David Duchovny did NOT cheat on Tea Leoni

September 1st, 2008 // 44 Comments

David Duchovny’s checked into rehab last week to seek treatment for sex addiction. Rumors were circulating that he had an affair with his tennis instructor because apparently people believe celebrities are characters on Dallas. A close friend of Mulder’s set the record straight that it’s a bad case of porn addiction. FOX News reports:

Alas, it isn’t so, says a close friend. Duchovny did not check in because of an extramarital fling. That much the friend is certain of. Even more so: Duchovny’s problem has been longstanding. His wife, Tea Leoni, was aware of it for some time. It had just reached a point where it had to be treated.
I have inferred from my conversation with Duchovny’s friend that this has something to do with an addiction to pornography, probably on the internet. It’s the sex equivalent of a gambling addiction, where the person is just hopelessly trapped in chat rooms.

Wait. There’s porn on the Internet? …. Hold my calls.


  1. Laura


  2. erica

    They make a hot couple.

  3. Dude

    “Wait. There’s porn on the Internet? …. Hold my calls.”


    good job

  4. dreamns

    can’t believe it. I just found this guy on a celebsdating club ‘LovingRich…com”. I don’t think it is himself who created that account there.

  5. Spanky

    I would like to see Tea do a little porn .

  6. God


  7. asshat

    well, there has been a lot of porn piling up on the internet lately.

    i think it’s nice of him to sit at his computer naked all day clicking, downloading, and wanking rather wasting time at a job or spending time with his wife. this man is a public servant.

  8. gigi

    how much online porn do you have to look at to have an addiction?

  9. keep it real yo

    Did he do ATM to his wife just like he saw on those videos?

  10. yeah, not a flattering picture of her. But he should cheat while he can and beg for forgiveness.

  11. Barak Obama

    I heard he was hung like a horse.

  12. Uh oh, if it is online porn we are talking about what’s the definition of an “addiction”?

  13. Internet is for Porn


  14. Uncle Eccoli

    Porn CHAT? Gross.

  15. so.. umm.. what is a online pron addiction? anyone have a check list?

    not that i’m nervous about it or anything? i mean its normal for your homepage to be misskittyspornemporium.com right?

  16. ………..WHO WANTS HIM?
    O.K. now, maybe prostitutes and FAGGOTS?

  17. reply

    Honestly, I believe it’s a shame that people arent allowed privacy in these matters. We all have problems, and certain things should remain private. I have compassion for him and every other person whose issues are displayed and ridiculed in public forums.

  18. gerard Vandenberg

    Tea Leoni looks like a man

  19. bernard fleming

    First off, Fox Muldar is now officially a wanker.

    Calls were the last thing I held after I discovered internet porn. And then only after I washed my hand.

  20. rough daddy

    what is this fool 12 years old? and if hes addicted to porn on the internet, that means his not getting it from tea,,,,that much!

  21. Jack Napier

    #18, If Tea Leoni is a man, then I’d go gay to tap that ass.

  22. KG

    If there is a less flattering picture of his wife around, I’ve not seen it. Sheesh.

  23. sexyBBW

    I really doubt that!

    There are rumors going that David Duchovny likes sexy big boobed hotties and is discreetly hooking up with a big bra model @ sexy BBW=big beautiful women dating club ___PlusMeet….c o m__….

    Hope it is just a rumor…

  24. llllllllll

    Well look at her, of course he cheated. duhh

  25. As I’ve never been a fan of Tea (coffee is much better and effective), I’ll say that he is justified in this because she looks like a frigid bitch. However, I mean, DAMN SON, you are a rich celeb! Online porn? You should just own a Nevada brothel and write it off for taxes.

  26. lovewanga

    Bullshit he didn’t cheat! When you ignore your husband and you don’t show him any support, this is what happens.
    David, you didn’t have to turn to the internet, I’ll give you my address and we’ll work this out. In fact you can take as long as you need with me. ;)

  27. crabby old guy

    Wait a minute, wait a minute. On “X-Files” he played a guy who had a HUGE collection of porn – on “Californcation” (or whatever the hell it’s called), he plays a guy who’s into porn and meaningless sexual encounters.

    Maybe ol’ Dave really ISN’T acting in these series, after all.

    The Porn is Out There. And it’s FABULOUS.

  28. 1 MILF Hunter

    Tea got pissed because David eats Cheetos, scans porn and whacks off all day. She got tired of his orange dick.

  29. He didn’t cheat, just likes porn. I remember an article she gave once that said the secret to marriage is to have sex even if you’re not in the mood. Guess she had little choice anyway? It’s a shame, they seem cute.

    On the other hand, http://www.ihateyoujulia.com/?id=be0e2a869586ffbdc0b3661e13140dc5

  30. dude_on

    When did Tea grow a bosom?

    Dude is a freak… not for whacking to Internet porn – just for admitting it is a problem. Let’s hope he caught it early and it didn’t kill any brain cells.

  31. bernard fleming

    You write about his “bad case of porn addiction” and I wonder how thats different from a good case.

    And then you go on to quote Fox news. Maybe you should have chosen a media source that isn’t named after him.

  32. Yea - blah blah

    Well she is rather manish but i definetly wouldnt kick her out of bed.

    Another note…what exactly constitutes and “addiction to internet porn”?
    ya know just for reference

    and lastly:


  33. friendlyfires


    But nooooo, you have to verify stuff from the tabloids. Realize this, I am bonafide.Do not spurn my advances again or you will lose all privileges!

  34. susan

    i bed to differ

  35. Huh?

    She looks like a manequen in the picture.

  36. Randal

    David, it can be treated. Tea loves you very much to stand by your side during this difficult time and understands that a keyboard is nothing like her caring touch.

    This will only make the two of you stronger and draw you closer together as a husband, wife and family.

    All the best,


  37. meridianwest

    ppl take addictions too seriously.

  38. i shot JR

    I love Dallas.

    But since I’m not Sue Ellen’s little sister, I did not shoot JR.

  39. LoveLife

    He’s cheated on her numerous times, I knew a girl who slept with him on several occasions while he was in town filming the X Files…. she was 19 at the time.

  40. samediff

    Extramarital Affairs, Internet Porn – either he believes he is an addict or he does not, and if he does, and wants to change, his drug of choice doesn’t really matter.

  41. Harlow

    I can honestly say that I need to go to those rehabs, because I like to look at the sites, but mostly of woman. Sometimes, I think that I can be gay because I am a girl and the girls look air brushed, but they have imperfections. The girls have big chest like “body builders” and it all looks the same. Yes, I know that I need to forgive myself for that or maybe I need to get breast implants of “DDD’s” so that I can enjoy myself and not go to those sites. Or maybe I need to wear those rubber bands when I do do the dead and hit myself when I do.

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