Dave Navarro lucky to be alive

carmen_electra_thumb1.jpgDave Navarro narrowly escaped a beating at his L.A. lounge, Rokbar. Navarro wrote on his official site that a “7-foot-tall, 5-feet-wide” guy asked him to take a picture with his sister while he was eating last Thursday night. Navarro politely declined. But after Navarro refused a round of shots the man sent over, things turned ugly.

A half-hour later the stranger returned and cursed him out: “He then loses it and turns over all the drinks and plates on my table, and they all go flying into the air and shatter as they crash into each other and onto the table, causing a rain of glass to fall upon me and my friends. Glass goes into hair, clothes and actually slightly cuts up my arm.” Fortunately for Navarro, his security staff got between him and the stranger, who got in a limo and left.

Thank God for the security, because the last thing anyone wants to see is Dave Navarro getting his ass kicked. Unless it somehow involves Carmen Electra getting naked. Like that time I kicked Dave’s ass and then had sex with Carmen Electra. It was great and all, but I felt kinda bad later on, because I’m pretty sure that’s not how he wanted his birthday to end. I also felt bad for taking a dump in his fish tank. (note: I probably should have attached a picture of Dave Navarro with this post. I didn’t. I shouldn’t need to explain why.)

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