David Cassidy Arrested For DUI

If you’re wondering why your mom’s been frantically baking a cake with a file in it all morning, former teen heartthrob David Cassidy was arrested for DUI last night. Except he claims he’s innocent despite botching two breathalyzers. TMZ reports:

David’s rep, Jo-Ann Geffen, tells TMZ … the former teen idol admits he did take a pain pill for his back earlier in the day — and may have been tired from an early morning funeral he had to attend — but he definitely wasn’t drunk.
Cassidy is also disputing the results of the two breathalyzer tests he took at the time of arrest — in which he blew a 0.139 and 0.141 — insisting his true blood alcohol content was not properly measured.

Ah, the old “I took a Vicodin on my way home from a funeral” excuse. Clearly, David is an amateur drunk-driver because that’s never going to get you of a breathalyzer. Which is why I always go with, “AIDS, officer. I have AIDS. And this gin’s medicinal.”

Works every time.

Photos: Splash News