Dave Navarro lucky to be alive

January 10th, 2006 // 17 Comments

carmen_electra_thumb1.jpgDave Navarro narrowly escaped a beating at his L.A. lounge, Rokbar. Navarro wrote on his official site that a “7-foot-tall, 5-feet-wide” guy asked him to take a picture with his sister while he was eating last Thursday night. Navarro politely declined. But after Navarro refused a round of shots the man sent over, things turned ugly.

A half-hour later the stranger returned and cursed him out: “He then loses it and turns over all the drinks and plates on my table, and they all go flying into the air and shatter as they crash into each other and onto the table, causing a rain of glass to fall upon me and my friends. Glass goes into hair, clothes and actually slightly cuts up my arm.” Fortunately for Navarro, his security staff got between him and the stranger, who got in a limo and left.

Thank God for the security, because the last thing anyone wants to see is Dave Navarro getting his ass kicked. Unless it somehow involves Carmen Electra getting naked. Like that time I kicked Dave’s ass and then had sex with Carmen Electra. It was great and all, but I felt kinda bad later on, because I’m pretty sure that’s not how he wanted his birthday to end. I also felt bad for taking a dump in his fish tank. (note: I probably should have attached a picture of Dave Navarro with this post. I didn’t. I shouldn’t need to explain why.)

Jerk Rattles Reluctant Rocker [Page Six]


  1. Pity that David didn’t recognize who that “jerk” was – everyone’s favorite misunderstood misanthrope:


  2. Wow. how rude. the guy was just trying to be nice. dave navarro eats balls.

  3. i love how they have to add “got in a limo and left” its like when you punch somebody in the face and they walk all cool and say “didn’t hurt.”

    I don’t think I had a point here…but still.

  4. ZoomBoy

    For some reason, I thought the guy shot at Dave.. I pictured him ducking behind a wooden table screaming “I’m sorry man!, I’m sorry!!” and glass breaking everywhere..

    That’d be cool.

  5. I am surprised Dave didn’t offer to spark up a J and calm the guy down. Then talk about this 7ft wide guys aggression. Possibly some counselling with a nice padded couch, clip board and pen.

  6. LoneWolf

    Dave’s luck is our loss.

  7. WaitWhat?

    I really like Dave, and I think it sucks that he refused to take that pic and refused to accept the shots the guy ordered for him…I’d flip out too

  8. Lynette Carrington

    I feel for Dave. Can you imagine how much it would suck to constantly have people coming up to you while you’re out or eating or shopping and then want to take your picture? Aahhh, you could never get away from it! If I were Dave, I would hire a pasty, feminine looking, she-devil to act as my look-alike and drop kick the crap out of anybody that looked my way, then I would have said she-devil empty a port-a-potty on Paris Hilton. Just because it would be funny to see that.

  9. HughJorganthethird

    Probably a disgruntled Janes Addiction fan angry at Dave for ruining a classic bands good name by becoming a reality show starring pussy. Just a thought.

  10. MortyFishbein

    Okay the poster just above(8) didn’t finish taking that entire dose of Aderall.

  11. I love how the story about Dave Navarro is accompanied by a picture of his wife. Poor Dave…

  12. HollyJ

    How the hell does he get so pasty white? Does he give blood daily?

    I particularly like how he accentuates his night-of-the-living-dead-ness by dying all of his hair that god-awful flat black, then waxing his facial hair to such a perfect geometric shape that he looks like a gay android.

    I bet when he’s naked, he’s a flash of 100CRI blinding white light with a few solid black spots on it. Mr Piebald.

  13. OMG!

    Celebrities who refuse pics are rude.

    Dave weighs about 70 lbs so it’s a good thing his bodyguard was there.

  14. ~S.Starr~

    Okay… I know Dave and he is not the type of person to be a jerk about doing photo opps and stuff. If he told this guy no then it was for good reason.

  15. ~S.Starr~

    ANd HollyJ…

    He actually looks pretty damn good naked…in the shower…smoking a cig. mmmmm

  16. Dhicks

    It’s a good thing Dave avoided the fight, or else there would have been Mascarra and Clown-White all over the walls…

  17. uh, let’s see….7 ft, 5 feet wide…well, why don’t you just look up the NBA rosters and finger the guy? http://hollywoodsnark.com

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