Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee tongue kiss

July 18th, 2006 // 118 Comments

  1. shankyouverymuch

    Look at Tommy Lee

  2. cinnarose

    I’m ashamed to admit it, but this does turn me on a little bit. I think it’s more of a thing I have for Tommy Lee, despite the hepatitis C and Pam Anderson devotion I’d still do him. Some adolescent crushes never die!

  3. YoMamma

    Thats almost as disgusting as….well, no thats it. Thats pretty much straight up foul.
    I hate them.

  4. hisforalways

    I can see the Hepatitis jumping from Tommy Lee’s tongue onto Dave’s.

    That’s disturbing.

  5. bigponie

    Dennis Rodman must be throwing a fit that he wasn’t included in this lovefest

  6. jFp

    what is it about Carmen Electra that makes guys go gay?

  7. jFp

    maybe she is a super hot dominatrix with an olympian snatch that can cuckold any man.

    She must be from Mount Olympuss…..

  8. twzzlrgirl

    #27…doesn’t turn me on. I almost threw up. But I bet Tom Cruise has this page bookmarked and is drooling all over his computer.

  9. DancingQueen

    Ewwwwwww, my eyes, my eyes!!!!!!

    Now I feel like I have to go take a shower.

    Well I guess Tommy doesn’t have to worry about his reputation as a womanizer anymore.

    And in answer to that looming question… YES, touching tongues with another dude DOES MAKE YOU GAY!!!!!!!!

  10. pinky_nip

    If I put my tongue in Osh, in the woods, and no one hears it, am I lesbian?

  11. Nameless

    And to think, I had a strong stomach.

  12. Fisher55

    i tongue kissed dave navarro and all i got was this boner

  13. Well, maybe Tommy Lee is acting out. Cuz Kid Rock and Pam Anderson are getting married.


  14. justlikehoney1

    #41 – “dave navarro is gayer than christmas morning”

    that literally made me laugh out loud! hillarious post, thanks for the laugh :D

    I saw Tommy Lee at a party a few years ago. He looked very dirty and although you couldn’t pay me to fuck him with four borrowed vaginas, I am always intrigued whenever I see his penis. Black men with big dicks are a dime a dozen but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white man with a jimmy that big! Quite impressive (sans all the STDs it gives out)…

  15. hopeless_screenwriter

    Makes me want to bust out the old cowboy outfit and go camping again………. with my friend Petey.

  16. Doppelganger212

    Yeah, it’s a little hot!!! It would be hotter if the other guy wasn’t Tommy, he just looks DIRRRTY.

  17. SpecialAgentWind

    Dave makes a pretty girl. So what if he likes to suck cock. All girls should like to suck cock.

  18. DonLes91

    In other news, Pam Anderson & Kid Rock are getting married. Well, according to that Perez Hilton site that I’m not gonna post the link to cause I like it here. You guys crack me up. But I digress.

    Personally, I’d rather play tongue tag with Pam Anderson and not Dave, but to each his own.

  19. I think I saw Tommy Lee Sitting outside of a Starbucks this morning asking for change.

  20. Spacedog

    I think this was the opening act to Tommy’s reward for being the 5,000th customer at the Navarro Gloryhole.

  21. twzzlrgirl

    If Michelle Rodriquez can lick her armpit hair for the cameras, then I guess Dave and Tommy can lick each other.

    Lately the Superfish is a great weight loss program — I log in, look at the pictures, and lose my appetite. It’s that easy!

  22. hopeless_screenwriter

    @ 12 Stallion, thanks for the first aid tip on sucking out poison. Here are some other first aid tips.

    1. In the event of decapitation, sit the victim’s body in a chair as best you can, balance the head on top of the shoulders, and walk away nonchalantly.

    2.Always keep a lot of gauze around the house in case you invent an invisibility potion.

    3. If someone you know is seriously injured, cradle his or her head in your lap and scream, “Why?”

    4. If you did all you could and the victim dies pat them down and steal their wallet. They no longer have a need for money.

    5. Nothing revives a stroke victim like an eye popping orgasm.

    And lastly………drum roll….please….

    If a person requires artificial respiration, and you are of the same sex as the person, and no one of the opposite sex is around to perform the procedure, YOU ARE GAY!!!!!!

  23. tits_on_snack

    ew EW ew EW ew EW ew EW ew EW ew EW ew EW ew EW ew EW ew EW ew EW ew EW ew EW ew.
    Thanks, I really didn’t need to see Princess Jasmin making out with Grandpa.

  24. Shelley Bonnechance

    Dave’s giant sunglasses are prettier than Paris Hilton’s or Pam Anderson’s.

    I bet he’s thinking, “I have these *fierce* sunglasses AND your old man, beeeeeeeyotch!” at poor Pammy.

  25. Shelley Bonnechance

    And I think Tommy’s either been partying haaaard or he has strep throat – that white tongue is just a leetle scary.

    Somehow I don’t think a simple round of amoxycillin is going to cure all that ails that dude, LOL!

  26. spatz

    the superfish guy always does this. he leaves the most disgusting stories up the longest so we have to look at this display everytime we visit. i’d rather see that hot babe in a bathing suit than this shit.

  27. bigponie

    well logically the next stage for these two homos would be the 69 position.

  28. Doxes

    Blech. Those two aren’t hot when they’re *not* frenching. This just exponentially increases the revulsion factor.

  29. spatz

    i just noticed navarro is wearing nicole richies sunglasses. christ on the cross, it does not get gayer than this.

  30. jrzmommy

    We’re still on the grotesque homos with the skinny arms tonguin’ it……Superfish guy must be at the beach today, or overcome by the heat.

  31. BoredStiff

    @ 60 I think that means your a lesbian only if somebody SMELLS it; not hears it. (Or if you’re wearing lumberjack shirts of course.)

  32. RichPort


    That’s EXACTLY the first thing that popped in my head. Any man who wears lacy wrist sleeves is likely walking around with an assplug.

  33. Toonlite

    what’s Tommy Lee weigh now?? ….86 lbs?….Is he on the ‘REX watch yet??

  34. ValeWolf

    Why can’t Dave just come out of the stupid closet already? I mean he has admitted he’s experimented in the past and that “he’s convinced he’s straight”. My ass. He’s a big homo.

  35. DancingQueen

    @ 72 – Those were great first aid tips!

    @ 79 – “christ on the cross” made me laugh. Can’t wait to use it as my own! :)

  36. So, if you follow the whole “six degrees of separation theory”…Kid Rock is with Pam Anderson, who was/is with Tommy Lee, who is seen here tongue kissing Dave Navarro, who is married to Carmen Electra, who was at one time married to Dennis Rodman. Eww. Dennis Rodman and Kid Rock inadvertently swapped spit!! Eww!!

  37. carrie bradshaw

    I’m pretty sure one of those guys is Tom Cruise in drag.

  38. jrzmommy

    I wonder if Tommy Lee is looking at these pictures and is like, “Whoa. Why’s Dave look like he’s really into it in these pictures and not just being funny?”

  39. sillyrabbit

    I like watching hot men, but Dave is too creepy. And though I am a fan of Tommy’s huge throbbing manhood, I just don’t know that I could let it near me without a body condom and a can of lysol.

  40. gee. i bet those people with a big Motley Crue tattoo feel sorta wimpy about now. (no one has a janes addiction tattoo)

  41. Why does everyone keep referring to Dave Navarro as “he”. Should be SHEmale. And straight guys don’t experiment with sucking dicks etc. etc. He’s clearly a homo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but come on, you’re not foolin’ anyone Davey.

  42. dark

    I had a Jane’s Addiction tatoo. But the bubblebath washed it right off . . .

  43. pagebetty

    ========== dave’s just a f**king freak. Look at his eyes! He’s in heaven. Tommy seems to be enjoying it too! Freaks.

  44. sarahbitchhtitz

    I hope tommy lee gets to be the sheep in this relationship…. that would suck if dave navarro got an std.. hes so hott

  45. go robby go

    glad to see how close-minded everyone is. I mean, clearly Dave Navarro is at least bisexual, but all the fag talk…cool! you fucking bible huggers! Plus…I’d beat.

  46. @#95 – TOTALLY!
    He’s bisexual fo sho. And it’s hot. I’d hit that. Mmmmm

  47. shankyouverymuch

    # 95

    Hey ‘go robby go’ are you so offended and scared about the fag talk here, because you yourself are FAG-… because I think you probably are… Ha-ha-ha… you

  48. cats069

    I have been a Jane’s Addiction fan for a long time and i remember hearing in the beginning that Dave Navarro was gay. I was actually surprised when he got married to Carmen Electra. He is still a great guitarist. Tommy Lee on the other hand, might have a huge dick but he also is one.

  49. tatesq03

    I could only be more disturbed by this if Paris Hilton were in the middle. Rushing to the bathroom to throw up again. OK I’m back, no wait, what if Kfed were there? Rushing back to the bathroom

  50. Stephanie12

    I like my man a little more husky than these two queers. They are built like 9 year old little girls.

    Looks like Davey just got laid in pic #1.

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