David Duchovny checks out of rehab

October 7th, 2008 // 31 Comments

David Duchovny is out of rehab for sex addiction after he checked himself for allegedly cheating on Tea Leoni. People reports:

David Duchovny has checked out of a rehabilitation center for sex addiction, according to his lawyer, Stanton “Larry” Stein.
“David is out of rehab and about to start a new movie,” Stein tells PEOPLE. “He successfully completed his treatment.”

Why am I starting to regret sending David a congratulatory erotic cake? Oh, crap, it just hit me: I forgot to send a card with it. That’s just ignorant. Seriously, I’m embarrassed.

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  1. Jesus Christ


  2. Jocko

    Rehab is for quitters

  3. Sid

    I guess he finished fucking all the nurses.

  4. inquiring mind

    How the fuck do you treat sex addiction and how the fuck to you succesfully complete said treatment. Do they watch star wars movies all day, force feed you until your fat, give you chocolate until you become a pizza faced virgin again, make you wear hideous nerd clothes and get a dumb and dumber haircut? Do they make you read the bible? Really I want to know.

  5. Rick

    Congratulations David!!! Your reward is waiting for you at home!!! (an angry bitter anorexic)


    #3. HILARIOUS.

    Maybe the treatment is that they make you babysit all the bastard celebretard children until you cut your wang off.

  7. Khirschy Squirts

    Mulder has been a real twat lately. They should have let some air out of his big head.

  8. he's ugly

    Well David Duchovny is on top of Jodie Marsh so I call FAIL on his “treatment”.

    Isn’t most of human kind addicted to sex, I mean WTF??? Rehab is just a phony stunt celebs pull to clense their image after fucking up and getting caught by the roving public eye and fam/friends, they don’t “treat” jack shit. This is to appease his wife who caught him in a 10way (the prenup said nothing more that a 3way is allowed and she has to be one of the ways) so this little stunt is to avoid a pricey divorce. But don’t worry folks he’s learnt his lesson; never get caught.

  9. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    I used to really like Duchovny, what sort of fucktard though risks his marriage and relationship with his kids for a mindless fuck? Oh about 70% of the male population of the world, so making Duchovny just a typical weak willed piece of shit.

  10. The truth IS out there

    Rumor has it what started this train barreling down the tracks was that back in the day Gillian Anderson won’t put out (especially w/ the deepthroat blowjobs and anal)

  11. mamadough

    what’s wrong with being a nympho? i too suffer from this debilitating disease. i even made a deal with my husband this week: i get to give him head everyday, but he has to give me sex whenever, and wherever i want it.

  12. mtnbiker

    Can you imagine all the tail he got going into a sex addiction center…. lol. I bet he made some some “friends” with some female patients with the same problem.. haha

  13. Ted from LA

    Well said. I’m sure the bible is involved as well it should be. It’s one of the great pieces of fiction of all time.

  14. Andy

    The treatment was considered a success when David was only able to get erections while holding a toothpick. That meant he was ready to go home to Tea Leoni.

  15. supersex

    Mulder you freaky alien fuck

  16. Pat

    They showed him pictures of Salma Hayek’s thicket-covered episotomy scars and he was cured.

  17. “Sex rehab” I can imagine the shenanigans going on behind the building stair cases…

  18. surlywench

    Thank God I don’t work there, or I’d be humping all the cute patients I could get my hands on. The taboo and naughty factors (I’m an ex-Catholic girl) would be way too intense to resist.

  19. Oh.. I’d rather hear that he’s having x-files addiction than having sex addiction.. Hope his hormones really become passive so that he won’t be getting too much sensations..


  20. Yawn. This is all PR. He checked himself in because someone found out that he cheated on Tea Leoni, and he wanted to blame it on “sex addiction”. Blah blah. Why does he just leave her. Leoni’s face looks like a corpse anyway.

  21. DavidDuchovny

    1 in every 2.7 males cheats on their wives and lies about. I did too but when my old lady showed me the video where I was poppin in some strange woman’s mouth well what can I say except time for rehab. I’m still married which is more than I can say for some people I know.

  22. Randal

    David my man, have a Guinness on me, relax and know that your friends, family and fans support you.


  23. Mike

    You gotta love the idea of sex-addiction rehab. It’s like cool-person rehab. Everyone else is in there with the DTs, detoxing, drooling into their Gerber’s, they shuffle up to you, ask “What’re you in here for, man?” “Ah, the girls, they’re always throwing themselves at my giant Jewish hell-wang, it’s hard to resist.” “… Oh, Ok… Never had that problem…”

  24. wanks

    Randal is gay

    David is a badass…livin the “Californication” life

  25. lulu

    wooO! Hank Moody you kick ass!

  26. titsonsnack

    He frigging looks like Edgar Allen Poe

  27. inquiring mind

    #13. Indeed Ted methinks the bible is surely involved or some type of religious shit, because religion is the only thing that has ever been able to successfully brainwash buttloads of people into not wanting to have sex. Sadly such a high percentage of people are morons that they are suceptible to such brainwashing. Religion really isn’t all that powerful, it’s more that people are THAT stupid. I bet the “sex addiction therapists” are laughing all the way to the bank, they must be cleaning up in Hollywood whoreville. Hmmmm I think I need to change careers. The greatest success a person can accomplish is getting stupid useless rich people to pay you lots of money for doing minimal work.

  28. He needed a “BOOB JOB” on his face?

  29. Wicked Wendy

    #24 I was waiting for someone to mention Californication. Seems to me it sure didn’t aid Dave on this path…..

  30. Wicked Wendy

    #24 I was waiting for someone to mention Californication. Seems to me it sure didn’t aid Dave on this path…..

  31. el ces

    Why won’t he shave!?

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