Dave Chappelle suffers exhaustion

July 18th, 2007 // 76 Comments

Dave Chappelle was hospitalized over the weekend for exhaustion. He checked into the emergency room Saturday and was released a few hours later. His publicist says:

“It was exhaustion; he had been traveling. He’s fine.”

This is weird, since Dave Chappelle turned down a $50 million deal to continue his show with Comedy Central two years ago and hasn’t really been doing anything since. You’d get more exhausted rolling over in bed or trying to answer a difficult math problem.


  1. lawpunk

    If I’d been so dumb as to walk away from $50 million because of drugs, I’d be exhausted too. What a moron.

  2. Superevil

    Exhaustion from what? He’s done like 2 things since he quit Chappelle’s Show.

  3. Don’t be such a dick. Chappelle is the greatest thing to happen to comedy since Richard Pryor. And just because you haven’t seen him do anything recently doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy.

    Go suck a cock!!

  4. beer

    QUESTION: Is nothing happening in entertainment news? Where’s the boobies?

  5. tweety

    Apparently he has the same Publicist as Brit and Lohan. Exhaustion, hint hint. Not drugs and booze. Next stop: promises malibu!

  6. I think I'm fourth!

    I’m fourth! Woo!!!

  7. I think I'm 8th, 9th, or 10th!


  8. drewski

    The only reason you check into the emergency room for “exhaustion” is because you’ve been up for a week straight doing blow. Just ask Lindsay……

  9. adeliza

    Who gives a rat’s ass?

  10. mrs.t

    By ‘traveling’ , she means he drove into Yellow Springs, bought a hash brownie, couldn’t find his car and had to borrow some hippie’s bike to get home.

    This story, much like my comment, is boring.

  11. Dan

    He just broke a world record by doing a SIX-HOUR-LONG stand up routine at the Laugh Factory in April. Still think hes not been doing anything? Still think he has no reason to be exhausted?

  12. Superfish

    well, since its Dave Chappelle and he’s exhausted, ill let this one slide…BITCH!

  13. tracy sanders

    to quote the late Rick James on Dave’s show:
    “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”

  14. Carl

    Actually, Dave Chappelle has been doing a lot since. He has been absolutely tearing up the stand up circuit around the country. I’ve seen him here in SF a few times since April and he went well over 4 hours in his stand up routine.

  15. Revan

    hmmm. I guess doin nothin is breaking comedic records, right? which he just did recently when he did a stand up for like 6 and 1/2 hrs straight.
    Basically he says he didn’t want to take the money because he didnt want to compromise his views in other word “not sell out”. why people hating on him for doin that?

  16. mrs.t

    Hmmm, let’s see. April, May, June….July. Yes, I think he should have recovered from that grueling six-hour workday by now.

    Here’s hoping that you were going for sarcasm, #12.

  17. #12
    6 hours? this guy couldn’t beat me in bed for SHIT BIATCH!


    mmmmm mmmmmmmmmm crack and peanut butter sandwiches!!!!!!

    tyrone the crack head

  19. strasser

    shit, whenever I’m exhausted, I go home and sleep. I’ve never thought to check into a hospital.

  20. Wonky

    Hey Dan – he didn’t break a world record. He has a Laugh Factory record. He was 10 hours short of the world record. See http://www.sheckymagazine.com/2007/04/chappelle-fails-to-see-light.html for details.

    Now, Chapelle is a funny guy, but is an idiot who has not been doing much and has no reason to be exhausted.


    i would like to fuck his fine ass filipina wife untill i end up in the hospital from exhaustion

  22. Wonky

    WTF? He did a six hour routine? That’s his F’ing job. I do mine for 8-10 hours a day and I’m not going to the ER for exhaustion.

  23. schack

    yeah, he walked away from $50 million because of DRUGS.


    stupid druggie. i guess the fact that the economy is tanking, the government has been taken over by a clusterfuck of swine, schools are still segregated, fred hampton was shot and no one knows who that is, mainstream media has returned to 50′s gender roles, deserts are growing every year, education is cut every year, media moguls have psychological warfare down to an art, pharmaceutical companies spend twice as much on advertising as they do on testing, the medica has effectively turned the country into oruboros, and we still think they’re above reproach, the world will be uninhabitable in less than 50 years, and there doesn’t seem to be anything WE can do about it, because doubt can be raised as to even what the meaning of is is, and doubt is such a profitable product- must have been such a BUZZKILL.

    but hey- maybe it will get better *after* it gets worse…

  24. schack

    long story short: he’s a smart, educated, conscientious black man.

    almost as likely to go crazy as a smart, educated, conscientious female.

  25. Chirst on a Crotch

    “Cuz I’m Rick James, bitch!”

    I love Chapelle. What a nutbag, huh? That show has got a lot of nerve being on without him.

  26. whitegold

    Chappelle is an idiot and a loser and a punk. The world was ready and waiting to crown him the next king of comedy, and he punked out and flaked out! He was practically going to be handed the crown, and he was too much of a loser to know how to deal with it. I mean, sure, to each there own, and if he’s happier this way, then so be it. But it just pisses me off when someone gets all the opportunity in the world, gets wads of money thrown at them, and they just flake out and accept mediocrity. Can’t like the guy, he’s a loser.

  27. schack

    maybe he didn’t WANT your crown. maybe some fans just aren’t worth a damn. hint. hint;)

    peace out, folks. oh, and fuck y’all!

  28. M

    If you are exhausted then why the heck do you need to go to the hospital. Go lay in your damn bed and sleep. Geez! All this exhaustion business landing celebrities in the hospital is the lamest excuse.

  29. Chapelle is allowed to do whatever he wants.

  30. JDiddy

    Dave Chapelle is a nice normal guy who got too famous, too quick and freaked. Youd go batshit too if you couldnt leave the house without some jackass screaming “Im Rick James, bitch!” while youre walking your kid to school. He may not be on TV, but he is still rockin the comedy scene.

  31. foiawejfoijwaoif

    you can’t call it “not selling out” when you’re already a millionaire.

  32. Soh!B

    Is this where I show up for the 4:00 Free Crack Giveaway??

  33. David

    My theory is that he’s actually bipolar. He is probably crashing off of a manic cycle into depression.

  34. Jay

    I guess this doesn’t help to do much against the stereotype that black people are lazy

  35. Superfish

    #35 OMG! I totally agree! we’re going to continually receive steryotypical comments from those of the world everytime one of our afro-american celebs screw up because of—wait for it—EXHAUSTION and DEHYDRATION. never thought of that til now…

  36. Dan


  37. Cassady

    Chappelle exhausted? Ahahahaha exhausted of what? C´mon, pure bullshits. I hate this guy.

  38. lambman

    Its so sad he OD’d I thought he was doing better.

  39. tricka

    Chappelle performs stand up all the time, especially in San Francisco, as well as travels other places. Clearly you guys are fucking idiots and need to get your facts straight before you open your mouths!

  40. Chauncey Gardner

    I used to see him perform comedy on the street in D.C., back in the day. Too bad he’s sucking the Glass Dick.

  41. miss oblivious

    The dudes got to put down the damn crack pipe already. Next we’ll hear reports of him running around in the streets with a gun a la’ Martin Lawrence (yeh, whatever happened to him too?) Anyways, I thought Martin was funny. Chappelle; over rated, imo.

  42. MadMuthaFucka

    I always love it how celebs always suffer from exhaustion from traveling, telling jokes, acting etc. I bust my ass unloading trucks, managing a warehouse, making deliveries and shit all fucking day and yet somehow I’ve never been hospitalized for exhaustion….

  43. JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin

    I never bought Chappelle’s excuse for walking away from his show. When he was on Oprah, it seemed that he was tripping over his reasons. I think it may have been that the 3rd season (which exists on The Lost Episodes) are pretty awful, nowhere near the brilliance of the first 2 seasons.

    Chappelle should know citing the reason “exhaustion” is just going to get him into trouble.

  44. We all know this man is FILTHY rich living the fabulous life, do you think he would be on superficial if he wasn’t rotten rich??? The answer is NO that why he could easily turn down 50 Million ok

  45. flavio

    oh my god #42, you find martin funny but not chapelle??? what the hell is wrong with you?

    oh well, this is too bad, he obviously has a problem, no he is not doing stand up “all the time”, nice try though. cocaine is a helluva drug…

  46. 35# “Black people are lazy” the same people who worked on slave plantations from dusk till dawn, right??

    24# It doesn’t have to get worst, everything you say can be solved, except about the deserts, and that has to do with some environmental, shit, which is a different topic completely.

  47. CW

    How the fuck would any of you know what he’s been doing? Maybe he was actually traveling.

    Considering most of you are probably poor, you probably don’t know what that is like.

  48. laura

    What I don’t get is how celebrities get to stay in the hospital so long. I had flippin’ SURGERY last week and was back at my house less than 3 hours after I left.

    Lindsay Lohan stays for 5 days for “exhaustion”. I want her medical coverage!

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