Dave Chappelle sued by former manager

tn_dave_chappelle_dusk_cr.jpgDave Chappelle’s break from reality is coming back to bite him in the ass. The comedian’s former manager is suing to get some of the money he helped Dave earn, before he decided to run off to South Africa and eat lemur pellets, bathe in the blood of slaughtered colonists and generally turn into another maladjusted celebrity with no concept of the real world.

But after Chappelle returned from his unannounced spiritual retreat to South Africa last June, he told Abuelhija that his services would no longer be needed and dismissed him with only a “paltry $40,000 as an ‘advance’ against the sum” that Abuelhija claimed he was owed, per the complaint.

I would be pretty bent out of shape too if I got dumped at the drop of a hat for a guy who was the tribal witchdoctor a week earlier. Don’t get me wrong Chappelle is a funny guy, but seriously, try to treat the help a little better than that.