David Beckham says Tom Cruise is not trying to convert him

October 30th, 2007 // 36 Comments

David Beckham is quashing rumors that Tom Cruise is trying to convert him to Scientology. The two have been close friends since David and his wife Victoria Beckham moved to Los Angeles where Tom and Katie threw a lavish party upon their arrival. The Daily Mail reports:

“We respect their religion. We respect everything they do and believe in.
“But they have never turned around to us and said, ‘You have to be a part of this’, because that’s not what they’re about. It’s never been about that. “There’s been nothing shoved down our throats because friends don’t do things like that.”

One thing these two friends do like is practical jokes. I heard the other day that David Beckham was taking a shower, and, when he picked up a bottle of shampoo, Tom Cruise was behind it giggling like a schoolgirl! The two shared a laugh until Victoria got in the shower. Then Tom started crying and threw a pot of gold at her before disappearing in a “poof” of pixie dust. True story.


  1. salopia

    wowsers! Am i first?!

  2. salopia

    i so am

  3. Binky


  4. LookItsMe

    I wanted to be the first to say that those that put the comment “first!” are losers.

  5. salopia

    I’ve never managed it before so don’t piss on my chips!

  6. Binky

    Public at LARGE : Well Binky – we were all hoping you were finally banned.
    Binky : Me 2. I ran out of jokes about a year ago. C’est la vie !

  7. I believe that Tom is not trying to convert him to Scientology. But that doesn’t mean Tom is trying to get Becks to pitch for a different club.

  8. Guy

    “”There’s been nothing shoved down our throats”

    ORLY David? Sure Tom hasn’t being trying to stuff something down?

  9. PunkA

    The 4 of them probably swing. That’s all Scientology is–a big sex swingers club for the rich. Poor and ugly people need not apply because no one will want to bed down with them. They put off bad vibes, anyway. damn ugly fat thetans.

  10. I’ll get you yet, you broke kneed faggot!

  11. Ed

    yet another photo of this chick’s face covered in grease. can somebody give this girl a bar of Dial already?

  12. jen

    why is vic so shiny all the time. its kinda gross. she looks even more plastic-like than normal with that sheen.

  13. Looks like someone’s smeared Crisco all over her face. Again.

  14. Moobs

    Viccy has her shine on, i see

    Seriously, skankish

  15. T

    Posh needs some blotting papers.

  16. Vince Lombardi

    P’raps she’s embarrassed by the big stain on her right tit and on her lap?

  17. dave

    but he is secretly suspicious, his face shows

  18. Kharne

    Tom Cruise jokes are the best!

  19. I just saw some crazy pics of Victoria

  20. I suspect that Tom Cruise is the sort of friend who probably WOULD like to shove something down David Beckham’s throat.

  21. George

    Why does the thought of the Becks and TomKat together give me bad dreams at night? Every time that “The Superficial” has a post about either or both of them, I have terrible nightmares that I’m with them at sporting events. Please, Fish Dude, stop posting pictures and reports on them, I need to save my sanity!

  22. Save the Puppies

    The Becks look like a new breed of dog – English Greasers.


  24. I am the 24th one to post so murph it up suckers! Glad to see this black suit with black tie getup is popular once again, it’s retro early 60s before hippies got everyone to stop showering and cutting their hair.

    PS: Better late than never Da Man has been flossing black Pierre Cardin suits since 2002 bitches!

  25. Makemepuke

    A scientologist (Tom lunatic Cruise) not trying to convert someone…. hmmm well thats kinda like saying:
    Fish don;t swim
    Lindsay doesn`t do coke
    The hoff don;t drink
    OJ ain`t a murderous psychopath
    Chris Crocker don`t suck cock
    George Bush tells the truth
    Justin Timberlake isn`t a complete asshole
    Pink Floyd is reuniting and touring in every major North American city

    Look..scientologists being the manipulative lying delusional pricks they are will attempt to convert anything in their path including your dog and goat if they have half a chance..to think they aren;t trying their damnest to get Beckham and his stupid mannikin bitch Posh Spice into the fold is like saying Danny Bonaduce isn;t the most fucked up crack addicted hollywood mutant going …..

  26. The Punisher



  27. Grace

    This article actually made me laugh out loud. Leprechaun analogies never cease to make me giggle.

  28. choocher

    That Beckham sure is a studmuffin. What girl can keep her hands off a guy who’s scalp, face, and neck all have the exact same 3/8″ stubble? Probably got his pubes and pits to match. Tommy helped him with the ass fluff.

  29. havoc

    Who gives a shit whether their trying to convert them or not? Nobody cares about Tom Cruise anymore and even less about these two people……


  30. Nimuë La Mer

    Looks like Becks is trying to convert himself into Sting.

    As for her, everyone knows robots are made of shiny metal.

  31. Dick Richards

    “Becks” supports everthing that Tom Cruise does? Strange.

  32. Dick Richards

    Look. Is it wrong to wanna fuck David Beckham like a woman? Why can’t Beckham have a vagina? Why?! Fuck it. I’ll have to settle for anus. Wait, do you think David shits? That’s like the perverbial, “Do pretty women shit”? I’m still not sure about that one.

  33. Dee

    BS…Tom is so snowed by the whole science fiction pile of crap for losers that he would definitely be trying to help recruit. More than likely he was told by the other two to MYOB and we’ll mind ours. Hey Folks, have you ever looked at the type of people who Scientology recruits…it’s freaking hilarious. They pre-scan for the biggest baggage carrying losers they can find (like Tom). They have this personality test where you can only get the results by going in for one of thier live chat snow jobs. Try it out, it’s actually pretty funny…put in some BS user info and look at the questions. And they call this a religion? It appears to be a religion of losers and scam artists. The more money the loser has, the more they pump them up: http://www.scientology.org/oca.htm

  34. 30notes

    She looks like a little rhesus monkey who swam in olive oil, and wtf is up with that dude’s eyebrows? Seriously, he looks like he’s wearing a mask.
    They sure picked an interesting couple to latch onto in their bid to win over the american media. Too bad all four of them have been reduced to punchlines on The Tonight Show.

  35. AmeriCanadian

    What a dumbass he is. Clearly, teh $cientology is trying to *gently* brainwash them into joining, so teh $cientology can get it’s cold dead hands on their cashola. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    Just a matter of time until they have that dead vacuous look in their eyes, just like T0mK@t.

  36. selina

    they are still in a dood relationship, i heard that they have been invited to a celebrities & millionaire site called sugarcupid.com, they are so popular.

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