Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee tongue kiss

July 18th, 2006 // 118 Comments

  1. leahdeadly

    This makes total sense to me.

  2. Babydoll

    Omigosh…I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  3. Kim

    This actually doesn’t shock me that much. Maybe if it was Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, that would be shocking! Wait, no it wouldn’t.

  4. causewerecountry

    thats hot.

  5. jrzmommy

    Tommy Lee at least looks like he’s mugging for the camera (a little) but Navarro’s got his eyes all closed and passionate-lookin’–FAG!

  6. pop

    way to follow up the hot pics of the bikini chick with this….you just went and made me gay again…


  7. DrDanny

    #5 – Navarro _always_ looks like that. I think it’s partially the eye makeup.
    But I though he had better taste than that. I’m not immune to the physical charms of some men, but for the life of me, Tommy Lee is the male equivalent of skanky. He looks like he’d smell of old cheese and Right Guard

  8. ChickenScratch

    Wow, I see the early bird really does catch the worm. This is the closest I’ve ever been to the top before, and it really doesn’t feel any different from being #153.

    Oh, these guys are fags. So much for the love I had for Tommy Lee. But then again, I was 11, that was in the 80′s, and none of us had ever even heard of Pamela Anderson yet. Times they are-a-changin.

  9. Znuffy

    So Dave left Carmen for this? In some ways it does make sense! He gets to be the prettier one without any competition~

  10. jrzmommy

    what’s that lacy-glove-gauntlet thing on Navarro’s arm? I mean WHAT IS THAT? It’s a cry for help…..directed toward Tom Cruise.

  11. nc72

    Carmen supposedly couldn’t care less about the split cause she’s focusing on her career aka d-e-n-i-a-l.


  12. Italian Stallion

    They aren’t making out everybody. Tommy Lee was bitten on his tounge by a snake and Dave was just trying to suck out the poison. But later when you see the pictures of Dave sucking his dick, he’s doing that cause he wants to…………

  13. CruisingForCock

    Stallion is my hero.

  14. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    There’s a thin line between rock and roll crazy and being a big fat homo. And that thin line is drawn around David Navarro’s eye in Wet N’ Wild midnight black #45.

  15. IFuckingHateYou

    #12 – nice, very nice.

    Anybody who doesn’t recognize that Navarro is a full-blown fag is a complete fucktard.
    He’s about as str8 as Tom Cruise.

  16. IFuckingHateYou

    He kinda reminds me a a white version of Prince, only he’s a little bit more feminine looking and his music sucks cock as hard as Tom Cruise does.

  17. IFuckingHateYou

    Sorry for the s-s-st-st-sttutter there, supposed to be “of a”

  18. pinky_nip

    Great. Now my clit needs to be resuscitated.

  19. jane's eyre

    @16 Damn! That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    It’s nice to see that Tommy left some food on his tongue so Dave can scrape it off while he’s in there. That’s what keeps a relationship together–thoughtfulness.

  20. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    18 –
    I may have to do some mouth-to-clit. I learned it when I was a lifeguard.
    Stand back everybody! This could get lesbian!

  21. Do Freebird

    What is that white crap on Tommy’s tounge? If I remember my Law and Order TV plots, the autopsy lady usually scrapes that crap off and then looks for maggots.

    Ms. Anderson-Lee was lucky to get out of that with just hepatitis.

  22. von don strut

    I always figured Dave Navarro was secretly on both playing fields, I mean with blush and eyeliner on his face and all. I guess it was that smackaroo with Tommy boy that hit the nail on the head. Who would’ve thunk?

  23. This is nothing. Haven’t you seen that Jane’s Addiction video tape where all the band members are making out at the end? I kid you not. We’re talkin’ full on lip-lock action.

  24. the new paris and nicole, anyone? was tinkerbell not able to be in the shot? nice sunglasses dave.

  25. januaryanne

    oh and p.s. if carmen electra were turned off by gay-wannabe guys, Prince would not have made the cut. maybe dave’s not gay ENOUGH for her and this is a desperate attempt to win her back??

  26. hendero

    hmm, a few years back (ok, like 15) I used to fantasize about Pammy and Electra doing girl-on-girl, and instead we get this shit? Out of interest do these pics turn any of our female readers on (besides Megan Harris)?

  27. dvoy

    Does anybody remember Dave Navarro softly french kissing Anthony K at the end of one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers video?

  28. Catscratch


    Doesn’t turn this female on in the least. But neither did photos of Jim Carey and Whatsherface tongue kissing – so it’s not a homophobic thing. It’s a tonguophobic thing.

  29. jane's eyre

    I WILL have to commend the superfish guy for posting a story about guys (although not the hotties we would have hoped for) instead of the usual bikini model. BRING ON THE HALF-NAKED HOTTIES!

  30. Benny

    Isnt it fucked up when the guys that can pull the hottest women in Hollywood, the ones that we all think about when we are wacking it, are fucking each other. When you had rather fuck a man that Carmen Electra you should get your head chopped off like a terrorist.

  31. superficialreader#879002

    Hmmm…. Gay much? ‘Nuff said.

  32. alaskanchicsickle

    @25 No kidding, they look manorexic.

  33. jrzmommy

    The tobacco/nicotine gack on Tommy’s tongue is making me feel faint.

  34. jFp


    Navarro: “Hey Tommy…what does sperm taste like?”

    Lee: “Like this…”

  35. Rossarooni

    Dave Navarro + 5 years = Pete Burns.

  36. Jedi Kevin

    Thank god we can’t see them from the waist down.

  37. rolson

    I wonder why Fugurself hasn’t commented on this one yet?…he must be spanking it.

  38. jane's eyre

    @37 Otherwise we’d see their trouser snakes wrestling.

  39. Camusa

    Is this supposed to be a big surprise or something?
    I saw “Jane’s Addiction” at Lollapalooza in Colorado many years ago. Perry Farrell got on mike saying, “All I want to do is drink and do drugs and have sex all day long…and the boys can come too. Some of you out there don’t understand that, but Dave does.” The whole time Dave was licking Perry’s arm and Dave kissed him at the end of it…then they had two lesbians on stage go down on Farrell behind a sheet…good show…really good show :) Oh and DNLTC!

  40. spatz

    dave navarro is gayer than christmas morning
    and he has a giant watermelon head. and pubes on his face. when he opens his mouth it looks like a big old hairy vag. disgusting.

  41. karatekachick

    OK Look at Dave’s eyes behind his glasses on the 2nd pic, he has his eyes rolled back in his head, lust maybe????? EEEEWWWW

  42. Maybe Tommy Lee wil share his Make Your Own Dildo Kit with him… could be a good sword fight! LOL Picture of Tommy talking about his Make Your Own Dildo Kit is midway down the page at the following link-


  43. jrzmommy

    Bored with this. Can we move on?

  44. Danklin

    If Dave only knew where that tongue has been. Dave you now have herpes and ghonoreah, congratulations jackass.

  45. PapaHotNuts

    I’m not saying Dave has ever sucked a cock, but I’m pretty sure he’s put one in his mouth and thought about for a while.

  46. shankyouverymuch

    20 yrs from now these fools will be the new- Liberace and Quentin Crisp… aging gross rockers- nothing much more pathetic. I live in L.A. and Navarro is on a radio station here… he makes constant and nonstop homo references and innuendo, I

  47. Carmen Electra is the most famous fag hag on the planet, the rightful heir to Liz Taylor. She got her start by fucking the ambisexual Prince, she married admitted bisexual Dennis Rodman, and then married Dave “there’s photos of Marilyn Manson going down on me all over the internet” Navarro. Apparently, if you are 100% hetero Carmen will have nothing to do with you. I am a guy, so I get why guys dig bi-women. But ladies, please explain to me the attraction of dating a guy who fudge packs his friend all day long then comes home to you so you can lick it clean. The real reason why they are “amicably separating” is because Carmen is tired of her mouth tasting like shit everytime she blows Dave.

  48. you know, that dave navaro used to be such a hot chick…damn cruel father time…and that tommy lee ruins everything that he sticks his monster cock in…

  49. shankyouverymuch

    Look at Tommy Lee

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