David Beckham is cool with dudes

December 27th, 2007 // 48 Comments

David Beckham has no problem being worshipped by women and guys. In fact, he welcomes it, according to Page Six:

“I’m very honored to have the tag of gay icon,” the LA Galaxy soccer star told BBC radio. In fact, the strapping athlete is so comfortable with his masculinity, he lets his wife dress him. “Without a doubt, Victoria has a huge part in the way I look these days.”

Somewhere Tom Cruise read this and did a jig on top of a pot of gold. He’s already forgotten about those pesky kids stealing his Lucky Charms.

Photo: Getty Images

  1. Sara

    he’s damn sexy

  2. RichPort

    Bendover Beckham.

  3. Oh. So that’s why he dresses like a fag. It’s Posh’s fault..

  4. Jumpin_J

    Grils think he’s dreammy. Guys think he’s FAAAAAAAH-BU-LUS!!!

    He ‘s proud to be a gay icon? Guess it’s true, takes one to know one.

  5. grouchygrinchgirl

    I’d let him kick his wife outta bed for me.

  6. Rose

    Haha, he lets Victoria dress him. I wonder why she hasn’t given him a bob yet?

  7. Apotheosis's Wife's Fan Club

    Hey, is Apoth’s soon to be ex wife around? Did you get your blog up and running again?
    Waiting for the drama, gonna check the older posts! Team Big Bird!

  8. 1MILF Hunter

    I didn’t know there were switch hitters in soccer. Brokeback Beckham.

  9. Puppy House

    LoL I missed Leprechaun Tom’s jibes

  10. D. Richards (Man.)

    Of course Beckham is fond of gay attention because any man that pretty has to be fag. Am I wrong or should David Beckham just throw his legs behind his head and spread his asscheeks?

  11. giier

    He’s magically delicious.

  12. Twinkie

    Sometimes I think about soccer and wonder if it’s possible for me to care less about anything.

    And then I think about soccer players and realize that it most certainly is possible.

  13. Auntie Kryst

    Big surprise an englishman proud to be gay. What I don’t know about is that there is a professional soccer team in Los Angeles. Wait, there’s professional soccer in America? When the fuck did this happen, and does Pele still play?

  14. The Beckhams are totally odd people.

  15. Binky

    This is old news.
    Didn’t you see that movie a few years ago – ‘Bent Like Beckham ‘ ?

  16. WTF?

    I never understand why men attempt to make women dislike some guy by saying that he’s gay: a hot girl is still hot if she is a lesbian, and probably even more so. So why would a man not be hot in a girl’s eyes just because he’s gay?

    Just because there is no chance someone will be physically attracted to you doesn’t make him/her suddenly physically unattractive.

  17. BeckhamIsBi

    Beckham is not gay…he is bi…in fact I’ll bet he’s totally ok with farm animals too.

  18. larrraaa

    Is this a joke???

  19. AssBigot

    so that explains it…posh probably dons the iron balls around the house while Beck giggles

  20. spinal cord

    What are the chances that Beckham and Tommy boy take turns sucking Posh’s giant dong while Katie huddles in the corner in the fetal position crying?

  21. belly

    Wow, handsome. I begin to understand why so many people at pubspa.com discuss him and share his movies and videos all the day.

  22. This sucker buckham loves to applause for himself despite his SOCCER TIME-OUT!!

  23. Kaitlin

    I think its good he’s confident about his sexuality and fine with guys thinking he is hot. Because he is hot. Shit, I’m gay and I think he’s hot. Actually I know quite a few lesbians who think he is hot. Just because he is fine with guys thinking he is attractive, doesn’t make him gay or a “faggot”. Grow up people!

  24. spinal cord

    @ 23

    We don’t think he’s gay because other men find him attractive. We think he’s gay because he minces, prances, wears frilly little outfits and shares makeup tips with his tranny wife. That and he’s friends with Tommy boy the Xenu-humping fag. Are you getting the picture?

  25. Becks is tiny

    There is only one reason that Beckham is bi and not gay — he has a small penis. I knew that as soon as he posed for that picture with guavas stuffed into his undies. Also when Posh was blabbing the next day about how he had an “exhaust pipe” down there. Defensive much?

    Since gays are all size queens, Beckham is a big disappointment to them. He has everything going for him — fancy footwork, ripped abs, the face of Adonis — except where it counts. So Beckham tried to enter the straight world by marrying Posh.

    Unfortunately she is a gay man in female form and also wishes he had a bigger dick. But he suits her vanity and looks good on her arm so she accepts it.

  26. David Beckham is a so handsome man ! He is rich ,strong and sex! I love him so much! I find a lot of sex pictures in this web.There are also many handsome man in it !

  27. David Beckham is a so handsome man ! He is rich ,strong and sex! I love him so much! I find a lot of sex pictures in this web.There are also many handsome man in it !

  28. woodhorse

    I’m happy Carson Kressley is doing a new show. I bet Beckham would like his wife to watch it.

  29. @ 25. an exhaust pipe———well Vroom Vroom baby!!!!!!!!

    sign me up to polish it………….

  30. MMB

    Once again, all the men who rail on other women for saying such-and-such is not hot, crawl outta the woodwork to rail on the hottness that is Becks and OF COURSE call him gay. You men are getting to be more predictable than women.

  31. The only predictable thing about women is they nag, are indecisive, and bleed one week a month.

    Becks is as gay as a rainblow fag. Oops… I messed up the “L”… I meant… oh whatever…

  32. MMB

    keep proving me right…

  33. RichPort

    MMB hates gay people.

  34. MMB

    HIlarious. You guys give men a bad name. He’s hot, he’s straight, deal with it. You are as bad as the women who say JLH looks great and men love “curves” [fat].

  35. RichPort

    MMB, you give being gay a bad name. How un-Seinfeldian of you.

  36. sam

    He’d be a lot sexier if he wasn’t so completely p whipped by his fugly and obnoxious wife.

  37. George Best

    If I was gay, id want him. Cool ass dude. Hot wife. Tons of money. Gets to play soccer for a living. I usually hate people with perfect lives, but not this guy.

  38. ToTellTheTruth

    What an ugly assed pigeon headed white boy…

  39. louise56563

    Wow, handsome. I begin to understand why so many people at http://sugarlandy.blogspot.com discuss him and share his movies and videos all the day.

  40. Son-of D. Richards

    #30? ‘All the men (…) that rag, on [other] women’?

    So are you calling men women? What are you, sir? Male, female? Where do you get-off, hermaphrodite? Freak! Freak!

  41. Toby Quagmire

    He also figures right at the top of the list of aspirational figures for straight males too..+ the female vote …this guy is popular!!!… and who could forget the fauxhawk?

  42. he shouldnt have married an anorexic hag.

  43. DrPhowstus Got His Degree By Getting Fucked in the Ass


    Even if he WERE gay, most women would rather be fucked in the ass by him than have loving sex with you.

    And following your nonlogical way of “thinking”: men would no longer want to fuck a hot woman if she were a lesbian.

  44. I thought Snoop Dogg told him what was cool to wear, since he is good friends with him and hangs out with him in real life, in a not at all set up for a reality show way. Yeah, whatever I just said. You get it. Chuch.

  45. blah

    so this makes the blog news just because he’s not homophobic? nice.

  46. spookythecat

    That crack about Tom Cruise just made me Laugh SO Hard.
    You are unbelievable funny~ I don’t really care about celebs,
    but you make me laugh.

    At work.

    So Thanks!

  47. defiene

    Well, thousands of gays, lesbian and bisexual are deeply moved by his action, especial for bisexual at the dating site bimingle.com. “Thanks for David Beckham to giving right to gays, although it’s not for us bisexual. But I think we can also own it one day as long as we have thougs understanding star’s support” Those are only several sentences at the forum of bimingle.com for David Beckham. Thus, he gets more fans in the world.

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