David Duchovny did cheat on Tea Leoni (Whoops!)

September 4th, 2008 // 67 Comments

Okay, maybe David Duchovny cheated on Tea Leoni after all. Apparently, The Duchov has a history of seducing unsuspecting extras. I bet he tells them there’s a government conspiracy in his pants. Now that’s smooth and something I could never pull off. Even if the NSA bugged my testicles – which they did. NY Daily News reports:

But The National Enquirer reports that Duchovny went into rehab because Leoni “finally caught him [cheating].”
He said Tea gave him an ultimatum: “Get treatment or our marriage is over,” a source told the tab, which is riding high after getting former presidential candidate John Edwards to admit his tomcattin’.
“At first, Duchovny tried to lie his way out of trouble, but eventually was overwhelmed with guilt and confessed,” The Enquirer contends.
US Weekly concurs that Duchovny, 48, “has a history of indiscretions,” according to “multiple sources.” The mag claims he put the moves on an extra on his Showtime hit, “Californication.” “They ended up making out,” alleges a source. “She later heard this wasn’t the first time he’d taken special interest in an extra.”

I’m glad they finally dropped the whole porn addiction angle. Seriously, how can you can be addicted to something you need to survive? That’s like saying “Hey, everybody, I’m addicted to oxygen.” Pfft. Celebrities. What a bunch of weirdos.


  1. Paolo Maldini

    Woops was a great show back in 1992 for Leoni. Nice job referring to it in your post. I loved that show.

  2. Danklin24

    Does anyone actually give a flying fuck about this guy? Whats he done lately? I for one couldnt give a shit if he cheated on his wife with an eighty foot dragon.

  3. somuchbetter

    i would say, “What a weasel!” but he more looks like a mole.

  4. somuchbetter

    i would say, “What a weasel!” but he more looks like a mole.

  5. The Office Whore

    So THATS what Julia has been doing..

  6. Gary

    Next thing you know he’ll get a 17-year-old slut pregnant.

  7. Cash

    Yeah, because The National Enquirer is a publication to be believed whole heartedly. Christ Op, when did you become a shill for the home of Bat-Boy and “worlds tallest man marries worlds fattest woman?”

  8. National Enquirer


  9. #7 you are thinking of News of the World.

    He looks a bit scruffy there, but I’d still do him. X-File style!!

  10. BadCopNoDonut

    Tea Leoni’s pretty goddamned hot. If I had that at home I’d be too busy laying pipe to find time to hit on extras.

  11. Miss Ongyny

    The worse thing any male star in Hollywod can do is get married.

    Just way too much pussy thrown in your lap to make any marriage work.

    Want to get married? Go work for the government. Or IBM. But if you are an actor, a pro sports athlete, or rock star? You are neglecting you god-given right to enjoy all much sex as is humanly possible. You don’t go an marry the flattest actress in Hollywood.

  12. Hank

    I figure any guy married to Tea Leoni for more than three months would do exactly the same thing.

  13. gwenda

    I’m glad he did cheat on her. She took him away from the x-files. If you go look up information about the X-files, she was complaining that he was working too much which is why he was never in the last couple of seasons of the x-files. And now look at him, all he gets is offers for corny love movies and crappy comedies.

    And seriously you guys at the superficial pick out the best photos for your celebrity gossip..lol

  14. Richard McBeef

    @11 – “You don’t go an marry the flattest actress in Hollywood.”

    Don’t you read the post? It says he is married to Tea Leoni. I don’t see any mention of Kate Hudson. Dumbass.

  15. Deacon Jones

    FISH – I cant believe you didn’t credit me with spelling this out in the related post, I called this shit to the T!

  16. umm.. and this suprises who? this was the biggest non-story since.. well since they announced that amy winehouse had brain damage.

  17. rough daddy

    rule #1 Molder never admit gilt even being caught red handed!!!!!!

  18. S. P., VPILF

    If only young David had been taught abstinence…

  19. Rough daddy still hasn’t found that dictionary, (second shelf on the left)

    Or, there is always spell check. Whatever. I thought school started today. It did here.

  20. who be obammy daddy?

    Maybe he has travelled around the world getting sluts pregnent and one of those jug-eared mulattos will run for president someday.

  21. Randal

    Sorry, it’s just not true. David has always and will always be faithful to his loving wife. I’m not sure where these rumors come from but they’re certainly false.


  22. antoine

    Well it turns out that he hooked up with 2 girls at the same time so it’s not consider cheating because the both cancel each other out. Mr. Duchovny is innocent!!!!

  23. NY Ted

    WOW! Does his “Hebrewism” ever shine in that photo! He likes to hide the fact that he is a “Jew”…but the bulge in his pants doesn’t lie! I’ve never met a Jew yet that won’t plug anything that can crawl! I should know…I was born and raised in New York!

  24. rough daddy

    Hey jerk off? i mean frisk youre way too involve with me! step back

  25. noneyabeezwax

    marriage is a scam brought about by the churches to control the masses. man was not meant to be a monogamous creature. and i really don’t give a shit if i spelled monogonopoly wrong.

  26. Richard McBeef

    rough daddy – sometimes your comments read like a 12 year old boy and sometimes they read like you don’t have mastery of the engrish ranguage. Either way, I assure you that you can fuck right off.

  27. toolboy

    This is the best I can come up with, sorry.
    “Hey David, nice imitation of Jon Lovitz autographing a penis.”

  28. dude_on

    I’m torn between which is worse – admitting that you whack off to Internet porn and require “rehab” or doing star struck groupies while married? Tough call – the problem with DD is he has admitted to both. This is a prime example of a poor damage control strategy and subsequently results in negative street cred.

    He should have just copped to the extramarital slut banging and gone with that from word go. Hell, Tea sounds so understanding, perhaps if he would have asked – she would have said sure anyway, and ultimately joined in. This is simply horrific life management. Dude should call me for advice on these matters.

  29. rough daddy

    really? richy? the beef eater! thats all you can come up with today? me engrish? want to try again?

  30. Yea - blah blah

    Well dont see the problem really, on one hand you have young hot starlets that want you, the other well its the same old same old, no matter how HOT Tea is its the same ALL the time….food for though David!

  31. lulu


  32. me

    HAHA fish u crack me up.

  33. bosendorfer

    Oy vey!

    yale grad not such a mensch after all — or IS he?

    stay tuned.

  34. race

    I second #31, do none of you have showtime? I love him in that show and I hate to admit it, but I would let David seduce me for sheezy!

  35. Justine

    Danklin24 – have you been under a rock lately? Have you heard of Californication??? THAT’S what DD has been up to lately.

  36. Danklin24

    Yeah if heard of it, do i watch it? No because this guy’s a shitty actor.

  37. #35 maybe he HAS been under a rock lately. Don’t judge..

  38. Khirschy Squirts

    I know for a fact that he banged a Malibu Starucks employee.

  39. Mr. Gramma

    He did an Extra?

    Isn’t that what Extra’s are for? Isn’t that why they’re CALLED “Extra’s?”

  40. I bet it was Skully he was addicted 2 still I think he is a DUMBASS !


  41. HALLELUJA, another women-lover!!

  42. On one hand… Who in their right mind would want to cheat on Tea Leoni?
    But then, on the other hand… GO DAVID! ;-)

  43. friendly fires


    That was leaked on purpose by Duchov’s P.A. (still not fired?) to NatEnq, cos face it, what’s less embarrassing, cheating on your wife or constantly playing with your pud in front of the internet while your hot wife with gum disease is pining away in the next room with a jackhammer for a vibrator?


    I know what I’m talking about, David is the original Willy Wanker and he’s got the Oompa-Loopas to prove it.

  44. ketty

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  45. Jammy

    You accidentally posted a picture of Rene Auberjonois, I think……

  46. samediff

    I have no trouble believing he cheated with extras – but I’m a bit incredulous that The National Enquirer is the new standard for reliable scoops.

  47. Krystal Carson

    All in all funny, stupid, condescending comments about Duchovny it’s true. He is a womanizer and always will be. Ask him about the opening of Kevin Spacey’s movie premier on Bobby Darin’s life. That week he was in NY he propositioned by sister’s best friend’s daughter in a Vegan restaurant in Soho. She too was an “aspiring actress”, he asked her to to hook up and go to his NY apartment. Fortuntately she had the brains and where with all to say to him “your married” and have kids sorry dude, plus he was 25 years older than her. Just because you have a recognizable face doesn’t mean your gonna get some. Where was the Enquirer then, that was four or more years ago. Tea Leoni should grow some and throw the philanderer out.

  48. samediff

    I admit I am still chuckling about the “government conspiracy in his pants.”

    This is starting to remind me of this thread I saw somewhere awhile back about John Travolta coming onto men. The internet is making anecdotes travel quicker and often they are quite believable. Good for the sister’s best friend’s daughter having better values than celebrity worship.

    I do think Tea will leave him if this rehab thing doesn’t work. (If you go by chem dep treatment stats it probably won’t, not the first time anyway).

  49. OMG..Can I be admitted to his rehab? I will play the unsuspecting nurse, life coach, Dr. I will be whom ever you want me to be. Yum yum.

  50. talea

    lol, i second that one kimmy! i was just talking to my friend about how i applied to work at the meadows (the rehab he’s at right now) as a mental health associate last year. i decided to go back to school instead. but god, i’ve been a life long fan of his so… god, could you imagine if i’d taken the job, me seeing him walking down the hall? i’d fucking throw myself at him and beg him to do me however he wanted to do me. that wouldve been kinda bad for his recovery… like shoving a pie in a diabetic’s face. but then again that happens to him with hundreds of other girls every single day. poor guy.

    so gillian anderson’s pregnancy. discuss.

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