David Arquette In Sex Scandal

david_arquette_thumb1.jpgBoy, that’s a headline I never thought I’d write (along with “Britney passes bar exam” and “Oprah in Playboy”). But it just goes to show that some sins come back to haunt you. Stripper Erika Keith has pictures to corroborate her story that she enjoyed a night of passion with David Arquette in 1997, a year after he started dating Courtney Cox. The 32-year-old Keith, now a masseuse, has also passed a lie detector test.

She performed all-nude lap dances for Arquette at an Atlanta, Georgia, club, and slipped him her phone number. Arquette then allegedly met up with her and some friends at a bar the next night for drinking and sex. They ended up back at her apartment where, she says, “We had sex on the floor once, maybe twice. He was a good lover, but it was drunken sex so it was aggressive.” Keith’s claims have been corroborated by a friend, who sat in the former stripper’s lounge while the two had sex.

By all rights David Arquette’s life should consist of working at Bob Evans, smoking copious amounts of pot, and masturbating to The O.C.. But that’s the goddamn thing about fame. You can look like a wet gopher and still have Monica Gellar on one hand and strippers giving you phone numbers in the other. God bless America.