David Boreanaz: ‘My penis is a victim here!’

May 4th, 2010 // 77 Comments

David Boreanaz essentially pulled a Letterman by announcing he cheated on his wife in an attempt to stop his mistress – who may or may not be Tiger mistress #1 Rachel Uchitel – from extorting him via Gloria Allred. E! News reports:

“Marty Singer attempted to contact a woman who had a romantic relationship with David Boreanaz. She then retained me,” Allred says in a statement.
“I then contacted Mr. Singer on her behalf to find why Mr. Singer was calling her. We discussed the possible resolution of my client’s legal claims against Mr. Boreanaz by mediation. My client has not told her story to the press, but now that Mr. Boreanaz is attacking her, she has decided to tell the story of their relationship, so that the truth will come out.”
Allred then drops any pretense of politeness: “This baseless attack by David Boreanaz and his highly paid legal mouth piece in an apparent effort to divert attention from his client’s extramarital infidelity will not succeed. If they think that I or my client will be intimidated they are wrong.”
Singer’s not having any of it, however.
“On April 23, the woman left a very threatening message that she was going to the media, that my client had not given her enough money,” he retorts. “It is true I did leave a message for the woman because of the extortionist threat she left with my client. On Monday, I received a call from Gloria Allred and she told me the woman was looking to get paid at least six figures.”

Legal shenanigans aside, I love how David Boreanaz is trying to paint himself as an innocent victim here. I mean, can’t a wealthy actor cheat on his wife without the other woman expecting a payout? Whatever happened to the dignified days of sleeping with a married man and then letting him accuse you of witchcraft in front of a tribunal of elders? I blame the Internet.

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  1. Dr. John "Always at Your Cervix!"

    ***************************Mistresses Pay Attention******************************

    You keep this shit up and the rich dudes are going to get the idea that, after they fuck you, they probably ought to kill you.

    Guys are never going to stop cheating and a bullet through the head (yours) is considerably less expensive than paying to keep your mouth shut, as well as that opportunistic cunt, Gloria Allred’s pie-hole.

    Just saying…

  2. I choose not to believe that a free end better than that! I loved him since the days of Buffy did not even know why, maybe because I have not heard much of him to ruin the illusion, it seems that working in television programs and hold your head back – does not seem to famewhore trends.

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  4. Bellatrix

    Didn’t the same thing happen with Lettermen? Only Lettermen called it out and the guy doing the extortion landed in some pretty hot water – I think he even got jailtime.

    So the only difference is that both the slut and the lawyer are female? How can they get away with this?

    As for David – you fool. You’ve got a playboy playmate as a wife – She’s filmed numerous playboy videos – obviously she’s no prude!

  5. god

    Leave the poor guy alone. Woman are meant to be cheated on. Picture being with the same girl for more than 5 months? The guy simple did what a man should do.

  6. name withheld's step son

    Rachel Uchitel, is not a whore. Sh eis a shrewd business woman.

    David is a whore, he was the married guy.

    Finally, the tables turn, married guys either stay single, and get fucked, or marry cheat and get fucked.
    You choose.

    So happy that this fuck will never be able to do ANYTHING good from here on out…

  7. Some guys got all the luck – hot wife and mistress.

  8. A marriage made in heaven – both are hot couple with life others can only dreamt of having – money and sex – lol

  9. is he still famous?

  10. captain america


  11. Rhialto

    Like i said before;a seasoned woman.

  12. Darth

    You did say;a thoroughly seasoned woman.

  13. starmaker


    It was me who said that…..

  14. mk

    So he’s a cheater and a cheapskate too? I think I have more respect for Tiger woods than this broke ass bitch!

  15. EV

    @64 Uhm yeah ok!

    R Uch should get paid? well didn’t she already get paid upfront like all escorts?

    YES, that bitch got paid b/c I’m sure she wasn’t fucking him for free, she is just coming back for more – greedy whore. She is running down her little black book to see all the men she can extort because apparently her millions from Tiger must already be spent.

  16. Alice

    When will Gloria Allred be brought up on extortion charges?

  17. Spaniard

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again!!!!! The only reason that people were so upset with Tiger Woods for cheating is because he cheated on a white woman and he has dark skin!!! This white man cheats and most of the comments are about what a scummy slut the mistress is! Tiger cheats, most of the comments are about what a scumbag he is. Poor Elin, Why can’t blacks keep it in their pants, Go back to Africa, Hang Yourself, boycott, boycott, boycott!!!!!! I read all of these kind of comments about Tiger but this guy, you people seem very understanding. You people make me sick, what a bunch of redneck hypocrites!!!!!

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  19. lola

    She’s not that hot. Looks short and stumpy, especially with those stupid looking platform smurf shoes. Either way, she probably didn’t deserve this, so she should dump his sorry lying ass. David is a notorious cheater, has been that way always, just finally got caught. He oggles other women even when he is out with his wife!! Did it to me. There was no mistaking what his intentions were. He’s GROSS. PERVERTED.

  20. lola

    I could blow the lid off of this…but I won’t. Karma is already at work……
    David, you know who you’ve wronged, now it’s your turn to pay, I hope your wife leaves your sorry ass, and your careeer ends up in the toilet. You don’t deserve happiness.

  21. Muffy the Lesbian

    Silly David BoringAnus …

  22. Lou

    I’m sorry but David is NOT painting himself as a victim unlike other male celebs who cheat, he’s not stating that he has the ‘illness’ of sex addiction, he blamed himself. So he actually confessed to what he did but saying it’s his fault, how’s that playing the victim? It’s the women who go after married men who have a lot of money who play the vicitm and then when they don’t get paid off, they get all pissy. So GTFO.

  23. Pam

    All I’m hearing is a lot of whining about the sluts these married men are sleeping with. They’re all such low, scuzzy sluts. Yeah. Agreed. And so are the low, scuzzy guys who’ve been sticking their dicks in them. Sluts, all of them. Don’t care if the puece of ass is demanding money from them. For all I know, it’s to pay for treatment for the syphyllis he gave her or maybe counseling to deal with the nightmares he’s given her after the sick, perverted, abusive sht he put her through.Don’t know. Don’t care.

  24. cheaters suck

    I officially hate David Boreanaz. Cheaters are already immoral humans, but to talk to a mistress while your WIFE is in LABOR with YOUR child?!!! That fucker. She and their kids could do better. How is that poor little girl going to be able to hear the story of her birth now? “Oh, mommy was bringing you into the world, pushing so hard and with so much love…” “Where were you, daddy?” “Oh sweetie, daddy was sexting another woman.” Fuck you, David Boreanaz. Your wife is staying with you because SHE loves and cares for you and your kids more than YOU loved OR cared for your whole family when you were screwing someone else. Fuck you, you selfish, detestable, hurtful man!

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