David Copperfield case goes before grand jury

October 29th, 2007 // 52 Comments

Several law enforcement officials have confirmed that a Seattle grand jury is investigating the accusations that David Copperfield sexually assaulted an aspiring 21-year-old model. The Seattle Times pretty much confirms earlier reports from The National Enquirer and provides info on how the magician first met his alleged victim while at a show with her family:

They were led to special seats, and Copperfield selected the woman to come on stage as part of his act, the federal sources said.
Sources confirmed that the woman told investigators Copperfield later promised he could help with her modeling career and invited her to his isolated $50 million private retreat at Musha Cay, in a tiny string of white-sand islands 85 miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas. From Nassau, the retreat is accessible only by charter plane and then private boat.

David Copperfield told the woman there’d be other guests on the island, but when she arrived, it was just her and the magician:

She has told Seattle police, and later the FBI, that Copperfield raped and struck her during her two days on the island, said sources familiar with her allegations.
She said that, afterward, Copperfield threatened her, telling her she’d better keep quiet, and then escorted her onto a plane.

Is this the natural progression of things? Get famous. Date Victoria’s Secret model. Become bored. Buy your own set of islands where you act out depraved, power-mad sexual fantasies with young women. What happened to shuffleboard? I thought old people went bananas for that game.So, what, now they’re into crazy, James Bond villain shenanigans with private islands? Maybe that’s why my grandpa keeps saving all those coins. Oh, no, wait, it’s the dementia. My bad.

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  1. Shit4Brains

    What a pig!

  2. jeanna


    what did she really expect?

  3. abby


  4. J

    abby, you suck at life

  5. graff

    Well, fuck a duck …

  6. spy

    This guy is a nut. If he wanted hot sex of any kind, he could hire a few porn stars or very expensive hookers. Any rich man can do that (and does). This guy is so insane, he wanted to get caught doing weird shit. Think about it. If he didn’t want any of this in the press, he could prevent it.

    I think he’s been reading the Superficial and getting jealous of Britney and Lindsay Lohan. He’s like, “I wanna be a fucked-up celebrity, too!”

    Next up: The David Copperfield sex tape.

  7. jeanna

    “Next up: The David Copperfield sex tape”

    abra cadbra! XD

  8. gertie

    gad is this for real ahole .. no way what could he be thinking

  9. Nitsua

    ..so Gayish
    & I always wonder is he fat or skinny ?..he always wears a bigshirtoverabigsweater/shirt

  10. Soy

    ‘Dorky Pervert’

  11. IFuckingHateYou

    Why else would you buy your own string of islands, if not to rape young, aspiring models?

  12. Ash

    Poor thing =(

  13. schack

    I wish David Copperfield would rape me, but you can’t rape the willing.

  14. only idiots write what number 2 did

    @2. uh, wow. I actually “almost” hope you “get what you expect” you fucking stupid cunt.

    seriously, you are more lame than number 3.

  15. Laurie

    First of all – why did she STAY FOR 2 DAYS?!!
    Second of all – I believe if you research it, you’ll find that HE’S GAY.

  16. jazzdrummer420

    I’ve been watching this for a bit now, and I can’t figure out… is that the girl claiming he raped her??? Or just a stock photo???

    Plus what a desperate egomaniac…
    Let’s recap, make things disappear, date Victoria Secrets models, buy remote islands, become exposed for using magic show to score young models in a clandestine operation, get raided by FBI, get outed by 21 yr old aspiring model for being a rapist… Nice trick David… HA
    What an ass…

  17. PunkA

    Gold digger from Seattle. Guess she missed the Microsoft millionaire craze and went after someone to make her $$$ magically appear. Douchebag.

  18. That'sHisWife

    @16. That is Coppafeel’s wife. She looks so awesome but I guess doing her became boring. See what happens when you spend more time masturbating than fucking.

  19. nipolian

    I think I see some more celebrity justice on the horizon. Is that a razor in his hand?

  20. Italian Stallion

    A real magician would have made her disappear Scott Peterson style……….

  21. see what he is really about!!!!!

  22. Ript1&0

    Alright… point taken. This guy is a creepy douche. And I’ve learned something today –

    Don’t ever leave the country. Who knows what the hell is going on on all these “clusters of islands”.

    Can’t a man have the common decency to sexually asault you in your own house anymore?

  23. amma

    In the press they say she stayed for two days because it’s his island. She had to rely on him to get a plane outta there. I don’t think she was stupid either, supposedly he invited her to a big party on the island and she didn’t realize it was a ruse until she got there and was the only other person. I mean, he’s David Copperfield, not some guy off Craigslist…why wouldn’t she feel safe? I think he’s gorgeous, but there has got to be something wrong with a guy engaged to Claudia Schiffer for six years and no marriage. ?! Who knows…maybe it’s all made up? Anything is possible, guess we’ll have to find out. Why do people say he’s gay? Just cause he’s hot? Hahahah…jealous haters!

  24. kiki

    rape or not, he HAD TO ASSUME that at SOME POINT this sort of idiotic, desperate attempt at sex with young women was gonna bite him the ass.

    with money comes privilege, but also an expectation. ya know, to not rape people.

  25. Balls Johnson

    Dave is awesome. This whole thing sounds like an after school special. “don’t go to islands with famous magic men”

  26. OMG IT’S MAAAAGIC! Has anyone else noticed that every time the fish posts a story with this guy, him and the rapety raped girl switch places in the photo? Yup yup, scroll back and look! Like, it’s so totally cool, like ya know? EEHEHEHEHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE now if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to FUCKING MY WATERMELON BITCH HAHAHA! Where’s my medication?

  27. Balls Johnson

    Fuck off man

  28. Hemlock Queen

    Dirty fucking rapist. I hope he rots in jail forever. Without any money to warm his cold, tiny heart. I’m sure the inmates will warm his tight hairy ass!

  29. eert

    is the girl the Estonian chick he used to be with? I’m Estonian but i don’t recognise her :)

  30. Feckless

    What a lizard.

  31. d3l33t

    He has the pedo smile, you see that!?

    Pedo Smile!

  32. whackjob

    uh, she’s clearly holding a ticket to “something’ in her hand….

    and who knew dumbass the molester was giving away mult-million doorprizes with his private, weekend island get-aways.

    No chick deserves to have some pig attack her, regardless of the circumstances. If the buzz is true, the real story should’ve been: Magician David Copperfield Found Dead in Island Retreat. Young Rape Victim Questioned; Likely Justified Homicide.

  33. amma

    #31–what is the “pedo smile?” Hahahah…I love that phrase but I’m not getting it. What are the characteristics of the “pedo smile?”

  34. Feckless

    One of the hallmarks of a Pedo Smile is a tenhead, another on is girly eyes.

  35. durable

    Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover. His face says it all better than anyone could ever hope to….except a jury convicting him.

  36. quavis

    OK he is a rapist. WHO IS THE WOMAN IN THE PICTURE?

  37. jane doe

    look how that twit tart is dressed, what else was she expecting to be treated dressed like that.

    she see’s only dollar signs in david copperfield…KA CHING!!

  38. Marian

    First off if you’ve ever been to his show, or met him…like most people in that line of work he’s extremely charismatic.

    Second, most people feel like they ‘know’ celebrities. Given the nature of most comments around here, that shouldn’t be a big shock to any of you. And you don’t. You know what you see on a stage, you know snippets of what you see via the media…and you know what their PR people put out there. Here’s two great examples: OJ was thought by most people (because of his persona) to be a wonderful guy. Surprise! He’s not. Second is Tom Cruise, when he fired his publicist you all got to see how utterly batshit crazy he is.

    So it’s not like she went off with a ‘stranger’ …even though she did. She went off with David Copperfield, who being famous was like someone she knew.

    But she didn’t.

    Third…she’s in her early twenties. Frankly I wonder how many of you would hop in a van with a stranger ;) but the point is…most young people make mistakes that could be terminally stupid. And what she did is a far cry from the stupidity of many people.

    Assuming that all this is true (and I have no idea if it is) she’s in another country with a guy who she felt like she knew, who turned out to be a huge creep. Sure, she went with the guy probably because he’s very charismatic, he’s David Copperfield, and she probably had notions of what this could do for her in terms of her career, or who she might get to meet. If he was David Copperfield the old guy who made $50k a year at some boring job…she wouldn’t be going over his house.

    She’s stuck on a private island with no way out. Frankly there are woman who’ve been raped in hotel rooms who are too frightened to leave. It’s a surreal situation that you can’t believe is happening, has happened to you.

    There are many women who don’t go to the police right away, who will even finish out an evening like nothing happened…because they can’t believe it.

    Many women never even go to the police.

    Again, assuming all this is true, I can’t imagine how terrifying it would be to be trapped on a desert island in a situation where you are continually realizing just how deep over your head you are. She would have realized she has NO idea who this guy really is. And she’s in another country, with no way out.

    Assuming it’s true. We don’t know. But her story has more credibility than it would have had had she taken blood money. Or if she had filed a civil suit instead. And given that this happened overseas, it was probably something she was urged to do (file a civil suit) because proving this case will be hard. And that’s why they’ll be going after him for the attempted coverup and trying to prove he intended to do this all along.

    Because the rape, if rape occurred, didn’t happen in the United States.

    I’ve also been to Nassau. I’d fly home and call the police in the United States too before I’d call them there.

  39. choocher

    All this fucker needs is a white jacket, a French midget, and he’s ready for the big time.

    “Ms. —- desires to be a famous international model, Tattoo. We’ll soon see how she looks modeling a meat mustache.”

    “What is ‘meat mustache’ boss?”

    Shit, I’m giving away the whole script here.

  40. me

    WHO IS THE WOMAN IN THE PICTURE? – ITS MERILY JURNA. She was his girlfriend some time ago.

  41. e g

    He raped her.

    I bet he pays no time. She needs to get some $$$ from him though.

    What a creepy pervert. The dirty magician. Thats what happens to dude that get their publicity and fame cut off. They become desperate rapists.

    David Blaine is following his steps. Chasing white chicks and insulting them if they don’t sleep with him. Fucking hispanic piece of shit.

  42. BishOP


    Shit, my eyes are bleeding. I stopped reading at the the first paragraph.

    Let me sum it up: Rich Old Man =PERV, invites hot girl to secluded island promises new magic trick with his dick.

    All I can say is that a man that can afford his own chain of small islands has a great deal of money. By the sound of it he’s a sexual predator already..but if this chick caught on to that fact she could be trying to extort money.

    Whether he raped her or not (hope he didn’t–know one should have to go through that) he’s still a douchebag, more so if he did.

  43. Awww, Not This Crap Again!

    Okay folks….is there ANY chance this chick could be LYING?!?!?!?

    I mean, c’mon, what 21 year old, aspiring model, stays on an island ALONE with a man who ALLEGEDLY raped and hit her for TWO DAYS, then is ALLOWED by the man who did these awful things to get back on a plane and go home?!?!

    This chick then calls her mother from the plane, and the mother meets her daughter at the Seattle airport, and whisks her off to the hospital to have a rape evaluation done.

    If David is, in fact, guilty of these charges, then he’s an ass and a fool. With all of the money and connections he undoubtedly has, he could have had ANY one (male or female, LOL!), then fed the person to the sharks a la Natalee Holloway, and been done with it (especially since he was in the Caribbean, and I believe under Dutch law–meaning he would have beaten the charges). You would think he would know how “the game” is played.

    Granted, Copperfield has those creepy pedophile/molester eyes and evil looking smirk/grin, but I really think this whole situation reeks of a $$$et up! See, in the end, the accuser will settle for a few million, then, presto, a modeling career is launched!!!

  44. amma

    Well, technically anyone could lie about anything. But I doubt this girl is lying. Or rather she is going through an awful lot of trouble that in the end will most likely ruin her life, not his and she’ll get zero compensation. Because even if true, for a no name to go after a celebrity of his caliber with a story as incredible as hers when she could have easily taken a pay out of filed a civil suit and saved herself a lot of trouble. His lawyers will destroy her. And pay attention, evidence has got to be pretty strong for a grand jury to convene. BTW, no one said he raped her for two days…just that she was stuck there for two days. Why would he kill her? He’s David Copperfield, he had every confidence she’d just go home and shut up. My guess is that this leak will kill the case, unless more women come forward. And if David is the nut I think he is…more women will come forward {or be paid off before they do…bet his lawyer asked him “anyone else could cause problems” and his pen is writing zeros right now….

  45. the mighty copperfield…. what a joke

  46. Jackson Wallace

    Ummm, I would agree that this makes Copperfield look like a creep,
    EXCEPT that I am from Seattle and have dealt with the passive/aggressive
    freakazoid women in this town at times. I’m sure other men across the planet have had the situation where you bang a girl, with her complete approval, then you don’t follow-up they way they expect, and next thing, word has gotten out that you raped her. I guess the girl I supposedly did this to didnt think it
    was enough of a crime to try the police. I actually dont know if the police
    will arrest someone on only a claim, or require medical proof.

    Its really he said she said. If she was violently raped, then she should’ve
    gone to a doctor and been able to get proof that it was forcible. As far
    as I’m concerned, without medical physical evidence, this could just as
    easily be some little crybaby golddigger who thought her pussy was
    gold when Copperfield saw it as nothing but another washcloth to be
    smeared and tossed. She flew to his place in the Bahamas to test as a model?
    Why wouldnt she agree to meet him in NYC or LA or at an agency. His invite to his place would stink to high heaven in any parents mind. This
    sounds kind of ridiculous, but maybe he did do it. Maybe she’s just a
    greedy, spoiled suburban blonde twat. America manufactures a lot of those.

  47. Goliano

    I don’t think there should be a comma between “crazy” and “James”… that is unless you’re a fat bastard who can’t hold his breath for too long.

  48. Gloria

    nice, some people hear that they are invited to a millionaire& celebrities site called sugarcupid.com, i do not know it is true or not.

  49. curly hair

    That man is confused!It’s all an illusion, David,calm down.You are not that handsome as you may think.You are not even close.

  50. BOREDOM!

    zzzzz..zzz….GOD, THAT’S SO SO SO EXTREMELY BORING!!!!!!!!! he is such a boring person just another retard as usual, the kind you meet at some fancy places,only some of them are really really boring like david c.David C. well fuck you ,we don’t want yououou.’cause that’s all you wanna do, you jerk off!Get a real job!GOD ALL MIGHTY WHY DID YOU HAVE TO COME UP WITH SOME PEOPLE THAT ARE SO SO SIMILAR ONE ANOTHER, ha!?HOLLYWOOD WORLD SUCKS!I’LL GIVE YOU THAT!

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