David Arquette Got His Ass Kicked By Justin Bieber. The Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber once got his ass beat by Legolas which is an important piece of information to keep in mind as you read about what happened to David Arquette who doesn’t have a reason to live anymore. I don’t know what else you say here. Page Six reports:

One guest told Page Six that Arquette, Courteney Cox’s ex-husband who has seen the inside of more club bathrooms than Paris Hilton, was “pretty messed up” by the time the afterparty kicked off in the birthday boy’s suite, and was openly “talking about Bieber behind his back.”
The witness said: “Justin heard what David had been saying, and threw him out of his suite with the help of a friend, because they didn’t have security up there. Somehow David managed to get back in and rushed at Bieber to take him out. There was a confrontation, then other people got in the way to separate them. David was thrown out again, this time for good.”

I don’t want to put to sharp of a point on this, but I’m pretty sure this is why Courteney Cox left him. Her vagina could sense it coming. “Warble-dee, warble-dee, David will lose a battle to a small man-child everybody hates!” it flabbered to her one night. I saw the whole thing.

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