David Copperfield is hiding something from the FBI

October 19th, 2007 // 83 Comments

David Copperfield is being investigated by the FBI though nobody will explain why. He has a warehouse in Las Vegas called the International Museum & Library of the Conjuring Arts where he keeps tricks and memorabilia, and it was raided by FBI agents Wednesday where they seized a computer hard drive, a digital camera memory chip, and nearly two million dollars in cash.

“We understand there is an investigation, we are in touch with the investigators, and are respecting the confidentiality of the investigation,” Copperfield’s lawyer David Chesnoff said in a brief statement.

Everything about this is just so mysterious. I think it’d be pretty funny if the director of the FBI saw a magic special and this whole case is to figure out how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear. I mean, it was there, and then it wasn’t. Where’d it go?! How’d he do it?! I bet there was a mirror involved. I’m pretty clever when it comes to these things.


  1. Dumb FBI, he’s made it disappear.

  2. Daniel


  3. Why would he keep two million in cash in a warehouse.

    Could this be a tax related investigation?

  4. Mal Reynolds

    My early prediction:
    The search of Copperfield’s warehouse has something to do with child porn.

    I have never quite trusted that guy. He seems smarmy.

  5. He’s in to child porn

  6. Seriously, there is no mystery about David Copperfield. The man wrote an autobiography about himself in 1850! There are no secrets left to learn.

  7. salmonswife

    uhmm is that
    ‘The Office’ guy…
    Michael ‘I have got it made in the shade. I know this company. The other branch managers are total morons.


    I wonder if he could make Osama disappear.

  9. salmonswife

    sorry TheofficeGuy!
    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwe childporn!

  10. ishegayordoeshejustlooklikethat

    I heard that he was hiding the sausage.

  11. IWONKY

    Maybe he could make the investigators disappear too.

    That’s a funny word – Investi – gators.

  12. Dick Richards

    Child porno! Nothing says FBI raid quite like thousands of child-sex pictures. I always knew he was a pedophile. On his website it says that he spends quite a “considerable amount of time” in the philippines. That’s child-porno mecca right there. Copperfield flies there with his over-forty-boyish wife life-partner, then screws tons of boys while the shitty ex-supermodel nonsense films. Sicko. I was reading in People magazine that Coppefield and Chris-fag Angel both enjoy the prepubescent anuses of little boys.

  13. David Copperfield

    The FBI is indeed investigating how I make things disappear. Specifically they want to know how I make large objects like the Statue of Liberty disappear, just as Superfish suggested.

    The FBI has a plan to make the earth invisible, so that the CIA can peer down at the people on the other side of the planet and spy.

    I am writing this at the Superfish because the Superfish is so well hidden that no one will ever find what is written here; the Superfish is my private diary.

    Truthfully yours,

    David Copperfield

  14. Why in the hell isn’t that money in the bank?
    Sounds very fishy to me.

  15. What? I was right? It IS child porn??

    God what a loser. Adult midget porn is where it’s at….

  16. slick

    Hey #15
    I bet you know all about fishy

  17. IWONKY

    OH, he can make his sausage-wiener-schnitzel thing disappear, oooooooooooo, …..and reappear…aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  18. Fag

    @13 your soooooooooo right. The Philippines is the BOMB. I love the prepubescent anuses of little boys. I also love their hairless little cocks. But it’s fucking STUPID to film that.

  19. D. Richards

    No, #4. Two-million in cash goes a long way in Southeastern Asia in regards to buying children. For fifty dollars, you can have the child’s buttochs. For fifty more you can use any orifice on the Child’s body. Fifty more and you can create your own orifice, and fuck that. Or, for a cool Two-hundred, you can just buy the bastard as a snuff-sex slave. It’s economics.

  20. Sam Hain

    As good as he is at hiding things you would think he could never get caught doing anything, and whatever they do happen to find must only be a miniscule fraction of what is really there, sort of like Britney’s cooch.

  21. @17 you know it

    I’m still trying to figure out how to save $6,500 for my RealDoll.

  22. Bigheadmike

    Maybe he can make his five head disappear. That is definately bigger than a forehead!!!!

  23. D. Richards

    #19. Yes, you silly slut. You would get a long fine with Davy Copperfield. The two of you could take turns snow-balling each others semen from the poor tykes little mouths.

  24. jrzmommy

    Soooooo……whatever it is the FBI is looking for…..why doesn’t he just make it disappear? Or turn it into bunnies or some shit?

  25. Age

    Eh ma gawd, he’s the REAL Canadian pedophile!

    The cops have realized they nabbed the wrong pedophile (Christopher Paul Neil).

    David Copperfield used his fcukin demon magic to distort his own face and replace it with that of that guy from Thailand, he totally pulled one over on Interpool! ZOMG How does he do it.

  26. LOL Jrzymommy

    “Today the FBI raided DC’s warehouse were they seized two million little white bunnies.”

  27. MindRiot

    His most amazing trick to this day has got to be marrying a WOMAN. Imean, come on.

  28. Mdiz

    It’s Chris Angels fault. “There can only be 1 ugly assed creepy magician in this town…”

  29. Auntie Kryst

    I don’t think it’s kiddie porn. They want to know what Claudia Schiffer ever saw in this weirdo. Magicians and clowns = creepy.

  30. El Sueno

    Wait one darn minute! He was engaged for 5 years to Claudia Schiffer, so he can’t be gay or like little Filipinos.

  31. lulu

    why in hell would they take his $2,000,000?! What does that have to do with “possible sexual misconduct”??

  32. LL

    Why would anyone keep $2 million in cash in a warehouse? And what better way, really, to hide something away so that no one can find it than a warehouse in Vegas. You know, I’ve heard of these special warehouses just for money, but I can’t quite remember what they’re called. Gimme a minute, it’ll come to me…

  33. MindRiot

    Try again El Sueno….Richard Gere is married, too. So there goes that theory.

  34. PunkA

    That whole Claudia Schiffer thing was an ILLUSION. Never happened. It was a cover for his gay leaning, Scientology-loving front. Like Tom Cruise.

  35. #32, he was making child porno and selling it over the internet, the 2 mil was his profits and he hadn’t gotten around to laundering it yet.

    Oh the magic is gone…

  36. lils

    hint, hint… whatever they are looking for, they should try first to inside his pockets.

  37. Kiwi

    Fox News is reporting that it’s related to a rape claim made by a Seattle woman.

  38. lil'one

    It is a rape charge. In Bahamas, August timeframe.

  39. brush

    He’s probably a kikopedophile.

  40. Lola

    seizing the money has to do with him not paying the taxes on the income…. feds can’t take monies due to speculation of how it was generated but they can take it if the money is hidden and not through uncle sams tax channel…..someone basically snitched on him……snitchers now get 1% of the money found for being a rat for the IRS.

  41. El Sueno

    Richard Gere likes little Filipinos??

  42. gerard Vandenberg

    I think his “MAGIC” is over!!

  43. lola again

    I actually met David Copperfield and assisted him on stage during a show in chicago. He is a totally nice guy and not bad looking in person. Some of the illusions he performed were absolutely AMAZING. And, I can’t imagine him having to rape anyone. Even if he is bisexual he gets plenty of female tail believe me!

  44. SR

    It really pisses me off what has been said about David!Especially the
    kiddie porn implications and that he’s supposedly gay.

    I used to know David personally, but I haven’t seen him in years. Let me tell you, he’s definitely NOT GAY. I’m a girl and his face has spent a lot of
    time between my legs on many occasions, and he loved it. Not gay…

    If anything, you could accuse him of being too much of a womanizer,
    but he doesn’t go for the underage girls, or boys.

    He’s very reserved in person, but not creepy and he’s very nice. His warehouse in Vegas is not just that, he has an apartment in there and the warehouse is also a museum and his headquarters. For someone who is as wealthy as he
    is, it’s not so strange to have such a large sum of cash around.

    Whatever the reason for the search is, it’s certainly not child porn. My guess is tax evasion, which most people are guilty of to some extend.

  45. SR

    By the way, don’t know why americans find him unattractive, but German girls, like me, LOVE him. David is really charming, charismatic and funny, a great lover and he has the most beautiful eyes. Claudia Schiffer was no doubt attracted to him for those reasons.

  46. Mexican donkey show proprietor

    @ #45 & 46 SR: I also personally know David Copperfield; so does my donkey. David has spent a lot of time underneath my donkey with my donkey’s ding-dong in his mouth.

    My donkey loves David and David loves my donkey. My donkey always trots over to greet him whenever he visits; David always gets right down to business.

    I charge him $10,000 per visit.

  47. Hecubus

    The full story is in – Apparently after performing his ‘cut a woman in half’ trick he took the bottom half into his dressing room and when he gave it back to the girl half an hour later it was covered in semen and cigarette burns.

  48. here ya go


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