David and Victoria Beckham sue nanny

beckhamsuenanny.jpgI’m curious as to what two gazillionaires hope to gain by suing their nanny. Last time I checked, the whopping $6.75 that is minimum wage doesn’t really compare to the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Beckham empire is worth. I guess making somebody wipe the feces from your children’s buttholes isn’t enough, you should also take everything you’ve ever paid them by taking them to court over something so trivial as telling the world your marriage is in trouble when everybody already knows your marriage is in trouble. Then again, Victoria Beckham is pretty hot so if she feels the need to sue her poor ugly nanny that’s alright by me. If you’re rich and sexy enough, you could pretty much eat a bald eagle with Hitler and I’d still give you a high five.

David and Victoria Beckham are suing their former nanny after she revealed their intimate secrets to a British newspaper. The Real Madrid soccer ace and his former Spice Girl wife have launched legal proceedings against former employee Abbie Gibson, after she told Britain’s News of the World newspaper that the couple’s six-year marriage was close to collapse