David Beckham holding a giant rope in his underwear

June 11th, 2009 // 65 Comments

David Beckham unveiled his new Armani ad on Oxford St. in London this morning, and I’d probably be enticed to buy these briefs if I was part of the target demographic. Sadly, for Armani, I’m not a gay sailor on the S.S. Ropecock.

Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News, WENN

  1. Mary

    Man guys are as much haters..if NOT MORE SO than woman.The man is HOT! get over it…That is what women want and fantasize over..not you hairy beer bellies and lack of muscle toned bodies.

  2. Brit Boys Are Hot

    I don’t care for the hair in the ad, but he is FUCKING HOT!!!

  3. Suzie

    One of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen.

  4. angela

    He is the finest piece of ass I have ever seen in my entire life, and he must split Posh in half. That lucky bitch.

  5. Pilatunes

    Andie @8 we need to talk.

    >>Sadly, for Armani, I’m not a gay sailor on the S.S. Ropecock.<<

    I think that might be the funniest thing you ever said.


  7. dink squeeze

    Queer as a three dollar bill.

  8. Cathy

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  9. He looks ludicrous – no point in doing beefcake shots when you have virtually no beef.

  10. Galtacticus

    His trapezius, forearms and biceps need to be exercised more.His pectoralis major could be better as well.

  11. Michelle

    One of the most beautiful men to ever walk the face of the earth

  12. Lana

    that’s just not hot. and I’m a horny 19 yearold chick.

  13. Yeah the ad was obviously meant to appeal to gay men, but regardless, he is smokin’ hot. Guys, go take off your shirts and look in your mirrors, then come back and tell us again why we shouldn’t be impressed with David Beckham. We wouldn’t have to fake it with him…

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  15. In the photos, David displayed his chiselled muscles and torso covered in oil. His hair was combed to the side, in the style of the 50s and lush Becks was holding on a rope.

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