponge Bob movie to this. While David was on the motorcycle, the guy in the frog glasses creeped me the fuck out. Otherwise it was HILARIOUS!

  16. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    mmmmm fake salmon sushi!!!!!

  17. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    the only thing missing is MORE COWBELL!!!!

  18. rachel

    I want to put this video on my myspace website but I can’t find the code anywhere. That totally sucks! =(

  19. harlean

    I’m not the only one who noticed that the video cuts to two 8 year old girls just as he sings “yeah you turn me on” and then cuts away, right?

  20. BrendaPayne

    Celetina, you cracked me up.

    What kind of idiocy IS this? I’ll tell you what it is – HILARIOUS is what it is. He appears to be on some sort of hallucinogen.

    Is DH a cyborg? He hasn’t aged a day since I was 9.

  21. That was so corny.
    Why make a video when all you can afford is a green room?

  22. Thin & Wicked

    This video is kinda like what your retarded relative would be watching, but he/she would be fast-forwarding and rewinding the tape at the part where the talking smoke alarm is singing about being cool about fire safety.

    Or something.

  23. lastangelman

    Now I realise why MTV has become irrelevent.

  24. shortieheather

    I was crying, but then realized my eyes were bleeding, not crying

  25. The Devil

    What the fuck was THAT?

  26. Randy

    I wish I had 15 dollars, some kite string, and a plastic fish. Then I could be just as great as David Hasselhoff and make my own super music video..
    p.s. wtf was that alien thing in the background?

  27. mrschickee

    OMFG I laughed so hard I peed….just a little.

    Posted by careyanne “This looks like the type of music video you can get done at a mall or amusement park!”

    LOL you are sooo right!!

  28. No_Angel

    I’ve been to Germany; everyone there is drunk, high and very happy.That has to explain this video. They have really good drugs in Germany.

    Even funnier than seeing this egomaniacal buttmunch dance around like he’s got diarrhea was watching my 2 year old twins singing “OOOGGAAA OOOGGAAA OOOGGGAAA CHAKA” at the top of their very loud voices.

    I was crying and laughing at the same time.

  29. aims_25

    The Hoff is The King.

  30. derekd

    At a loss for words although “awesome” does come to mind. Now THATS Entertainment!!!

  31. Kate

    I live near Germany and believe me, they don’t like this jerk either! He screwed it up worldwide.

    And yes, we have good drugs over here =)

  32. SugaryCherry

    …what just happened? Why does my ass hurt?

  33. Vern

    D.H is definitely Hooked on a Feeling alright; more “high on the happy side more like it”.

    Could be an ad for chips or something because the words “corny” and “cheesy” comes to mind.

  34. III

    Hasslehoff is incredibly gay, but i still love him.
    Maybe because I’m gay as hell…

  35. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    Where are the Brokedick Mountain people and all of their serious commentary now??? This clip is more addictive than crack. This is what the Superficial is all about!!!!!

  36. reesestet

    If all of you could have heard my seven-year-old daughter’s uncontrollable laughter when she saw this: Priceless. She summed it all up in a nut shell when she replied; “What a dork!”

  37. FLIP

    This is AWESOME.

    refreshing to see someone not take themselves so damn seriously and bring myself to laughter apon tears.

    because that was the point. not mind blowing special effects. duh.

  38. Darby

    It’s like whoever made this video hates DH and wanted to embarrass him, and he just went along with it! Wow did he learn nothing in 25 years in the biz or is this just entertaining and deep to Germans?

  39. DEVO

    My comments are usually complex, verbose and grandiose expressions of the over-arching theory (reality) of de-evolution. This performance by Mr. David “I Danced Till The Wall Came Down” Hasselhoff neatly replaces the pontifications I could fit on to a 20-DVD volume of original essays and musings, primary-source documentation, oral histories and similar anecdotal evidence, and citations from the literature of various scientific, pseudo-scientific and anthropological journals.

    This does not, however, mean I’m out of a job. Now it can be told. Every man, woman and mutant shall know the truth about de-evolution.

    Kindest regards, Mr. Hasselhoff.
    We must repeat!

  40. miir

    This is like 6 or 7 years old.

  41. 11010010

    happy german bashing, eh?

    do you really really take him serious in this video? don’t you think he is capable to make fun about himself while knowing what he is doing? sure this video is studpid, but he intended it to be..

    and about the german-thing – the guys who said that they’ll never go to germay: good idea, no need for you there. the rest: come over and see how open minded people are .. david-hasselhoff is mainly known in germany for his night-rider acting. but that was in the 80′s!! which year are we in right now?

    get a life!

  42. my socks are definitely rocked off. cheesey or not, i LOVE the hoff!!! thanks for the link, man.

  43. Sulu, creepy factor 8…engage.

  44. HughJorganthethird

    “come over and see how open minded people are”

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve seen enough fisting/bukkake videos to know how open minded German people are.

    Germany: where the mind is open and the armpits are hairy.

  45. mia

    This video can be explained by his addiction to mini-bar booze bottles.

  46. Sara

    So… who decided this was a good idea?

  47. nhsunray

    What on earth is that creepy hood wearing goblin thing? Anyone…Bueller?

  48. boyoboy

    David Hasslehoff is a king among men and you people have no taste. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of video ‘art’ to grace the superficial and I deem all of you unworthy.

  49. outfile


  50. outfile

    Forgot to mention…I remember this video from at least 5 years ago.

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