David Beckham or Josh Hartnett?

December 10th, 2008 // 109 Comments

Alright, ladies, there’s been an abundance of strippers today, so here’s two men who went out and engaged in completely opposite activities last night: David Beckham bungee jumped in New Zealand while Josh Hartnett went to The Groucho Club in London. So which one floats your boat and the mythical little man who “allegedly” lives there?

NOTE: If it helps in the decision making process, I spent my evening wearing footie pajamas and drinking canned beer. Please don’t hold these two to such unobtainable standards of raw sexuality. (You’re welcome, fellas.)

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Tic Tic

    This is lame….

  2. Thats a tmz bit superfish, anyway the winner is roughers of course!

  3. Mel D

    Josh H now please!

    hubba hubba

  4. Aja ( the real )

    I find them both repulsive

  5. Much better than the last one! I’m going with David Beckham. Way hotter.

  6. Tic Tic

    And they are fags….

  7. Lulu

    Umm.. Becks?

  8. l

    Hartnett. If the stupid glasses get taken off there’s a decent face underneath. Plus he looks fun to tie down. Beckham looks like shit and honestly, looks who he’s married to. The man(?) has issues.

  9. havoc

    * insert yo-yo joke here*


  10. Karen

    Cue the jealous guys and their “he’s gay” comments…lmao…

  11. fishy

    samantha ronson.

  12. fishy

    samantha ronson.

  13. agentgirl

    Beckham, hands down

  14. Jenny

    David son!

  15. Erin

    Beckham, but he’s not allowed to talk. His girly voice is a turn off.

  16. Beth

    Beckham for sure. The younger guys like Hartnett are all emo-wusses, just like all the whiney male “rock” bands around today (“Every day I try-aye-aye-aye but I caint help hurtin you-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou”).

  17. Angelina


  18. Pat

    Yeah, um…who cares.

    Here’s the “impeccable timing” story of the month:

    “LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The main union representing U.S. film and television actors said on Wednesday it would mail ballots to members in January seeking authorization for a strike over a new contract.”

  19. Michelle

    The beautiful Becks, hands down. The other one isn’t bad either!

  20. Anna

    Please stop these “or” things. They are almost as retarded as not writing an identifiable question. What are you asking here? – Which is a bigger waste of time? Which is a smaller waste of time? Who has picked up more STDs from strippers in the last 6 months? Who would you rather never see appear on the Superficial again? Honestly, they are all about equal. So, just let it be and let’s stick with the snark that works. Ok? Ok.

  21. Annonyononymouse


  22. mmmm hmmmmm...

    david beckham has the most perfect male body i have ever seen. he’s unreal!

  23. Sephystal

    I would love to be Hartnet’s girl! He just seems like a real down to earth kind of guy. That’s what the good stuff is made of.

  24. the management

    #22, Anna, sweetie, dearest darling…don’t fucking tell us what to do, bitch.

  25. Sophie Fatale


    becks is too perfect it’s kinda scary, josh seems like he has issues, i like boys with issues

  26. Becks and his friend in the white shirt please. Josh Hartnett looks like he stinks.

  27. 12=32

    Josh Harnett for sure!

  28. seanababy16

    hands down, without a doubt
    josh harnett!!
    becks is too girly (N)

  29. Isabelle


    No contest.

    With each generation American men become weaker and less masculine. In 8 years you can ask President Hillary why that is.

  30. carolina


  31. vanessa

    beckman please. that english accent is a panty dropper for sure!

  32. Cindy

    Beckham seems so cold and aloof. I absolutely LOVE Josh’s neediness!!!

  33. Whichever one isn’t freaked out by stretch marks and the occasional unplucked nipple hair.

  34. Cate

    Can I still pick Hugh Jackman like last time?


  35. oh yes

    I’ll take them both! At the same time, one after the other, doesn’t really matter. As long as Hartnett keeps those glasses on the whole time.

  36. alliejane

    any thing… ANYTHING Victoria Beckham touches is tainted with EVIL.

    YOU HEAR ME!?!


    therefore, I would choose Harnett. please and thank you.

  37. Dozer

    I like Fishy’s proposal for Samantha Ronson. Definately more masculine than these 2.

  38. shelly

    ewww that gerbil guy with a gab between his teeth? no way!! David of course.

  39. sunshine

    Is it just me, or is Mr. Hartnett channeling Johnny Depp in these pics?

  40. 0cean

    I hate pale hands.

  41. Andrea

    Hartnett is pretty, no doubt, but pretty boys always bring the risk of diseases they picked up on the down low. Beckham is an actual man. True, his wife is an alien of some type, but that his for-show family. He’s well known for boinking his young groupies. He’s got a great life, as long as he doesn’t drink too much and pass out while visiting the Cruises.

  42. arnold naked

    don’t any of you chicks out there realize that david beckham is as skinny as the dorky dude from Road Trip. Any picture in a magazine where he looks muscular has had some serious photoshop treatment done to it. Haha and his bird chest and noodle arms are as visible as ever looking at these pictures

  43. Angela

    Either one would be a GIANT upgrade from any of the guys on this site.

  44. Wendy

    #44 – gee, you don’t sound jealous at all. Just keep telling yourself that girls really prefer soft hairy bellied nerds.

  45. Wendys Trainer

    Wendy, I appreciate your comment. I would also suggest that attitude coming from a jealous nerd. That seriously what I would have said. But honestly, you don’t find Beckham to be a tad skinny? Or seriously skinny?….. Annnnd the only reason I made comment, which happened to be my first ever on this ridiculous site, is because that is my line of work and what I do as a professional. If you had the September issue of Men’s Health I could show you what I mean.

  46. to angela

    # 45
    do you really think that you should be railing on the guys on this site. If you’re on here, you’re in the same league as us.

    but then again, we’re all on this site because we’re all ugly and like to rail on celebrities to make ourselves feel less so. Let’s keep on dreaming.

    ps. Josh Harnett. Just can’t stand Becks and now that his carreer has no more relevance and his talent is on the downhill, we can’t help but notice he talks like a woman and is married to a soulless plastic barbie. At least she tries to be classy, but that’s her only redemption.

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  48. To Ed

    He bungee jumped on Sunday, not yesterday.
    Stop trying to sell this as “new” news.

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