David Copperfield goes through a lot of trouble to meet women

October 24th, 2007 // 54 Comments

David Copperfield’s Las Vegas warehouse was raided last week by the FBI. A computer hard drive and digital camera equipment were confiscated. While the reasons for the raid weren’t immediately disclosed, it appears a Seattle woman is claiming the magician raped her in the Bahamas. The seized camera equipment may provide a clue, according to TMZ:

Sources now tell TMZ Copperfield designed part of his show around “a system for picking up women.” During his show, David goes into the audience and chooses women to come on stage. We’re told that if David likes a girl, he’ll use code words with assistants like “mama” and “secrecy.” The assistants mark the women on a map of the inside of the Hollywood Theater at MGM Grand. After the show, the women are brought backstage — and that’s where the profiling begins.

The women are told that David may use them in his show when he comes to their hometown. They are then photographed with a digital camera, asked questions like, “What is your favorite men’s cologne?” and “Where do you like to vacation?” We’re told one of those vacation spots mentioned by staff is the Bahamas, where the accuser claims she was assaulted. Copperfield owns a cluster of islands in the Bahamas — which he bought for $50 million.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but David Copperfield could learn a thing or two from Criss Angel. Granted, Criss looks like a retarded Mr. T from Long Island, but at least he picks up chicks the honest way. No elaborate interviews and secret codes nonsense. He just finds celebrities that are suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction, milks them for free press and then bangs them. You don’t get much more pure and innocent than that. Bravo, Criss Angel. Go buy yourself another necklace. You earned it.

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  1. sarah


  2. I’d say it’s probably worth the trouble considering what kind of ass he gets.

  3. G Man

    He is a PLAYA !! Good luck trying to escape from PRISON freak

  4. Sunflower

    OMG. “Go buy yourself another necklace.” That is sooooooo damned funny – made me laugh out loud!!!! Thank you – I needed that!

  5. life is a shithole

    Innocent until proven guilty but, just take one look at that fug couldn’t get pussy unless he was rich face and you’ll see in one second that he’s a very guilty man.

  6. Balls Johnson

    Dave can do no wrong. I’d pry say that I was raped by him to try and get some money after I banged the guy. Have him tie me up and take pictures then cry rape. Hell yeah, off to vegas I go. And I’m a guy

  7. David Copperfield is the man!!! I want to be like him when I grow up.

  8. dab

    Goddamn that chick is hot!

  9. Pauly

    Who cares ? sounds like some gold digging bitch.

  10. sprout

    when you say goes to a lot of trouble to meet “women” do you mean Zack Efron?

  11. AtriumXP

    “Watch me make the evidence disappear…” :D

  12. micke

    You are clearly trying to suck up to Criss Angel, since he’s buying prominent ad space on your site for his crapfabulous new tv show. Good work!

  13. veggi

    she was actually a black. he used his magic to turn her into a white

  14. havoc

    If its the chick in the photo….then fuck yeah!

    I’d profile her ass too!


  15. LL

    I don’t in any way want to seem as if I’m blaming the victim (if there are actually any victims here), but what kind of moron sits there and answers questions like that and doesn’t know that they’re being profiled, so to speak? Never mind, I know what kind of moron does that: women who are so flattered by attention from men (esp. rich and/or famous ones) that they will do anything to go along. “Sign over my kidneys to you in case you ever need one? Sure, Mr. Copperfield, anything for you, I’m your biggest fan.”

    What is hot about “magicians” anyway? They are just one step above mimes as far as I’m concerned.

    As for Copperfield, ew. Running your sex life like you’re Match.com is really pretty creepy. And sad. It kinda makes hooking up for a night with someone you met in a bar over a few drinks look almost quaint and sweetly old-fashioned. Leave it to him to out-smarm the majority of American men. That takes some real effort and dedication.

  16. dab

    13- wow. You win for the most rediculously retarded statement yet!

  17. What the deuce???

  18. veggi

    haa, so you are my troll. got you!!!

  19. Once upon a time

    Copperfield picked me from the audience once to go on stage and assist him in his show. While on stage he asked me personal questions & grabbed my ass a few times. and although I was flattered I flat told him NO back stage–I am married. He kissed me goodbye on the lips–tried to slip in the tongue. And, the audience was laughing. Truth is I thought he was a tiny little guy with a head that looked to big for his body. He’s a pervert!

  20. Balls Johnson

    @16 you mean…….. ridiculous?

  21. Gucci

    David Copperfield once picked me from the audience too! I was 12… uh-oh…

  22. colin mclean

    what the heck does he have a razor in his hand for? Maybe that explains his sly grin

  23. balls johnson

    did you mean vagina?

  24. Ript1&0

    Hey, isn’t this the same guy who used to date Claudia Schiffer? I always wondered how he pulled that off and now we have an answer – elaborate stage acts, magic mirrors, and slight of hand. But his super powers must have worn off in recent years.

    Now he just slips random audience members roofies and magically they end up at his house and can’t remember why. Taaa – Daaahhh!!!

  25. DavidCopperfieldLikesSexMoreThanWomen

    I’ll bet this dude spent a lotta money tricking women into sex with all his profile bullshit. And all of it so he could walk onto late night talk shows like Howard Stern and say “Howard, I have never paid for sex in my entire life.” The women I’ve seen asking 25k for a day of play should have satisfied this man as good as any chippy he could trick. I hope the FBI nails him. In prison Copperfield will get to be the bitch. I’ll bet his butt is gonna love him for that.

  26. D. Richards

    Rad! Good for Copperfield. That’d be so fucking great to fuck numerous women like that. Who cares if he raped a woman (or man)? She should have known to be more careful. A magician, with a “cluster” of islands, shouldn’t be trusted. You’re right, though, he’s a fucking illusionist. He should just be able to illusion women on to his prick.

  27. 1MILF Hunter

    What an asshole. Why didn’t he perform some illusion that he had a 10″ dick? Then he wouldn’t be raping anyone. The skanks would line up for that. He could perform some other illusion that a Rosie O’Donnell fatty brutus looked like Cindy Crawford in her hey day. Those fatties would appreciate getting cocked by someone like him.

  28. David Seth Kotkin

    What do you expect. He’s……a……….get ready……..another…..sneaky …….smarmy………JEW who’s real name is David Seth Kotkin! My goodness, it never ceases to amaze me of the sinister plots these spawns of satan can conjure up.

    Doesn’t he remind you of that other explotive jew Howard K. Stern who subtley murdered anna nicole & her son? Whenever it has to do with the assault of some beautiful aryan blonde, you will always find some sniveling jew-troll behind the curtain, pulling the levers. Ugh, I’m not some skinhead or something but you just can’t discount a pattern when you see one.

  29. Jeff L

    He probably has a strange fetish for meeting women a certain way.

  30. moobs

    Nobody knows if he really raped anyone, geez. STFU or move to Iran with that attitude.

  31. Geoff

    #28. I was just talking to my old buddy, Phil Spector. He said there is no such pattern and that I’m anti-semetic for saying so.

  32. Balls Johnson

    What is a “vagina”

  33. Hollywood Agent

    I always thought he was an idiot. He could of had that beautiful Guess jeans model as a wife, but he is is just a lone loser that probably still lives with his mother.

    Just look at that discussing little smirk on his face. He thinks that he is too Sexy for himself. What a Pig !!!!

  34. Mike

    wait she got a FREE trip to the Bahamas, whats her problem? Bitch I take your ass to the fucking Bahamas you best be prepared to take it like a pornstar. shit.

  35. David Goldfield

    @28 & @31,

    Ron Goldman called, he said this one’s on OJ.

  36. PunkA

    so the dude uses smoke and mirrors to land chicks. so what?!

  37. .

    That’s not the woman! :D That’s his old girlfriend. Estonian model Merily Jürna.

  38. Pooflinger

    David needs to go to prison and stay there. There’ll be girls in prison; David can be one too.

  39. Tracy

    you made me laugh – i needed that today. Damn illusionists, magicians or whatever – who woulda thought he actually would go through all that work for some tail that he could probally pick up on the beach with little to no effort – douche.

  40. Feckless

    A true master magician is the woman in The Shining who made Jack Nicholsen think she was a young harlot when actually she was the Cryptkeeper. After Copperfield whipped the scarf away to reveal his genitals, Ms. Rape Victim and Nicholson probably had identical looks on their faces.

  41. zil

    Gold digger is right, stupid whore.

  42. nagger please

    They don’t call him David Cop-a-feel for nuthin.

  43. jacknasty

    wow that chick looks exactly like a young Claudia Shiffer, who Copperfield used to bang…at least he has good taste

  44. BowChicaWow

    WTF?!?!! Why is his head 3 times the size of hers?!?!?

  45. one

    David is another Hollywood bad boy! I saw his profile on WealthyRomance.com where Charlie Sheen found his girl last May. He is dating a young beauty on that site!

  46. ted from la

    Have you ever waken up in a campground naked with a used condom hanging out of your pussy and completely confused?

    If so, the next time your husband is out of a town do you want to go camping?

  47. BigOne

    Copperfield is the MAN. Who cares if he uses a camera to help him pick out which chick he’s going to bang next? He’s a busy guy, he doesn’t have time to bang just any regular chicks. He needs to make sure he’s doing the best. Plus, rock stars do this all the time– except usually they have their roadies pass out the backstage passes. Why do they do it? Because it WORKS. There are plenty of gullible star F*$%rs out there.

  48. chimpy

    I thought this assclown was gay.

  49. harry houdini

    david’s defense will no doubt be he made her right to say no disappear before they got naked.


    28 & 31, find yourselves a nice neo-Nazi site to play on before I take your asses apart.

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