David Beckham or Josh Hartnett?

December 10th, 2008 // 109 Comments

Alright, ladies, there’s been an abundance of strippers today, so here’s two men who went out and engaged in completely opposite activities last night: David Beckham bungee jumped in New Zealand while Josh Hartnett went to The Groucho Club in London. So which one floats your boat and the mythical little man who “allegedly” lives there?

NOTE: If it helps in the decision making process, I spent my evening wearing footie pajamas and drinking canned beer. Please don’t hold these two to such unobtainable standards of raw sexuality. (You’re welcome, fellas.)

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Lizzy

    what kind of question is this? BECKHAM any day of the week, even with mud caked all over his body and a bad case of epilepsy.
    the real question is: david beckham or brad pitt? it’s like a confucian riddle: unanswerable.

  2. bex

    Josh obviously, met him in London he’s so nice and not to forget so so so hot

  3. joanna

    a lil gay but still hot

  4. Impy

    Freakin’ Josh Hartnett, love those lean sexy muscles and awesome cheek bones ^_^

  5. josh hartnett for sure..if i have the opportunity to sleep with beckham i think it would be like “no i can do that position it will ruin my hair/t-shirt/socks” he is too gay for me no way would i pick beckham he is way too smart for me

  6. maryjane


  7. Piffle

    Tradenz: we only spiked your drink because you’re so pretty.

  8. mimi

    Amy Winehouse is as sexy as either of those girly guys. They’re such spoiled brats and divas. Victoria is the man of that household.

    And nobody wants a guy who shoves objects up their ass anyway.

    Pray for Amy!

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