David Duchovny checks into rehab for sex addiction

August 29th, 2008 // 82 Comments

David Duchovny has checked into rehab for sex addiction, according to People:

“I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction,” the actor says in an exclusive statement. “I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.”

Ironically, David Duchovny plays a sex addict on the Showtime series Californication. The network issued the following statement:

“All of us at Showtime wish David and his family the best during this very private time.”

Perhaps “private time” wasn’t the best choice of words, Showtime. Anyway, this puts the X-Files in a whole new light especially after reading Agent Scully’s statement:

One time he asked if we could do it U.F.O-style. At first I was confused, until he showed me ‘the probe.’


  1. Sex Addict

    I know how it feels David. Don’t worry you have my support.

    I’m a sex-addict too and i wanna fuck and masturbate right now.

    Oh, and FIRST bitches.

  2. Barney Stinson


  3. systemDown

    Jackass!! XXX!!

  4. Behavior modification counselors will say anything to get your money.

  5. Clem

    So he’s a complete wanker then. That’s news.

  6. John Hauck

    HELL!!! I’m addicted to Tea Leoni. While he’s gone, can I get some rehab from her????

  7. MEEP


  8. Sway

    Wasn’t he also in Red Shoe Diaries?
    ….It all makes sense

  9. havoc

    No shit. Isn’t he married to Tea Leoni? Just pound the hell out of that all day.



  10. jokadrma

    100% agree with #6. Dude’s married to Tea Leoni … I’d have to imagine any addiction he has could be fulfilled by her.

  11. rough daddy

    what a pompous jackass this guy is,,,what guy isnt a sex addict,,,and who wouldnt bang tia leony 24/7,,,,

  12. Bill C

    You know all those ‘sex addiction’ counselors masturbate like MAD thinking about hardplunging their client anulhole.

  13. Pete

    Donot get it. He can fuck hottie Tea Leoni everyday … what else does a man need ??? Unless Tea is frigid, but I doubt it . Anyway what an arsehole

  14. steelie

    Not addicted… just method acting.

  15. Bill

    This is a total stunt for his show Californication. You guys are tools for falling for it.

  16. Bill C

    Believe me, this guy is doing this just so he can bang more girls. I know if I saw ‘Hayden Pantera checks into rehab for sex addiction’, millions of cocks would explode thinking about her that day.

  17. what guy doesn’t have a sex addiction?

  18. Deacon Jones

    Jesus, were you guys born yesterday?

    He’s been married for 10 friggin years. After 2 years the sex life gets lame, tack on another 8 years, then, start filming a show simulating sex with random naked chicks, and BAM!

    He gets caught fucking some broad by his wife, he confesses he’s a sex addict, and he goes into “treatment”. This was an ultimatum

  19. Lynn

    I’d hit it repeatedly!!!! He’s sooooooo hottttt

  20. I'm with Lynn

    Lynn- you are so right. He can feed his addiction with me anyday. SO HOT!

  21. jj

    If this actually were a ‘publicity stunt’, it’s not funny; it’s appalling. If people actually understood what sex addiction really was, they’d know that this is not something you just admit to for ratings.

    Unfortunately, at this time, I find the people who truly understand it are the people who have gone through it. It’s not fun, it’s absolute hell… for all people involved.

  22. Dale S.

    I don’t believe this for a second – it’s far too much of a coincidence with his show. If he truly was a sex addict, he would has disguised it as a “painkiller addiction” or other bullshit – no one would ever truthfully admit to being a sex addict because it would imply he’s been cheating on his wife and humiliating his children.

    No, this is just a tacky publicity stunt.

  23. Rubbed himself raw did he?

  24. Duchovny's Agent

    This little piece of fluff will get you to watch Californication and that will get Dave a huge raise and me my 20%.

  25. oh yeah?

    I’d be a sex addict if I was in bed with Tea Leoni every night.

  26. This isn’t a humorous post, nor should it be made light of. Yes, being married to Tea Leoni, it’s fathomable to imagine a lifetime of bed-shaking, and carpet burns.

    This is usually only half the story. Or a third. Massage parlors. Online pornography. Strip bars. “Business trips.” Vacations to countries where little brown exotic honeys are plentiful…

    Lying, credit card bills…

    David is a brave warrior in this fight, and I can tell you just how hard it is to ignore your sweet tooth when you’ve been given a magic card called “Good Looks” that gives you all the candy in the world for free. My prayers are with him today.

  27. whatever

    OBVIOUSLY this means he’s been cheating on his wife Tea Leoni for years and she finally gave him an ultimatum or some shit. No one goes to rehab because they can’t stop banging their wife, that’s called a fucking happy ass marriage (lots of ass) and you won’t find any of those in Hollywood.

    You have to learn how to translate these pathetic PR statements from pretentious fake image shit talk to the real ugly truth.

    “I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction,” the actor says in an exclusive statement. “I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.”


    “I’ve been fucking hookers, coworkers, nannies and everything that will alllow some probing, basically I make Charlie Sheen look like Clay Aiken. So my wife finally got fed up and insisted I go to rehab and my agent sad rehab is really popular these days and it may jump start my career again, so please don’t ask to many questions or probe too much because all the whoring I did is pretty filthy and it’s not good for my career for all that stuff to get out, unlike pretending I’m going to rehab while I go to some resort in Holland and fuck all the hookers, I mean think about my behaviour and try to change.”

  28. Alanis

    Dear Phish,
    This isn’t irony.

  29. shar

    And this makes entertainment news??? Slow day again. Great
    news for his family. (must bring a tear to Momma’s eyes,if she is alive).

  30. Duchovny'sDickCouldFallOffAndWhoWouldCare

    I just want to see the movie. If he really is having that much sex it can’t be too safe so maybe his dick will fall off from some disease and then he won’t need rehab. He’ll just write his memoirs.

    Last thought, I doubt this man is so good at anything that he is in rehab because his wife demanded it. She is probably doing anyone and everyone in town too. Now she is probably pissed because her ball less husband is making the paparazzi watch even more.

  31. Willy

    Sex addiction doesnt exist. Neither does chocolate addiction or addiction to bad television.

    Let me translate this story for thesuperficial and readers:


  32. ha

    This is the problem with being an actor and they are all so stupid none of them get it. When you play “make believe” and have to simulate sex and deep emotional feelings with all kinds of hot people your itty little celebritard brain will get confused.

    I love how the porn industry is viewed as shameful while Hollywood gets the Oscars and actors endorse presidential candidates and all their film festivals in Venice, Cannes etc… Hollywood actors are the real whores, pretending to be madly in love, faking very real and serious emotions, pretending to be serial killers, rapists, child abusers. If it’s unhealthy to have sex with many costars as a porn star isn’t it even more unhealthy to pretend to be a killer or pretend to have found the love of your life. Human beings minds are fragile especially when you’re an ego centric loser celebrity. For 99% this make believe , this whole changing of their identity non stop is disastrous and in the end they don’t know who they are and their life just spirals out of control and they have only themselves to blame. If they weren’t so money and fame hungry they would do less shows and movies and have some breathing time in between so that they don’t fucking forget who they are.

    Fact is they’re all losers and the real filthy industry isn’t the porn industry it’s Hollywood. How fucking healthy can it be to pretend to be a child molester. People often fall for their costar who they have a love story with so if those lines can be blurred and lines can be. These bitches play with fire and they always get burned, but the just deserts is that as the public who owns their overpaid asses we just laugh and laugh as we watch their miserable lives play out, that’s the real show douche bags.

  33. buzzkill, thy name is...


  34. How come when I called about my maturbating “addiction” involving Betty Ruble, the counselors told me to get calling? It’s not right they make her look so hot in tattered animal skins. And dammit, she’s too much women for Barney!

  35. F-tards

    You starfuckers that read this site no nothing about this guy. He is a writer himself with a post-graduate degree in literature from Yale. You don’t think maybe that the show might possibly semi-autobiographical rather than a publicity stunt? He came to Hollywood only when he began to have doubts about being a failure as a writer. Sound like a plot you may know about? Its called Californication…

  36. Poochie

    Seriously, do you know a straight male in America that ISN’T a sex addict?

    Come on.

  37. Rick

    It’s not irony. Irony would be if he played a straight laced prude. The fact that he is a sex addict and plays a sex addict on his tv show is called coincidence.

  38. bosendorfer

    This is a bullshit PR stunt.

  39. Ted from LA

    None of this is funny. I’m his roommate and he keeps trying to hump my leg.

  40. Mike Hawk

    Bad news for his sister if Mulder ever finds her…Keep it in the family. Sheds a little light on why that dude is always smoking. The name Scully might have been a pet name …mmmmm, I could use some Scully myself.

  41. PHil

    Dude, the fact that he plays a sex addict on a show and is now in rehab for sex addiction is “not irony” – it’s an unusual coincidence.

    I guess you follow the Alanis Morrissette school of ironic events.

  42. Ted from LA

    I thought he was great in the XXX Files.

  43. Alyssa




  44. David Duchovny

    People, people, people, I just can’t help it; I’m just a typical Jew pervert.

  45. Randal

    Many of us have watched you grow into the man you’ve become David, from the first episode of the first season of X-Files, along with your movies and other well known TV shows and you have our support.

    Get well soon and may you find the strength to find the truth that is out there.


  46. whatever

    This just made my day.

  47. Jess

    Listen up guys.

    If you ever get caught cheating by your wife, this is the play.

  48. Somebody please cornhole Randal

    Insipid, redundant, refreshing like stale urine, pointless, obsequeous, anally active. Randal.

  49. Deacon Jones


    He’s Jewsish? But he’s not short, bald, or ugly???

  50. Aundria

    I just have to say I was utterly SHOCKED by this headline. I could never have guessed. You never saw David in the tabloids caught cheating or anything. He’s led a pretty quiet life with Tea and their children. Well, whatever happens, I will be praying their marriage will somehow survive. Addiction of any kind is a terribly difficult thing to break. David, stay strong, you can overcome this.

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