David Copperfield allegedly tried to bribe victim

October 25th, 2007 // 111 Comments

David Copperield allegedly offered two million dollars to the Seattle woman accusing him of rape if she remained silent. Coincidentally, the FBI supposedly seized two million in cash when they raided David’s Las Vegas warehouse last week. The money may have been prepped for a visit the FBI had the victim arrange with the magician. David Copperfield will neither confirm nor deny if the money was there. A friend of the victim provided the National Enquirer with an account of the alleged assault, according to the NY Daily News:

Copperfield invited the 21-year-old beauty to a “lavish party” at his remote compound in the Bahamas. But when she got there, on July 27, she discovered “there was no party – and no other guests,” according The Enquirer source.
“She got nervous and wanted to go home right away, but David convinced her to stay, saying she could leave the next day if she really wanted to,” the friend claims.
That night, Copperfield forced himself on the woman, holding her arms “down on the bed, leaving her with terrible bruises,” the friend charges.
“She told me she fought back,” the friend says. “But she said that just seemed to turn him on more.”

Afterwards, when David left the room, the woman took pictures of the scene with her cell phone:

“In order to preserve physical evidence, she says she didn’t shower. The next day, she went back home to Seattle, where her mother met her at the airport.”
“They drove straight to the Harborview Medical Center, where medical personnel performed a ‘rape kit’ on her.”

Umm, abracadabra?

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  1. TimeWillTell

    I don’t this girl is gold digging. If she was then 2 million would be a great payday for sex. Copperfield got cash and no doubt girls anytime. I imagine he still wanted the girls who weren’t that easy to get. Thus all this complex network of deceipt. I hope it is true and he gets sent to prison. Where lots of dudes can show him how they can make their salami disappear even while he looks. Sometimes the world is fair.

  2. MMB

    i would so like to get raped for 2 mil. i would love it. i would, in all seriousness, lay there and take it from him for like 100 grand really.

  3. Hell YES

    Being the serious business women that I am—-I would totally get raped for a sliding $2mm. Hell, I would have taken the money and RAN home so the creepy bastard wouldnt change his rape ass mind!!!! skipping & jumping I might add!!! and yahooing!

  4. Andrew C

    Why didn’t he just say “abra cadabra” and make her disappear? That’s how a real magician would handle it.

  5. David Coppafeel's magic wand

    I love the fake women comments here. Go back to putting on your mom’s dresses and petting your little lap pinkies while watching Justin Timberlake vids beacuse you aren’t fooling anyone here.

  6. Mendroica

    FYI, the girl in the pic is (or was) his girlfriend Merily Jürna, an estonian model.

  7. BunnyButt

    Lovely of his daughter to accompany her daddy to these promotional appearances.

  8. Fumus

    My guess is that this story is not true. Besides if Coppafeel is willing to dish out 2 million to shut her up, imagine what he will spend on a legal team. It’s very hard to prove this kind of stuff, I mean she did go to his etc etc. You would have to have phone or text message evidence with Daveed saying something like “Woops sorry about that whole…raping you thing…how about 2 million beans we call it even?” Otherwise, how you not say it wasn’t consensual rough sex, shit gfs of mine have left bruises on me…and sores too…what?! I’m honest. Hippocrates!

  9. CoppafeelsSensitiveSide

    I’m sure Merily Jürna isn’t with Coppafeel for magic orgasm’s. No doubt she’s sure her pussy is worth a hell of a lot more than 2 million and she can get it from Coppafeel.

  10. Rick

    B.S. – that was not David Copperfield, the raper is an impostor.

    If he can disappear an airplane, a helicopter and an elephant from
    the spectators, for sure he could have disappeared his

    He might disappear the Judge right in court, and also the
    cell bars.

  11. yeah butt

    What happened between the Bahama airport and his hotel room?

    ~Inquiring minds

  12. Ript1&0

    What a sick fuck!!!! I don’t know if he actually did this, but in either case – rape isn’t funny. It’s also not at all funny to accuse someone of rape if it didn’t happen. No jokes here for this one.

  13. Rusting Rabbit

    I just want to point out how much of a genius the writer of this site is…



  14. PETER

    this guy is a freaking douch bag!


  15. liizu

    hah, I spot other Estonians on this board :P

  16. iburl

    62. Ript1&0 – October 25, 2007 1:58 PM

    What a sick fuck!!!! I don’t know if he actually did this, but in either case – rape isn’t funny. It’s also not at all funny to accuse someone of rape if it didn’t happen. No jokes here for this one.

    Well, if the FBI raids your house after your alleged victim gets tested with a rape kit, chances are, you did it. FBI has SLIGHTLY higher standards than the superficial.

  17. nix

    erm. #55, is it that hard to believe women can use computers and enjoy snarky websites?

  18. Ript1&0

    @66 – See there you go trusting the government again…. Silly. I just like to keep with the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing sometimes. I’m not saying he didn’t do it.

    Goddamn it, I’m supposed to be getting off…. I gotta go.

  19. SuperficialHasHighStandards

    The Superficial’s standard are as high as Lindsay Lohan naked at a party on a coke binge trying to get laid in a bathroom.

  20. Sheva

    No comment until a damn complaint is filed. As I understand it, the police are not releasing any information because an official complaint has not been filed.

    Once a complaint is filed, then we’ll see what evidence is brought forward and considered for potential prosecution.

    Not going to make any conclusion after that media scam Duke rape case sham is just barely passed.

    Rape is a serious matter, so I have no jokes on this one.

  21. Kreskin

    Now he can share a cell with that bastard Doug Henning. Wait, Doug Henning isn’t in jail? What kind of a sick fucking country do we live in anyway?

  22. Kreskin

    Doug Henning is DEAD!!??

    That’s more like it.

  23. hotlips

    Ok, so if she was so uncomfortable at the “lavish party” and wanted to leave, then why didn’t she? It did not say anything about him keeping her there against her will, but that she decided to stay on her own. Not that I am condoning his behavior, but really, why would you stay in a situation that you are not comfortable in?

  24. duh or no duh

    73, there are a lot of different reasons when you’re dealing with a sexual predator. he said she could leave the next day if she wanted to and there aren’t any details about how he “convinced” her not to go. power dynamics is tricky business.

  25. J

    People think about this:

    The reason she went home to report the rape – She is on his mansion on a remote part of the island. Copperfield is a US citizen as is she and one can assume that it is entirely possible the cops are paid off or corrupt and copperfield will just be kicked out of the country. The Bahamas are a differentt place than the US.

    The reason she did not take 2 million dollars – Because the Seattle Police cannot investigate a Rape occuring outside the country the FBI is called in. Especially given the circumstances and the way that he is using this ploy to identify and trap victims. The FBI sets up the sting with her where Copperfeld shows he is guilty by offering 2 million dollars which is at his place when the FBI arrive. It’s not like she can say. Sorry FBI please forget it I want the two million dollars.

  26. Riotboy

    For my next trick I will rape a woman and try to make things disappear.


  27. All Magicians Are Jewish

    #75, exactly. Yeah, they must have set up a sting, and David Copperfield shows up with two million and his dick in his hand: “One for the road?” “FBI!!!!” “Oh shit!”

    This girl is my hero. Yeah, she went to the Bahamas to see this fruitcake, maybe she thought she’d meet a more handsome rich man there. Whatever.

    But I’ll bet you he has done this to countless other girls who just took the money and run, like the cunts on this board who come on and say “I wish someone would rape me for two million!” Good job, let the raping continue. Most girls really are too stupid to live.

  28. duh or no duh

    77, you had me until that last line. creepy, much?


  30. spam lips

    most are whores. most are content to just whore for a man who gives them a rock worth two months salary. they learn this from mommy and daddy who convince them that it is noble to whore your puss out for one man alone. a centuries old ritual can’t be wrong, right?

    some will whore to any john with a crinkled $20.

    and then there an elite few who won’t whore for less than a $20 million dollar yacht ( i salute you elin nordegren).

    all the rest are just sluts who can’t resist giving away.

    so actually, i say 80% of women are whores…..the rest are just sluts.

  31. fussy hussy

    the girl in the pic needs a nose job. she’s probably trying to pass for white. shake her family tree and i’m sure stepin fetchit will fall out.

  32. Xenu


  33. LL

    K, if she’s got photographic and DNA evidence (snicker), then good for her, she might have a slam dunk there. The LA County prosecutors should be taking notes.

    Having said that, only a dummy would go to another country to hook up with a much older dude she just met backstage at some cheesy magic show. If some creepy old guy invited me to a “party” at his mansion outside the continental U.S., I’d say thanks but no thanks. Actually, even if it were inside the U.S., I’d probably say “nah.”

    Gosh, I am so looking forward to another celebrity trial. Can’t wait for all the awesome back-and-forth between the hysterical bitches and the woman-hating assholes. Cause we didn’t get enough of that with OJ, Mike Tyson, Kobe, Robert Blake, Phil Spector, etc.

  34. NewOrleansNegroSwimleague

    Sounds like a setup…………….

  35. loggie

    let’s play ‘make the suasage disappear”!

  36. A woman is raped and people are calling aher a whore? Why? People just like calling girls sluts and hoes, and guys pimps and players, whether it’s true or not.

  37. Cthulha

    Wow, i am never reading this column again. What a creepshow.

  38. D. RIchards

    Look, #87. This woman had it “cumming”. She has breasts, and a vagina. She was just asking to get raped. The whore. Look, women, you don’t want to have some violent stranger’s cock in your mouth? Get your vagina sewed shut, and your breasts removed.

  39. Latigo

    Held her down? Bruises? That’s how I get sex–and I don’t have anywhere near $2 million.

  40. Maria

    How do you know all these?What did the newspapers wrote exanctly about David Kopperfield?That he left his sperm all over her face or that is your imagination?I’m so dissappointed ,you see I like magic shows and I liked him ,but..not like this.And even if I’m a woman I’m the sensitive kind and Im not a slut like many many many other women.But that just the way I like myshelf being optimistic and don’t need some man to manipulate me and treat me like shit ’cause I know when people treat you badly they don’t do it because of love!Besides I’m more Tom Hanks’s fan and I find Tom the most handsome and attractive man of all the others.

  41. alf oldland

    this sketch-ass “performer,” who’s based out of las vegas is an absolute scumbag — and this is surprising to whom? is anyone surprised in the least? come ON, people.

  42. Dee

    Sounds to me more like she set him up!

  43. Maria

    You’re absolutely right , SHE set him up.Well ,he had it coming!Who does he thinks he is anyway?I hope he is weeping right now like some pussy!Don’t come crying to me David!What kind of freaking idiot would make a woman so angry?If men didn’t mean ”I love you ” they shouldn’t have sex with women!David should fuck his boyfriend if he thinks of women as brainless sluts.He is such a coward!
    The only magic there is in this world is the magic of love and respect for human kind,mr Copperfield!Try to act like a smart ass would be so boring ,wouldn’t it?!!

  44. David Cooperfeld

    I hope it wasnt some new magic trick or illusion he was working on gone horribly wrong….

  45. Maria

    Yeah it was an illusion all right!David wanna make us understand that he is not a god,like we didn’t already knew that!ok David we got the message.It seems that he didn’t love the girl and ,of course, the girl didn’t love him, otherwise she wouldn’t have ”trusted ” him so easily.And now they’re fighting about some rape and bullshit and they look completely ridicilous!What a stupidity leakage!!Freak out!!

  46. e g

    I hope they kill that asshole.

    Fry David Blaine too. Worthless ass playboy jackass.

  47. Fairuza Balk

    Men are treating women like they’re whores and these men are whores and this is got to stop!Tell me what you heard on tv or radio about that incident.

  48. Bobo

    Ya ALL women are whores, I haven’t met any woman that’s not interested in money. This is good for me coz i have oodles of it and zero personality.

    Closet whores, come out already and stamp a price on ur ass!!!

  49. Fairuza Balk

    So you mean men are better than women, ha?ahaha.Do you only care about what you look like or about what you really are?A human being without human and noble feelings is a big nothing, a shithole and nothing more !

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