David Hasselhoff is hooked on a feeling

January 26th, 2006 // 138 Comments

I posted a link to this a couple of weeks ago, but it was sort of hidden so I’m sure a lot of you missed it. And this is something that just can’t be missed. Be warned though, that pressing ‘Play’ may or may not cause you to die from an overdose of awesome. Just make sure you’re sitting down and are ready to have your socks totally rocked off.


  1. kel

    This guy is popular in Germany?

    I am never, ever going there.

  2. That’s what Linda Parson (ignorant one) from the Kanye West posts; is going to have to face when she dies.

    WTH is wrong with D.H.? To much Baywatch sun burnt his train of thought?

  3. Wild Rose

    Thanks for posting the link again (missed it 1st time). WARNING–do not watch this video at work–you will get busted for laughing too hard! Ow, my ass hurts!

  4. David Hasselhoff and K-Fed should make a video together.

  5. Diana

    What kind of a sick joke is this???? I need a doctor, I think my brain just hemorrhaged.

  6. amma

    OMG…He’s hooked on something! And after watching this…I think I may need to get hooked on something too…and fast!!!
    This is so effing hysterical…Its even better than the KFed one.
    Thank you, thank you Superficial. This is probably the single funniest thing I will see this week.
    I’m gonna play it again. Its like he is cheese, but doesn’t know he is cheese…Which is the cheesiest…

  7. PapaHotNuts

    I’m hooked on a feeling- nausea. If that dude can fly, why did he bother with that talikg car?

  8. ShanDourdan

    I saw this at work a couple of days ago and I thought it was a joke. My personal highlight was the backshot( heh) of the, I assume, African kids jumping up and down behind him.

    Clearly Germany aint feeling him that much if he couldn’t even afford better special effects.

  9. brookkelly

    Oh.My.God.What happened to Night Rider? That was like watching a cross between a childern’s show and “The Air up There 2″.

  10. This video must have cost close to two whole dollars to make. Oh wait, I forgot about the Lord-Of-The-Rings-worthy special effects, forgive me, it was probably more like $3.50.

    But damn, Hasselhoff is still sexy as hell, that’s right, I said it, SEXY AS HELL! Oh, and by the way, I love that song.

  11. sammygirl

    Hey, don’t hassle the Hoff.

  12. saucerofmilktable5

    ok – this so makes up for sitting through that insufferable k-fed popozao video the other day (like nails on a blackboard)…

    i am just trying to figure out – what’s up with the Nanook of the North head to toe fur and why did he take a whole fish in his mouth?

  13. sophiecatrupertjerk

    That is just damn funny. LMAO. And what exactly is he promoting? It looks like a tourism commercial. No wonder his wife is divorcing him. Agreed with #1 – I am never going to Germany.

  14. Devil Is Chrome

    Let me get this straight…

    Mediocre Acting + Mediocre Singing = Millionare & World Tours

    How can I get a job like this?

  15. Jezabel

    Looks like the rents due…

  16. Zed

    I had no idea David Hasselhof was a drug addict. Sad.

    Funny video though. It’s so… so… so… “happy.” So very very “happy.”

  17. gossipmonger

    LMAO.. Is this his version of a “Wierd Al”-type vid?

  18. Does anyone have a DVD or VHS copy of this?!?! Contact me at: chris@rockboxfilms.com – DH in the outback gear jumping around with the tribe people in the background. Can’t make complete sentences. Unreal. More. Genius.

  19. Lynette Carrington

    I will never look at cheese the same way again.

  20. Binky

    The poor guy. He’s just screaming for help. But I’m not sure that the top shrinks in the world would know how to handle this one or even where to start. The ‘issues’ …the ‘issues’…

  21. Captain Awesome

    Jesus christ, this video is old news on the internet.

    Come on Superficial, you’re slippin’. More about boobs and celebrities that dress up like hobos.

  22. Paradoxia

    Sonofabitch – please, oh pleeease, tell me this is an inside joke for some kind of deranged Christmas party, and that it was never MEANT to be taken seriously… That would demonstrate a wonderful level of irony present in Hasselhoff. I know it is a very slim chance – but dear GOD!

  23. Ryann

    This is perhaps the most awesome thing I have ever viewed. THANK YOU, superficial, for brining it to my attention.

  24. Xanthia

    Oh My God! Michael Bolton reject alert~

    I just had surgery – I think I broke a couple of stitches in there laughing………

  25. HeeHaw

    I am SO looking forward to watching this when I get home. My computer at work has no sound set up. This is going to be hysterical……

  26. Queen LaQueefah

    I agree with you, this is surely an overdose of “awesome,” I especially love his surfing ability and the way he catches the rubber fish in his mouth.

  27. Binky

    I just got this oooggga chaggga crazy feeling, ooggaa chagggaa that this didn’t win a Grammy Ooogaa chaagga oog.
    Actually Google video had the extended version of this for a while and in it ‘Kit the car’ runs over him a few times. (Thk God)

  28. sammygirl

    RockBox23, just go to http://www.youtube.com and do a “David Hasselhoff” search. You’ll get this video and additional DH videos as well. There’s one from his Knight Rider days. It looks like a love song dedicated to KITT.

  29. careyanne

    oh my god I love it!

    I would totally put down money for this… much better then looking at some white trash idiot that actually thinks we take him seriously!

    This looks like the type of music video you can get done at a mall or amusement park!

    I love it!

  30. shopaholic197

    that is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen.


  31. teffi

    I think that supposed “feeling” he’s hooked on is actually numbness from all those Botox injections he had! I could not even watch this video, I thought I was going to pop something laughing…

  32. blondie7

    This explains his divorce. After watching this I’m sure his wife told him she could never have sex with again. What’s even scarier is that you know he was digging it the whole time and thinking..Yeah! this is going to be soooo happening! I’m sooo cool!

  33. Todd

    Okay, I am new to this site but that is possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Of course, I can no longer see since I just stabbed a knife into my eyeballs. Thanks Superficial.com!

  34. velvetsuperstar

    OMG!! This guy is on crack AND suffering a mid-life crisis!! Wasn’t he supposed to be releasing some sort of rap hip hop album?

    I’ve never wasted more time…. those precious few minutes will haunt me when I’m on my deathbed wishing I had more time… damn you Hasselhoff….

  35. data_b

    ** message from the wrecking yard of beyond **

    K.I.T.T has just renounced any association with David Hasselhoff. Any one that clearly does NOT have a grasp of technology should be arrested and forced to work in a commodore 64 plant.

  36. MystressJade

    I smell an GTV Video award winner…Hasselhoff should also receive the Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence in German broadcasting.

  37. data_b

    just say no to CRACK

  38. goodlookin

    I like it best when he puts the fish in his mouth.

  39. My socks flew off my feet and straight up to the ceiling, where they remain.

    Damn, my feet are cold.

  40. Becca

    Thanks a lot David Hasselhoff …now I’m blind from scratching out my eyeballs.

    Ahahaha, this video made my day. What a Jackass!

  41. Becca

    Just thinking about it, this video is a total drug trip. Hell, he must have been on drugs himself to make this video. There is no other kind of logical explanation!

  42. misskittyfantastico

    I’m not sure what you guys are talking about, but this is by far the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. David’s talent is obvious! Seriously. No, SERIOUSLY.
    I’m in awe.

  43. amma

    …Sorry for posting twice…but this was so funny…it made up my mind to vote for the Superficial for the best entertainment blog…
    Its http://2006.bloggies.com
    {can’t link it from my work computer}

  44. deluxxe

    wth? this is soooo teh old!

  45. eve

    I think what scares me most about this whole thing (besides the song getting stuck in my head) is that it’s a lot of alaska in the background and a shot of the city of anchorage at the end.

  46. Hollus

    I’m glad you’re featuring this more prominently now. My friends and I managed to find it when you first posted it, and it’s just as ridiculously funny now as it was when I first saw it!

  47. SMF121490

    I think I am seriously damaged for life. My eye sockets are bleeding and my ear drums burst. I think I have a strong suit for personal injury or something.
    OMG, this was horrible and funny at the same time. Don’t ever do this to me again, lol.

  48. Celetina

    I have never laughed so hard in the history of existence. I think it’s fabulous that he was willing to travel to all those locales and definitely not use a green screen and special effects that could be simulated equally well on an Atari!

    The absence of any woman whatsoever (sans the creepy little girl fairies) makes it obvious that this is a love letter to himself.

  49. That’s … rather disturbing.

  50. Tracy

    I’ll have what Dave’s having.

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