David Copperfield isn’t a rapist after all

Despite the fact he looks exactly like one and mastered the art of sorcery, David Copperfield is not a rapist and now the woman who accused of him sexual assault on his private island has been arrested for prostitution and pretty much pulling the exact same scheme on another man. TMZ reports:

Authorities say Carroll met the man in a bar and went to his hotel room. As they began having sex she allegedly told him, “Put $2,000 in my purse and you can have it all.” The man says when he refused to fork over the money, she told police he had forced himself upon her.
Shortly after making the report, she refused to cooperate, claiming she had another case going (Copperfield) and felt the new claim would “tarnish the other case.”
Authorities didn’t believe her and charged her with filing a false police report and prostitution.

At this point, The Superficial would like to apologize to David Copperfield for making all those jokes about him being a rapist Bond villain. I should’ve gone with my instincts and assumed the woman was lying which is simply their nature. However, in my defense, David Copperfield is creepy and has assistants draw him a map of potential dates in the audience so he can rape them on a mystical island buy them Italian dinners.

Photo: Getty