Dave Chappelle suffers exhaustion

July 18th, 2007 // 76 Comments

Dave Chappelle was hospitalized over the weekend for exhaustion. He checked into the emergency room Saturday and was released a few hours later. His publicist says:

“It was exhaustion; he had been traveling. He’s fine.”

This is weird, since Dave Chappelle turned down a $50 million deal to continue his show with Comedy Central two years ago and hasn’t really been doing anything since. You’d get more exhausted rolling over in bed or trying to answer a difficult math problem.


  1. everyone knowz that
    drugz, coke, alcohol,
    and chillin
    R way more important
    than money?

  2. emily

    @50, i know man, fuck that. i’m sick of celebrities citing ‘exhaustion’ cuz their cook had the day off.

  3. Danielle

    He’s performed about twenty times in the Bay
    Area in the last two years. One performance clocked in at over 5 hours…

    I guess comedy tours and having a wife and kid aren’t exhausting, hmm?

    Before you judge, maybe take a look at why Chris Rock stopped doing his show. Same reason. It stopped being a fun show with his friends and became a network suit-driven show.
    The Lost Episodes sucked bc it was clear in every joke that he was miserable and depressed.

  4. Tired Dave? All that whining finally caught up with ya…


  5. jrzmommy

    NOOOOOOOO! Please! Don’t let Chappelle be like all the rest. Why? Exhaustion. *Shakes head*

  6. ????????

    The reason chappelle backed out of a 50 million dollar contract was because of the dark crusaders a handful of powerful african americans such as bill cosby,al sharpton and a few others trying to stop chappelle from giving african americans a bad image.

  7. Kate

    “I guess comedy tours and having a wife and kid aren’t exhausting, hmm?”

    WHAT??? Please. Try having a full time job, a husband, several kids and a hell of a lot less money. Think before you speak.

  8. JaeMae

    Black Crusaders! Ha!

    Gives them a bad name? If anything he gives them a good name. He actually WRITES JOKES (what a concept!) instead of putting on a fat suit and playing every charecter which seems to be the (terrible) trend right now.

    I cant even stand to watch the commercials for that crap. Give me tired exhausted Chapelle anyday!

  9. Maybe he actually says what he means! TAKE A BREAK D.C. I’ll be waiting on you!

  10. nikki84

    My boyfriend and I went to see him perform last year when he came to Tampa. The show started off well enough, but by the end it had turned into a paranoid “they’re out to get me” rant. It dragged and we we’re pretty relieved when it was over. It was sad as he had been my guy’s favorite comedian for many years. We had seen Bob Saget a couple weeks before and we both agreed that his show was much better. (By the way, if you haven’t seen Saget live, you’ve got to, it’s very raunchy and he’s very funny and he interacts with the crowd a lot…never thought I’d hear Danny Tanner practically callin’ me a whore :)

  11. Sabres Fan

    This is disturbing. No, I don’t doubt the drugs. I anyone actually noticed him on stage, he was stoned out of his friggin gourd about 95% of every episode. Can’t say for sure though that he’s a coke head, though. Six hour stand-up acts are not justification to say that he’s a coke head. I knew guys that could smoke an ounce, pull two all-nighters and crash for two days.

    That’s a bummer about the $50 mil and turning it down. I’d like $50 mil, but if it meant that I had to sell my soul and everything I stood for, I’d tell them to get bent too. My guess is that he didn’t want to sell out like Howard Stern, who probably should have ended his show as soon as he divorced his wife.

    No matter what happens, I still have lots pf respect for Dave Chapelle. After all, Richard Pryor was also a coke head, and blew a lot of his money on drugs … but he’s still a legend because he challenged the limits of censorship and what not. The Chappelle show was probably the only thing I’ve seen since the SNL’s with Eddie Murphy that made fun of not only blacks, but EVERYONE … Asians, whites, jews, racists, celebrities, executives, rich people, drug dealers … EVERYONE. Holding nothing back.

    And I hope Carlos Mencia (who obviously replaced him) keeps doing that in his place. ANd if they try to shut him up, I hope he does the same thing Chapelle does.

    I’ll tell you what Dave’s exhausting job was … helping bring art and humor back into the stuffed-shirt world George W. and his cronies wants to create for us. The exhaustion and his job is not a sufficient enough excuse for us working stiffs (of which I am one), but all you that commented to that effect can’t tell me that you haven’t felt like having a break-down and wished that you could be committed at times.

    Dave just had the money and time to check himself in, which if we had the money, I’m sure we’d do the same if we couldn’t take a vacation. But Ho-han and Paris have less of a friggin excuse than Dave … they bring nothing but tabloid crap and destructive role models for our little girls to look up to. Dave and those whores shouldn’t even have been put in the same sentence.

    And by the way, I saw a comment about Dave being Bipolar? Trust me, he’s not. Even stoned, Bipolar I’s will run 50 miles and back. In every one of his episodes, he looks like he’s gonna fall asleep. He may be a Bipolar II, but I doubt it.

  12. His Publicist must be out of touch. Apparently she didn’t see the Television show where a Doctor made the comment “I’e worked in hospitals for 30 years and I have never once in my life seen or heard of anybody being admitted for “Exaustion” It’s most likely code for an overdose.

    Yeah, whoever his publicist is….I hate to tell her this but the cure for exaustion is a NAP you dumb Cow.

  13. He’s actually done a ton of things after the comedy central show. He has shows all over the U.S. and at different casino venues, charging $200 for a ticket, sold out shows all over the place. Just try to get a ticket to his show. Trust me he’s still rolling in dough and he’s still smoking reefer like a mofo.

  14. Dan


  15. Tron

    Chappelle has given more to us than any of the celbetards that have ever been shamed on this site. He is too good for this place.

  16. jim

    Actually, Chapelle did put out an entire movie, “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party”, that was pretty well reviewed. And of course he continues to tour, play comedy clubs, etc., including breaking one record by performing to a packed house for 6 hours straight.

    So I don’t think it’s accurate to say he’s done nothing for the past 2 years.

  17. shannon2

    David is beautiful and funny.
    If he’s exhausted he’s welcome to come to the south valley in albuquerque and crash at my house anytime!

    uh….if my mom will let me, anyway.

    Viva FLOON the party God!

  18. Blaze

    I ran into Chapelle here in DC 7/19/07 at night at a minimarket, he was buying cigs. I asked him for a pic with me and he refused, saying he had to run and meet his sister; but was semi-polite about it. He just seemed so sad and looked terrible. He is obviously battling something.

  19. Freaky E

    His dumb ass probably was high on drugs.

  20. OIdman

    Apparently you guys don’t know how exhausting stand up is. Most comedians are literally sweating and breathing very hard by the end of a stand up routine. Your 8 hour job may be just sitting there doing jack shit. Comedians do a lot of hard work. Moving constantly and talking/yelling throughout the whole routine.

  21. SodaPops

    I love Dave. I think he and Chris Rock are part of a small group of people in prominent positions who can be counted on to tell you the truth about what’s really going on in this world. I hope he gets better.

  22. Bling

    I’ve never found Dave Chappelle that funny anyway. And if he wanted to walk away from that kind of money, then let him do it. Who effin cares anyway?

  23. TitanTown

    I think all of the Chappelle bashers are kneading the wrong teat (and probably needing all the tits they can get). All I’ve ever heard linked to Dave–by his own admission–is weed, when it comes to drugs. Caffeine’s a more dangerous drug than fucking weed.

    He’s not an addict, or bi-polar, or schizophrenic, or any of that shit. I think any performer on a couple grand a year would be struck by 50 million like a wrecking ball in the gut. Hell, I’d feel the need to back way the fuck off, with the foggy realization of Hollywood being disgustingly insane with the numbers they give the stars becoming suddenly real if offered fifty-fucking-million dollars for doing a stand-up sketch comedy show. I’d feel the need to get back to my roots and look at that situation through something other than L.A. eyes.

    Exhaustion doesn’t equal drugs, in Hollywood, not always. If I was admitted to the psych ward for having a nervous breakdown or struggling through a major depressive episode, and I was in the public eye…. “Exhaustion” is better than “Dave came to me at three in the morning in just his pajama bottoms, saying he couldn’t take it and was expressing suicidal thinking.”

    And that, “wah, I’m famous, my life sucks!” sarcasm is pedantic and played. Some people cannot handle fame…. Strike that. MOST people cannot handle fame, and ungodly amounts of money, being pushed on them. Have you SEEN how fucked the twenty-somethings in Hollywood are? That’s the WRONG way to deal with money and fame.

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