David Hasselhoff gets restrained

david_hasselhoff_restrained.jpgDavid Hasselhoff’s estranged wife Pamela Bach has requested a judge grant a temporary restraining order against the star. Hasselhoff and his spouse of 16 years are locked in a bitter divorce battle, but supposedly the restraining order was not requested on grounds of domestic violence. The pair, who have two children together, have reportedly been ordered to keep apart, and granted custody of one child each. The court papers are confidential, because they contain detailed “mental health” papers.

Hmmm, maybe the restraining order had something to do with this. Hopefully this personal tragedy will spur him creatively. I have four words for you: Hoff Sings the Blues. Or maybe something more upbeat, like Hoff’s musical orgy: the girls of Berlin. Cause that smells like a Grammy. And possibly weinerschnitzel.