David Copperfield allegedly tried to bribe victim

October 25th, 2007 // 111 Comments

David Copperield allegedly offered two million dollars to the Seattle woman accusing him of rape if she remained silent. Coincidentally, the FBI supposedly seized two million in cash when they raided David’s Las Vegas warehouse last week. The money may have been prepped for a visit the FBI had the victim arrange with the magician. David Copperfield will neither confirm nor deny if the money was there. A friend of the victim provided the National Enquirer with an account of the alleged assault, according to the NY Daily News:

Copperfield invited the 21-year-old beauty to a “lavish party” at his remote compound in the Bahamas. But when she got there, on July 27, she discovered “there was no party – and no other guests,” according The Enquirer source.
“She got nervous and wanted to go home right away, but David convinced her to stay, saying she could leave the next day if she really wanted to,” the friend claims.
That night, Copperfield forced himself on the woman, holding her arms “down on the bed, leaving her with terrible bruises,” the friend charges.
“She told me she fought back,” the friend says. “But she said that just seemed to turn him on more.”

Afterwards, when David left the room, the woman took pictures of the scene with her cell phone:

“In order to preserve physical evidence, she says she didn’t shower. The next day, she went back home to Seattle, where her mother met her at the airport.”
“They drove straight to the Harborview Medical Center, where medical personnel performed a ‘rape kit’ on her.”

Umm, abracadabra?

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  1. sara


  2. alison


  3. MindRiot

    What a loser.
    Shazzaam – you’re busted dipshit.

  4. toonman

    Sounds like he made something disappear!

  5. Frick

    Is the girl in the pic the girl making the accusations? She’s a pretty girl. “Coppafeel” is a creepy guy, but I wonder if the allegations are true or if she’s just trying to cash in. Somehow I could see him doing it though. If not, it sucks to be him.

  6. Do me hard

    Shit I would love to be raped for 2 Million dollars !

  7. Awww, Not This Crap Again!

    This woman went to “a party” a Copperfield’s home in the Bahamas…BY HERSELF…and didn’t think anything was “odd?” What did she think, he was going to give her a private magic show?! Seems to me David made this woman’s common sense disappear?! Idiot.

  8. Frick

    Oh yeh, it sucks to be her too if she really had “the intercourse” with him…ick.

  9. djfred

    It’s consistent with the post from yesterday and sounds like a pretty rock solid case. Looks like Mr. Copperfield’s going to be practicing his magic act from behind bars someplace.

  10. Nick Chambers

    #6 Seriously. I would even get raped for $1 Million.

  11. Hell i get raped for $20.00 downtown.

  12. hello, #7….she went to what she thought was a party. as soon as she got there and realized there were no other guests, she was scared and wanted to leave.

    “She got nervous and wanted to go home right away, ”

    did you not read anything other than the title of this post????

  13. DC

    He made his cock disappear in her wet pussy and filled it with his gay jiz.

  14. ssdd

    He’s a worthless creep. The only person he needs to be having sex with would be Cris Angel.. After hiding the hot dogs they could show each other the magazines they purchased their magic tricks from and then go in the bathroom and share a bottle of elvis jet black Loving Care.

  15. Binky

    I wonder if they’ll let him have a deck of shaved cards in his cell to entertain the inmates.

  16. sprout

    6, 7, and 10- You are all fucking idiots. I hope your dicks fall off.

  17. Fishy Story

    OK here is what I don’t get,. she says she is raped in the Bahamas, then flies all the way back to Seattle without taking a shower to report him to the police. 1st off should this be handled by the Bahamian authorities, and second I’ll bet she smelled like a dead fish if you sat next to her on the plane for 5 hours

  18. face

    figures that someone with a god complex would have rape fantasies

  19. Bigheadmike

    He could do me for 2 million.

  20. shiz

    Yeah right, like the whore wouldn;t sleep with a millionaire? Who is she kidding?
    And why would he rape her if she didnt want to have sex with him, he can have any chick he wants with his money. Give me a break and shut the fuck up lying cunt.

  21. kpol

    Prison Guard: Right this way Mr. Copperfied. Here’s your cell and your new cell mate, Bull. Bull plays noseguard on the prison football team. He’s in here for 5 murders. Luckily, he only kills rich white effeminate men. Say hello, Bull.

    Bull: Hey, pretty boy. I hear you like magic. I’m going to show you how to make 14 inches of penis disappear.

  22. djfred

    If she was trying to cash in, wouldn’t she have just stopped talking to the FBI and taken the 2 million?

    #7 “People” go to “lavish” “parties” all the time without being “raped”.

    You probably don’t, but putting words in quotes doesn’t make them suddenly fraught with new significance. Unless you’re a magician.

  23. Auntie Kryst

    @17 You beat me to it, my thoughts exactly. I’m in no means condoning rape, nor calling her a liar but how could she stand being in that state on the flight all the way back to Seattle?

  24. Herbert

    It’s just the natural order of things. I mean, things were so out of whack when he hooked up with Claudia Schiffer. And now they are getting back to normal. It’s not nice to fool mother nature.

  25. Hit it

    The bitch asked for it. This is what she wanted so he gave it to her.

  26. PunkA

    I guess $2 million was not enough, eh? Gold digger.

  27. I bet his new cellmate will make something disappear too once David is locked up.

  28. Karl

    I wonder if he’ll share a cell with Doug Henning.

    Wait a minute, Doug Henning isn’t in jail? What kind of a sick world do we live in anyway??

  29. Whammer Jammer

    He probably did rape her, but he’s famous and has money, so nothing is going to come of this.

    More celebrity justice.

  30. PunkA

    Why is the FBI Involved in a crime committed in the Bahamas?? Something does nto add up here folks. And why were the Bahamian police not involved? If the crime was committed there, it will have to be prosecuted there. Has to be more than a rape in a foreign land going on here.

  31. Hit it

    I have such a small dick. I call myself dickydo. My belly sticks out further than my dicky do. I’m a sad sad little creepy psycho.

  32. havoc

    OMG, he’s morphing in to Jackie Mason!


  33. Herbert

    Stoopid enough to get on the plane without cleaning up. Stoopid enough NOT to except the $2mil cool hard cash.

    Hell hath no fury . . .

    (bet she wishes she’d taken the money pretty soon – of course, civil penalties could go MUCH higher than $2mil – but she’ll have to go through a few hoops, of course)

    of course, she will get her dignity ba . . . wait a minute . . . didn’t she go to the Bahamas to hang out with David Copperfield? Scratch that dignity comment.

  34. nix

    whoa whoa whoa, #20. for real? according to that logic, all women are just gold digging whores. as cute as blanket statements are, it kind of makes me wonder if after you pull out, you spit on her tears and say “if i were a millionaire, you slutty cunts would never put up such a fight!” then you write another angry, tear-stained letter to your alcoholic mother, convinced that one day, when you’re well-laid millionaire, you’ll hire a private investigator and finally get an address to mail them all to.

    it’s okay, a dream is a wish your heart makes!

  35. JP

    This is BS. He was just trying to show her his famous magic trick where he makes his penis head disappear between her vagina lips. He makes is disappear, reappear, disappear, reappear, disappear, reappear, etc. etc.

  36. Jeff L

    Whoever wrote this column really sucks at the rape jokes.

    Try harder next time.

  37. Jeff L


    #18 is right on the money!

  38. PunkA

    When Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear, then looked up her skirt when she was not visible, I hear the bitch held out for $3 million and an annual trip to the Banahas…and got it…this Seattle chick is a rookie.

  39. Dick Richards (Serial Sodomizer)

    She left the beast’s “mark” all over her face. How bad would it suck to have shitty Copperfield’s sperm all over your face for a day or two. Gross. I wonder if The Cop’s sodomized the poor-girl anally? I would have. You’re gonna go all the way and rape somebody. Might as well do it right. By right I mean “anal”. A raping just isn’t complete with out the tearing of the victim’s rectum.

  40. Bryant

    Didn’t you see Copperfield escape from Alcatraz back in the ’80s? Even if he’s convicted, there isn’t a prison that can hold him!

  41. DahliaRose

    She must be really rich or a Nun since any other woman would take the money and have bragging rights to boot! Think of all the shoes she could’ve bought.

  42. asf

    #20 – are you fucking joking?

    ‘And why would he rape her if she didnt want to have sex with him’

    fucking idiot

  43. kpol

    #40 – I’m doubting she would want to brag about having sex with Copperfield. He now has a striking resemblance to one of the Pep Boys. Moe, I think. It would be tough to brag about bagging that.

  44. Dickhead

    Apparently there was no 2 million. So its all bullshit! According to the feds.

  45. fetch

    haha, abracadabra!

  46. nix

    bragging rights??? yeah man, after i was raped, i got this sweet t-shirt that said “I’m a rape victim! Ask me how!” because they were all out of the “Honk if you want to rape me! I’m a pro!” bumper stickers.

    you’re a douchebag.

  47. Uncle Eccoli

    I expect that there was consensual sex in the Bahamas and that things went sour afterward. She had expectations of more than a one-night-stand, and perhaps he led her to believe that it would be more… When she realised she had been used, she was understandably angry and decided to take revenge by extorting cash from him under the threat of a rape accusation. At some point, she decided that she’d rather see him accused and humiliated and falsely reported that she had been raped and that he had tried to buy her silence.
    You know what they say about a woman scorned…

  48. life is a shithole

    First of all this man is a fucking ugly loser can we all agree on that or do you guys get little hardons for him cause “he can do magic” like your next door neighbor who made his 60 year old penis disappear in your mouth when you were young?
    So we agree he is a douche. YES? Or are you all gold diggers male and female alike and impressed with this butt ugly just because he has some money?

    2. The victim is only in her early 20′s so you are telling me none of you did anything that could have gotten you into trouble in your early 20′s? (Or will since many of you are barely teenagers) Fucking right scratch that you all did everybody does unless they are fucking HIDEOUS and sat at home picking their zits never being asked out or invited anywhere except to Star Trek conventions where no one even knows how to have sex in the first place.

    3. Lastly the people that defend this fucking old spooge monkey are idiots who don’t even understand what this website is about (ie: hating celebrities and you’ve been given the perfect reason to hate on him, god how you even remember to eat ya brainless fuck donkeys?) The other reason you defend him is because only fat ugly people have to force sex on others. Hot people snap their fingers and can get laid whenever they want. So keep on showing us which group you belong to ya fuck forcing fatties.

    CONCLUSION the guy is a fucking loser, was the girl stupid for even talking to someone so old and ugly? YES but, she’s barely out of high school and probably dumb as shit, this guy knows his stuff, all abusers do, they pick the most vulnerable person because that’s the only way they can get what they want. But despite that the girl doesn’t deserve to get raped ya freaks. Her unintelligent choices do not deserve what horrible consequences they got.

    Now a future lesson to women who are young and hot; if an ugly old guy comes up to you and asks for anything just take off your stiletto and stab him in the crotch because remember you’re young and hot and shouldn’t have to talk to old/ugly people, leave that for social workers or fat people.

    The End.

  49. life is a shithole

    …and for those wondering why she didn’t stay in the Bahama’s have you paid attention to the news ever? Would you want the Bahama’s who can’t solve or deal with shit to handle a crime you were affected by? Remeber Natalie Hollaway and Anna Nicole’s son?They’re fucking incompetant down there. Why the fuck do you think Copafeel performs his little rape magic down there in the first place?

  50. Uncle Eccoli

    See what I mean?

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