Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra on the rocks

March 17th, 2006 // 51 Comments

*carmen_dave_split.jpgDave Navarro has confirmed his marriage to Carmen Electra is in trouble, confessing the couple rarely gets to enjoy quality time together. The pair are reportedly fighting to save their two-year marriage, but close friends fear the worst.

Navarro tells Life and Style magazine that “The truth is, we definitely work quite a bit. Our work takes us away from home quite a bit. She goes overseas, and there are times when I’m away from her. It sucks, I will say that.” A source says, “Dave and Carmen are headed for a separation. They’ve been having issues for a while now. They’re living separate lives.”

It’s always painful when the fairytale ends. I don’t have much to add to this, other than that my lifelong goal of seducing every Baywatch lifeguard is now one step closer to completion. After Carmen, well…you can run, Hasslehoff, but you can’t hide.


  1. CheekyChops

    I wonder if she got sick of him stealing her makeup and underwear?

  2. manunited

    I can’t believe he ever wanted to stick his dick in the same gaping holes that Dennis Rodman did. Although now that I think about it she probably strapped on the old Silver Bullet and stuck it into him. Because he’s queer. And gay.

  3. lysistrata11

    Hahahah! That last paragraph just killed me!!!!

  4. BobMarleysDead

    Well I can’t say I’m surprised. So few of these rock star-former Prince protege marriages work anyway. My advice: never marry a man who wants to be prettier than you.

  5. Mo

    CheekyChops…bwaahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Jacq

    Dave! You used my black nail polish for the LAST TIME!

    Actually, this makes me a little sad. I watched their show on MTV and they seemed really sweet to one another. But he did dig the colonic a little too much…

    My advice – Never eat anything bigger than your head.

  7. mamacita

    I hope that when the writer makes good on his lifelong goal with Hasselhoff, he makes him leave the SharPeis out of their greasy lovin.

  8. blueballs

    It might be that he’s pissed she wouldn’t get Rodman to join them in a threesome. And we all know it’s more than just the fact they are away from each other all the time. Both knew going in they’d be busy away from each other. What idiots.

  9. TaiTai

    “Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra On the Rocks”. Now if that doesn’t sound like a fruity drink that would make you puke, what does?

  10. Nice tits.

    Oh, and you look great Carmen.

  11. dids

    Well that’s just shocking.

  12. Now, hopefully Carmen Electra will marry me. I am much cooler than Dave anyway.

  13. TaiTai

    Carmen sure does go for those weird looking dudes. Next stop: Michael Jackson.

  14. MissyDra

    Who could have predicted the end of this fairy-tale-as-seen-on-tv love affair? I am shocked and amazed! (Well, I really don’t need the exclamation point there, because I am neither shocked nor amazed)

  15. Sheva

    A friend of mine worked on that terrible MTV show with her.
    Said she reeked of sex and made Jenny McCarthy a non-memory.

    But Carmen is aging now and what does she have to do and travel for anyway? You know someone is tapping that ass on each and every destination.

    Like this dude ain’t making enough money for the both of them.

    This smells like a coverup. Carmen is a whore and whores can’t stay married. But we love her for her bad taste for dick anyway. After Dave, she’ll be with a terrible one.

    Then people will rue their comments about Dave.

  16. krisdylee

    I might be the only one who thinks this, but doesn’t he look like Satan? Yah, I’d divorce Satan… likely I would have never married him in the first place.

  17. CheekyChops

    Weasel face Dave admitted on Stern once that he had gay sex. Then he prances about wearing more makeup than Carmen (and that’s saying a lot). It’s a big bowl of scary IMO.

  18. Sheva

    Dave got tired of the strap on. Decided he wanted the real thing. If you are going to go to the trouble of looking like Satan, you need some real gay sex.

    You ain’t gettin near my sphincter with that thing Carmen.

    Gay Dave

  19. Brooklyn

    She got all the attention she could from him, and now is moving on to try to bag more?

    What is her real name again? Tara?

    Another career made from installing plastic bags in the chest, and sleeping her way to notoriety…

  20. ChrissyGirl

    carmen taped on the tyra banks show yesterday. and while i thought she looked BUSTED (read hungover and wrung out) her handsome chipper husband was there too and they are fine…

  21. scorp69

    why do celebrities even bother to get married? They know they’re going to be putting their careers first, and that they’ll probably not spend any real time together….they’re all pretty stupid if you ask me. I mean.. they’re f*ing rich enough already, take a couple of years off, drive each other crazy and THEN divorce. Geez.

  22. Jayne

    so what’s the fucking point of getting hitched when you’re thousands of miles away from each other?
    Why not pull a Goldie-Kurt and just shut the fuck up about it?

  23. ProbablyTooOld

    Dave Navarro is a terrible human being. He’s the sort of person who exploits the sad life and untimely death of a close friend for a section in a lame, poorly selling autobiography. His personality has always reminded me of the asshole in the office who thinks he’s too cool and cannot understand why no can stand be around him. He tries too hard and he laughs at his own jokes. I cringe when I listen to his interviews.

    So even if Carmen was out of her friggin mind when she married him, a couple of years dealing with him has probably made things clearer to her. She may be a filthy whore, but I suspect she has a lot more options in the arenas of love and sex than Dave does. She’s a skank but she’s a hot skank…

  24. Jonboy in SF

    Awww…why does everybody have to hate on these two? They’re so cute together and were very much in love. But truthfully, she may be a little too much woman for him so it’s not all that surprising. If they split I would bet money that he’ll be spotted with Jessica Simpson within the week…

  25. He admitted that he’s slept with guys, if you see him in person he wears a ton of make-up, and I don’t mean in person at a publicity event…I mean in person at the gym. I’m not too surprised that her marraige to a gay former heroine addict didn’t work. Considering who she’s dated in the past I’m trying to figure out how she’ll shock us in the future. My guess, she marries Ruben Studdard.

  26. I love his make-up. His beards, no.

  27. amma

    This is too bad. It seemed like they had a good effect on each other. He’s kind of a dork, but hopefully she’ll be okay. She’s not too skanky, seems to have a sense of humor about being a hottie.

  28. M@ce

    When does Carmen Electra “work” and what exactly would that “work” consist of?

    Is “being a dumb whore” actually considered work now? Would she be eligible for unemployment if she was fired from “being a dumb whore”?

  29. Sheva

    Being a dumb whore is not work. It has to flow and be natural: see Paris Hilton.

    Didn’t she have a once scene appearance in Scary Movie?
    Those three minutes of screen time will take you away for a month.

    How else to bang the local film crew guys?

  30. No1Zero

    #23. If you hate Dave so much, then why do watch any of his interviews in the first place. Seems to me that you’re probably in love with Dave but can’t admit it to yourself. And as far as the divorce, I can’t say I’m suprised but being a fan of Dave’s music, far before the reality show and the reality whore, I don’t really care that he’s getting a divorce. The thing that irritates me is that ppl on The Superficial are Extremely Homophobic. Carmen was just into the whole rock star persona she saw in Dave and exploited it for all its worth! Now no show and no more publicity; well not until she started gettin plugged by some other oddly celeb!

  31. maxncori

    just silly rumors…Dave has addressed this twice this week already:


  32. BarbadoSlim

    Dave Navarro is weird looking …very angular if he were a gas, he would be inert.

  33. I would divorce her too. I mean come on, she has a beard and a pointy face. I don’t support lesbians with facial hair. If I was an ugly chick I’d call myself Dave too.

  34. And what exactly is in a Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro on the rocks?

  35. #30,

    Considering how many people on the Superfical are actually gay I think you might be confusing people making “Homophobic” comments, and people calling closeted self hating celebs gay because nothing scares them more than being outed.

  36. outrageous.opinion

    Sense Hasslehoff is so popular over seas, maybe that is where she is “working”..LOL………All over the hill baywatchers should be so lucky.

    Hey! wait a min. Didnt Hasslehoff just announce a divorce?

  37. outrageous.opinion

    Sense Hasslehoff is so popular over seas, maybe that is where she is “working”..LOL………All over the hill baywatchers should be so lucky.

    Hey! wait a min. Didnt Hasslehoff just announce a divorce?

  38. sunglassali

    I thought that they were cute together. . . very kinky little couple. . . I like Carmens new look. The good-girl look is almost better on her than the Sex Kitten thing she had going for far too long!

  39. BarbadoSlim

    Yeah it does look better on her, but she’s still a skank though.

  40. nexttopmess

    He responds to this on his blog, http://www.6767.com

  41. Pez_D_Spencer

    34 “And what exactly is in a Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro on the rocks?”

    Um, equal parts tequila, zima, hooker spit, and maybelline eye shadow?

  42. Dee

    which one is carmen in the picture? shes a wackadoodle…dennis and now this freak….

  43. EHsed

    #35 – “…and people calling closeted self hating celebs gay because nothing scares them more than being outed.”

    You’re talking about lysistrata11 and her band of merry closeted fat chicks, right? ha ha ha ha!!!

  44. HughJorganthethird

    As oppossed to Bobby and Whitney, who are just on the rock.

  45. machineart

    I’m sorry, you hypocrites, but any male heterosexual here shut in a room with a naked & willing Carmen would be all over her instantly. And no one hit on the reason here–I see Dave co-hosts a show with none other than Brooke Burke. Need I say more?

  46. BarbadoSlim

    agreed, i’d hit it instantly, but, it doesn’t change the fact that she a skank.

  47. gogoboots

    What does Carmen Electra do exactly, I haven’t seen her in any films lately and is Dave Navarro still in RHCP? I don’t understand why they’re too busy to be with each other if they’re not doing any movies, TV shows, videos or tours.

  48. ProbablyTooOld

    No1Zero, I listen to his interviews because when he comes on the television or radio, I know I won’t turn to stone from the sheer vulgarity of the man. It’s easier than changing the channel and it gives me an ego boost to realize that I’m less sad than a “celebrity.” Paris Hilton has the same effect. The ego boost comes especially when I consider that I didn’t fuck over a dead friend to make my retarded autobiography more interesting.

    Hey, NoIZero? If I think you’re terrible person, does that mean I’m secretly in love with you, too? Or can you being an idiot suffice? Get the lube! I’m on top!

  49. staticbumblebee

    Ew, you can’t rope Paris and Dave in the same category.. and LOL @ “sheer vulgarity”.

    Wait, what dead friend? I’m so fucking lost.

  50. Proteon

    From http://www.6767.com

    “6. Hey come to think of it would you mind filling us in on your work out routine. What you work on what days, how & how many times.

    Very simple. I do an hour of cardio up to four times a week and do a light weight full body work out twice a week. Abs each day. For conditioning, I change up the forms of cardio and weight exercises to keep myself from getting used to certain exercises and to keep from getting bored.”

    Well, it wasn’t enough to keep me from getting bored. I call shenanigans.

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