David Bar Katz Is Suing The National Enquirer For $50 Million

February 6th, 2014 // 15 Comments
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Yesterday, the Internet and I ran wild with a story that Philip Seymour Hoffman had a gay lover. And while the source was the always questionable National Enquirer, they were touting an actual interview with directly attributed quotes to Hoffman’s longtime business partner David Bar Katz (above) who was the one coming forward claiming to be said lover. So for this whole thing to not be true, the Enquirer would’ve had to do something spectacularly retarded, even by Enquirer standards, by running a fake interview which would undoubtedly get their dicks sued off, if not run them right out of business. Long story short, they’re getting their dicks sued off, if not run right out of business. THR reports:

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s friend, playwright David Bar Katz, filed a $50 million lawsuit against the National Enquirer publisher America Media Inc. on Wednesday after the publication reported he said that he and the late actor were gay lovers.

In a complaint filed in the New York Supreme Court, Bar Katz claims the story is a lie. “The story is a complete fabrication: There was no interview,” it states. “Bar Katz and Hoffman were never lovers. Bar Katz did not see Hoffman freebasing cocaine the night before he died, or at any other time. Bar Katz never saw Hoffman use heroin or cocaine.”

The National Enquirer is well-accustomed to defamation lawsuits from celebrities. In such cases, the plaintiffs are typically deemed as public figures who must demonstrate actual malice in reporting falsehoods. In this instance, Bar Katz is arguably a limited purpose public figure for his connection to Hoffman, but the lawsuit disputes that. “Bar Katz is not a public figure for defamation purposes,” says the complaint. “Even if Bar Katz is a public figure, the Enquirer had actual knowledge that the Statements were false, or acted with reckless disregard for the truth.”

As for whether this incident will teach me a lesson about repeating fantastical claims just for clicks, do you see these smooth, pantsless legs? Nothing will ever change that. NOTHING!! *spittle, froth, questionable snort*


  1. Hugh G. Rection

    Has David Bar Katz ever met Justin Bieber?

  2. Well, it’s Thursday, which means the National Enquirer will get a lawsuit
    Tomorrow is Friday, which also means, you can bet, that NE will get sue.
    And then there’s next Monday, which – you guess it! – means that…

    They get sue quite a whole lot is what I’m saying here.

    • English is not your first language, is it? because if it is, you really need to be in a home for retards.

      • wolfman

        empathy for others is not your strong suit is it? using a disability that afflicts millions as a derogatory slur towards random strangers you disagree with… you really should be in a facility for sociopaths.

  3. This reminds me of what some handsome man said yesterday about not trusting a story from National Enquirer.

  4. John Edwards

    The Enquirer prints nothing but lies.

  5. T. Cruise

    See? Fully closeted is the way to go, nothing but ass-to-mouth and lawsuits.

  6. I hope this guy sues the Enquirer into oblivion. They make up shit all to profit from it. Despicable.

  7. These Zim Man Posts Are Awsome!

    I’m glad because the thought of those two having sex makes me want to hurl. what’s up with that Paz chick. One second she’s a bloated mess, the next hot-as-hell.

  8. inquireing minds want to know...

    So; did David Bar Katz pitch, or catch when he was with Hoffmann?

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